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I think my girl has a comb like Clara. But she is also in a pen with larger more dominate hens. I guess that matters with comb size.
Welcome to BYC!! 
That sounds like a moult to me. If you notice anything odd, like they are not themselves then I would worry. 
Wow! Fiona has a massive comb for her age. My hen's comb is more like the hen in the background. I take it Fiona is the head hen? 
I have a white leghorn about the same age. I am soooo excited. Mine hasn't started to squat yet, but man is her comb red. 
Hello, welcome to BYC!!!   Is your new coup going to be separated from your orps?    placing a clutch of eggs is worth a try. You cannot force a hen to go broody. However, buff orps have the tendency to be VERY broody. 
Hello, welcome to BYC!!!    Can you send a picture of your coup?    My coup is elevated off the ground, maybe consider something like that?   Where are you from?
Hello everyone, I am from southern michigan (Hudson, which is near Adrian and Jackson) does anyone know where I can take some chickens to get butchered?
Are awesome. Sorry I hit send before I was finished typing
The only hatchery in michigan I know is townline hatchery. Barred rocks and buff orps
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