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Thanks everyone, I just know it had to be in the handling, I have since found D'uccle local and just love them ! They are doing great, feel so lucky  I thought about that fume idea, great comment :)
can not wait to see them 
There is a picture of My baby, OHHHHH I so hope that he is a black mottled D'uccle Can anyone confirm what the chicks are in the background
There is not an ounce of yellow on her or him.. pure white  But you are probably right   
 Thank you Ladies 
It is pure white on the sides with a black skunk like strip down its back :) 
I definatly will, BUT, I am afraid to have this happen again.. ?? I am going to ask if they can make sure the box is definatly sealed up tight.. Ok I am now down to 3 americanas.. One is foaming at the mouth :( This is sooooo depressing , I feel so helpless - NEVER EVER HAD THIS HAPPEN :( 
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