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Yes, I know missed my point of humor, eh?
Upload to youtube, then link here using the 'insert video' icon.
Provide the oyster shells in a separate container,the layers will eat them, the youngers should leave them alone.
Welcome to BYC....Love your screen name! Yes, it's good idea to keep brush cut back away from coop and run..but shade can be important too. Chicken wire is not predator proof..many can chew right thru it. Is that dog outside 24/7?That can really help keep predators away...depending on dog.
Ditto Dat^^^ Insulation in walls can also provide very good homes for pests...rodents and insects. In a hot climate insulation of roof can help slow solar gain inside coop....tho deep shade and good air flow is better.
I don't clean mine out...lots of dry plant materials just break down with the poops. Lots of bugs for chooks to scratch for. If anything I will add more dry plant materials. But I have 500sqft of run for ~20 confined birds.
Great story.......probably a tough tossup to have open for air vs solid for shade in LA.   Get some good photos of that apron...looks like a good example.
Going up a ramp is much easier than coming down. They can scramble up a near vertical surface given some toe holds, but they won't walk down it. Steep ramps in tight spaces can lead to flying down and crashing into walls. Just sayin'.
Ditto Dat^^^^^ I did look at the 'plans' linked in the description and they may help,to obviously not drawn by a 'real' drafter.I browsed thru some of the video....and it looks fairly good.BUT.It's still a tiny 4x4 coop, never a great design IMO.
3 small birds might not take up much space.....but it's good to be able to easily get in there too.   Read up on Space:
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