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Wintent shrugged. "No its not," she muttered. Watching as Nexon slowly began to calm down.
Nexon was confused but when the man left he loosened his grip on Wintent's arms. There where hashes in her arms but she didnt seem to care.
"Now we just need to find the horse," Florence said motioning to the hoof prints. Sterling sighed flaring his nostrils and beginning to track the steed.
Florence just nodded. "We'll be careful."
"Heading into town to get some bread," Florence said.
"Sterling and Florence, " he said motioning to Florence.
Sterling shook his head. "No. I never knew my father and my mother was killed not to long ago," he said quietly.(Gtg)
Sterling nodded. "Yes," he stated.
Wintent just rolled her eyes. "Sure," she muttered before looking back at Nexon. He was staring at the man frightened sitting rigid.
Sterling nodded. "Not again." He promised. Florence nodded a small smile on her face.
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