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Aaliyah watched the two as they talked.
(O.o)BarkPaw didnt seem to notice him as she made her way out of camp going to find something to wash her paws in.
(It is! And Psyduck is in the background. )
LittleCloud looked at her as she approached. He raised his head high.
Aaliyah barked happily licking his nose.
BarkPaw nodded quietly and went out of the nursery and went to go find some water to wash Star's blood off of her paws.
BarkPaw looked at her unsure of what to do now.
"Im honestly not sure," BarkPaw said shaking her head. "BlackStar brought her here," she said with a flick of her tail pointing at BlackStar at the medicine cat den.
BarkPaw smiled softly watching them.(Yep! XD)
Name:CloudTail Clan:Thunder Rank:Queen Personality:Calm, level headed, great warrior, not the best hunter Mate:Deceased Kits:Greykit Other:Shes heavy on her paws which makes her bad at hunting. Was Snowpaws mentor but cant train sense she kitted. Lost two kits during birth Pic: UserName:Wintent Name:Greykit Clan:Thunder Rank:kit Personality:Adventures, playful, curious, almost always hungry Mate: Kits: Other:Tries to eat almost everything he finds which gets him into a...
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