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Wintent walked over to Nexon slowly like one would approach a wounded animal. She knelt next to him pulling him into a hug rubbing his back. Like a mother to a child.
"T-that's a lie," Nexon muttered but you could tell he wasn't so sure of himself. Wintent watched all she wanted to do was comfort Nexon even after what he did to her.
"You don't know that," Nexon snarled angerily.
Nexon looked at her his eyes wide. "Where is she?!" He said advancing towards her.
Wintent stopped rigid. She wanted to stay with Ben. He was good. She waited silently.Nexon went limp. "She's....gone?" He whispered sadly.
Nexon stopped clawing Wintent his hands covered in blood. "What?" He spat turning to look at her.___________Wintent jumped to her feet. She still trusted Ben. Even if he did want her dead. "Sorry," Wintent said sincerely to Audrey before lunging at her. She was weak. She had lost a lot of blood.
Nexon snarled feeling the blood on his face. He pushed Wintent off when he got the chance. He began clawing her viciously._____________Hearing what Ben said hurt Wintent she flinched hesitating. Ben wanted her dead? The thought made her feel depressed. When she hesitated it gave Nexon the chance to attack she screeched struggling under him. Nexon still weighed more then her. She felt his claws digging into her, blood running from the cuts.
Nexon snarled lashing out at Wintent. His claws catching the side of her face cutting a deep gash into her face.__________Wintent growled in pain as the cut began to bleed profoundly. She gripped Nexon's shoulders pushing him on the ground straddling him punching him repeatedly. While Nexon had been starving himself Wintent had been keeping herself well nourished.
Wintent stood silently taking in what Ben said. She liked Ben. She trusted Ben. If he said to let her animal side free she would. Plus what he said was true. She snarled, an animalistic sound. Launching herself at her brother.__________Nexon had practically lost the little human he had left in him and an anger built into him as he listened to what Audrey said. It was true,Wintent was a worthless inconsiderate brat. He didn't have time to think when Wintent slammed into his...
Nexon looked around wide eyed. "Where's Sara?" He asked confused practically ignoring Wintent.______________Wintent rubbed her eyes furiously getting rid of the few tears that where threatening to overflow. She wasn't going to let it show that Nexon had hurt her by not acknowledging her. She pushed him away before responding. "Ben, what's going on?" She asked softly.
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