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Winter watched him go before closing her eyes keeping Aaliyah close so she wouldn't wander off.
Wintent climbed to the shaft pulling herself up and out of the shaft. She spread her wings flying up high to the door.
"Deer," Winter answered laying down around the three sleeping pups grabbing Aaliyah while she was at it.
"If you don't mind, " Winter said.
Winter looked at the pups and smiled softly.
Winter nodded agreeing.
"And her father's bravery, " Winter said smiling softly.
Wintent walked into the living room looking at all who was in there. She stood and leaned against the wall being careful not to hurt her wings.
Winter smiled. "Thanks."(Kelly and Drake. )
Wintent smiled. "She is isn't she," she said giving the pup a quick lick on the ear.
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