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Nexon chuckled softly hugging her before standing up.
Nexon shrugged. "The same," He said simply even though it was slightly true he had been doing worse.
"No, werewolf did," Jasmine said simply."I dominant to go with you," Florence snapped.
Nexon smiled. "How have you been?"
"Not sure, she's dead," Jasmine stated simply.Florence frowned. "What happens now?" She asked even though she was having a mental breakdown on the inside.
Jasmine smiled at Rose. "Nice to meet you Izzy," Jasmine said smiling.Florence opened her mouth pressing her fingers to the fangs.
Florence felt her canines sharpen.
"Hello," Jasmine greeted Izzy. "I'm Jasmine, and he wasn't the one who turned me," Jasmine said to the others not enjoying how they where asking about her to Dario.
"Hello," Jasmine greeted simply.
Jasmine shrugged. "I guess so," she muttered.
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