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Nexon followed him hesitantly.__________Wintent growled. Why doesn't she react! She deserves to feel pain after what she did to me and Nexon, She thought angerily punching her square in the face.
Nexon shrugged. "What?" He asked bitterly.______"Oh I'm not gonna kill you I'm just gonna make you suffer," Wintent snarled punching her in the stomach.(Gtg)
Nexon shrugged. "I dont know..." he muttered.___________Wintent grinned walking over to Sara slowly. "How ya doin?" She asked glaring at her.
Nexon continued walking aimlessly no destination in mind.__________Wintent let a sadistic grin break on her face as she stood up.
Nexon walked out of the room walking down the halls slowly. He began walking around aimlessly._________Wintent sat silently waiting for something to happen.
Nexon leaned against the wall sliding down it tears burning his eyes. He was hurting so much, he struggled to his feet wiping at his eyes furiously. He headed to the door silently.
Nexon didn't look at Sara to hurt to do so. He looked at Audrey before smashing his lips back onto hers. All he wanted was to get rid of the pain.
"No," Nexon muttered cupping her cheek. "She's fine." He muttered kissing her cheek.
Nexon stared at the floor unsure of what else to do. He stood up slowly, he had been hurt way to many times in his life and he didnt want it to happen again. He walked over to Audrey slowly before crashing his lips to Audrey's. He wanted Sara to hurt like she had hurt him. He knew it wasn't right but he was letting his broken heart to control him.
Nexon reached out to touch the photo of them kissing. When he barely brushed the photo he yanked his hand back as if burned. He looked at the ground his hair covering his eyes, staying silent.
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