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Most important is to rest the cleaned carcass in the fridge for 48-72 hours so rigor mortise can fully pass before cooking or freezing,or it'll be too tough to chew even if stewed.
Might be a good price if you were building a human residence.   I would not recommend using double hung windows in a chicken coop. Half the ventilation opening and lets rain in, so can't be left open when raining. I used slider window panels and top hinged them.
Don't give in!!Give them some distractions and walk away...just.don't.look!
I slaughter cockerels between 13-16 weeks, before they start making trouble and are still tender enough to put on the grill.
I am keeping track of every supply penny this year, but won't figure it in until end of year.I find it kind of silly, or maybe just inaccurate, to account for something that is not used up month by month..........bales of shavings, hay, straw, PDZ lasts for months.
Can't do your poll as there is no option to fit my 'bill'.   I do my accounting 'by the bag', but the month of Feb evened out as they went thru a 50# bag every two weeks.   19 mixed age females, not all are laying I don't think, highest daily egg count was 13 (ranged from 5-13).   233 eggs collected. 192 eggs (16 dozen) sold. I ate all the 'dirty' ones, I don't wash eggs for sale.   2 bags of crumble and partial bag of scratch cost ~$44. I came out about $20...
Ya just never know with live animals. Breed demeanor can be pretty hit or miss, it's more about the individuals than the breed in most cases. An RIR can be a lovey cuddler and a BO can be a terror. Environment and developing flock dynamics can play big parts in a harmonious coop. Looks like a nice variety of breeds for a first flock.
I've found blue kote to often attract as much pecking attention as a bloody wound...and often the bird it is applied to preens it off.   Best here to separate the pecker or the peckee....but most importantly find out WHY this is happening and correct it. Crowding and diet are the first things to look at....a flock may try drum out/try to kill an ailing flock member.
Read this thread:   Especially post #9
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