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It took Wintent a second to respond just coming out of her thoughts. "Yeah I can."(Brb.)
Wintent sat quietly not sure what to do about Nexon.
Sterling inhaled deeply taking in the scent of the other dragon. He followed the invisible path through the forest weaving around trees and stepping up and over logs. He could tell he was getting closer with every step. He looked around his eyes in slits his more animalistic side coming out with all the tracking and such. Florence nodged her horse making it puck up pace till it waljed beside Sterling. "About how much further?" She asked. "Not to far," Sterling answered...
"Nexon. Come on remember how hard it was on you last time?" She asked quietly as if only he could hear. Nexon just grunted in response.
Sacara just shook her head beginning to walk away.
Sacara raised her hands. "Sorry just wondering," she muttered.
"What're you doing?" Sacara asked being nosey.
Sacara smiled before walking out of the stables waving at Mary.
Florence just nodded understanding. Sterling chuckled but stepped away from the horses taking a deep breath before beginning to walk. Florence nudged the horses sides getting him to follow Sterling.
"Nexon you need to eat," Wintent said gently to him. Nexon just stared at the food silently.
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