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(Woot, reserve for me please :)
(Any medic spaces open?)
Ohh fun, I wanna try! (Mrs.) Santa gave me a revolver, with real bullets, I slowly turned to face you. Goodbye, my love. If you could change it, then I would like to see the summer fireworks again. It's impossible for me now, from the beginning we were to 'different.' Under the Sakura you met 'evil' me, you were on the side of 'justice,' but even so, I fell for you. It won't be the first time, that I shall shoot a human, but it will be the first time I fire and...
Name: Adrian gender: Male genetic splice: Wolf personality: Adrian is quiet, not because he is shy, one can easily tell that, but just because he doesn't like interacting with people. He prefers to do things by himself and is very selfish, the only thing or person he seems to care for is Selena. A bit to much for a sister... picture: (With wolf ears and a tail of course.) other: Selena is his twin sister, twincest will probably occur between him and...
So... So original! So creative, theres never been something like this done on here, mind if I join?
(You, are a very evil person D: Btw it's godmodding in this case to not even let my characters react!) Sakura screamed, Raven growled, turning into a crow he dove after the key, grabbing it in his beak he headed to the lock quickly taking his human form and unlocking the door.
(I'll probably come back again at the end of summer break only to quit again because you guys will be having so much fun without me, I'll have to much homework and my other RPing website and friends in real life, it will just be to much to balance but I'll try.)
(This RP is animallover's if she doesn't want it she can give it to whoever.)
New Owner: Bluebee, please respect her Etc, etc, etc
        (I just don't feel like I belong anymore D:)
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