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Cat sat quietly staring at the teacher. Nexon chimed in after the teacher answered Nexon. "What if we don't want to lead it the way you want us to and your just wasting our time?"
MoonGaze nodded and glanced back as she heard shuffling behind her. Crookedpaw limped in carrying herbs.
MoonGaze sat down beside BlackFlower quietly. "Are you in a lot of pain?" She asked staying calm.
Lexi nodded. "Sure, you seem cool," she said smiling.
MoonGaze shot to her feet waking Crookedpaw in the process. She nodded to SorrelPelt, "I'm coming, " she said leaving Crookedpaw to grab any herbs needed.
MoonGaze was in her den Crookedpaw laying down a few paces away.
( )
Lexi nodded.
Name:Catherine (Cat) Smith Age:15 Gender:F Crush:Logan Personality:Shy, quiet, outgoing (around friends), brave, antisocial, can be quick to anger or become sad. History: Her parents divorced when she was 13 and she became withdrawn. She moved schools the same year and didn't make very many friends. Lives with her Mom, Stepfather, and two younger siblings. Picture/Description: She's 5'5 Username:Wintent Other: Name:Nexon Verdine Age:17 Gender:Male Crush:None...
(I'll join in a second.)
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