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Be very careful attempting this...... pretty easy to squirt that water down the esophagus(aspiration), virtually drowning the bird.@casportpony has info on how to tube a bird...much safer to tube. Same with 'vomiting' a bird, also a danger of aspiration.That piece of broccoli won't come back up any easier than it went down....give it time to digest, have no idea if it will tho.
Make sure both birds can get away from too much heat in that bunny cage.
Ditto Dat^^^ Isolating her overnight in a wire dog crate, with no food or water, so you can examine crop first thing in morning before feeding and watering again is a good idea too. I put smaller wire in bottom of crate then put tray underneath the crate so you can better observe her poops.This can tell you a lot about how her system is functioning.What and how exactly are you feeding?
Or put the one that cuddled up to her with her in the other cage.You'll have to to play mix and match and use your best judgement as to who stays in which cage.Are cages next to each other and only separated by wire so they can all see each other....can you post pics?Do both cages have heat or just the little ones?
Looks like pin feathers to me....but I know nothing about silkies..... @oldhenlikesdogs does tho I think turning on and off all night can't be very restful either.
Has she hatched before?I let a hen set in a frigid Michigan winter, it worked out ok tho I was able to separate her from flock with a wire wall and was there to monitor liquid water multiple times daily, not sure I'd do it again. This time of year you'd have to get local eggs as shipping in the winter is even riskier than it usually is.
@Al Gerhart What is the source of this screen shot....can you provide a link??
Was there poop on them before washing? Was there any wetness in the nest bedding?
Best if the barrier is small mesh so they can see each other but not peck?You might want to try to put one of the older chicks in with her....see what happens.Start some chicken juggling........moving them back and forth between the two enclosures, leaving them for as long as no beatings happen, then switching them up again.
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