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Wintent growled at her glaring at her.____________Nexon shook the bars to the cage trying to get out.
Wintent snarled snapping at her.______________Nexon jumoed to his feet. "I'll kill you!" He snalred. "Don't touch her!"
Wintent lunged at her a snarl escaping her throat.Nexon glanced up ay Audrey and waved slightly.
"It's not your fault, man. If anything its mine," He said shrugging.Wintent brought her knee up going to knee her in the gut.
Wintent snarled snapping at her with her sharp teeth.___________Nexon didn't notice Audrey.
"Well your wrong," Nexon muttered.
Wintent clawed at her trying to cut any peice of visible skin."Well, you made out with my girlfriend, " Nexon said shrugging staring at the wall.
"Nexon and I already know who you are," he muttered glancing at him.Wintent snarled landing on her feet before launching herself at Sara.
Wintent snarled punching her in the stomach before kicking her face.
Wintent kicked Sara a frown plastered on her face.__________Nexon looked around tiredly. He wasn't sure what to do.
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