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(It's fine.)Wintent chuckled watching him hurry off.
Wintent smiled. "Now we need fire, unless you'd like to eat it raw," Wintent said. (Whoops...)
"Yeah. I have barely eaten in five days and I'm starving," Wintent stated.
Wintent nodded. Smirking at his behavior.
"Dead? Yeah," Wintent said.
Wintent picked up the skunk glancing at Jack chucklingm
Wintent chuckled before killing the skunk quickly with the metal tips of her Tessen.
"It's fine. Its better to be jumpy then dead," Wintent said. "'s skunk sound for lunch?" She questioned.
Wintent let go of a breath she didnt realize she'd been holding. "Just a skunk," She stated.
Wintent stood up slowly walking over to the branches grabbing her Tessen and opening it in a quick motion.
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