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I woke up from the neighbors dog and saw this. I have a similar problem with MIL. About the GasCo, call the public utilities commission on them. What they did was immoral, knowing she's elderly. I'm a christian too, and I've struggled terribly with my husbands family. It's hard standing in prayer for someone who behaves that way towards us. I will pray for you and please pray for my situation. Maybe that will help us both. God bless you,sweetie. It'll all work out.
Not a chicken, but a chihuahua.He only weighs about 3 lbs, and nips at the back of my legs. I think he just wants attention. The other 2 I grab their muzzle and shake to discourage biting. I used to have a conure that ripped a slice in my finger. I gently rapped his nose above the beak. After a while he stopped.
I have 4 cortounix quail due on the 11th( myDD's 7th bday too). I could see a chick in 1 the others I couldn't tell. My 1st time hatching.
I use the California Virtual Academy. The state pays for it like if you were at public school. They sent tons of workbooks and materials and a computer and printer. Your mom would be your learning coach. Sign in and deadlines keep you on track. Sometimes it's a little rigid but you can adjust your schedule. My 15 year old was jumped by a group of older guys when he was only 11 , and didn't want to get up and go to the bus. Attendance became such a problem I had to...
Thank you, I learn better with visuals. I couldn't picture how to remove the crop or cut the vent. You made it so simple and easy. I've seen Ag pictures and they don't come close. Excellent job.
As almays Mac your investigative mind has done it again and I stand corrected. I was born in 67 so I grew up hearing that info from family and took it as gospel. Thank you for the info, the truth is alot nicer in this instance.
So Cute! Congratulations!
You can buy an electric one and it should take a variety of sizes. An air powered one might be too strong if your not as strong or handy as you'd like to be. You can't just aim though. The gun has to be flush tight with the wood, or you'll have nails popping out. Good luck and remember safety first.
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