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"A few weeks," Wintent said.
"Wow, that's a long time," Wintent muttered
"Sorry," Wintent said. "How long have you been here?"
"Neither can I," Wintent said
"Cause I don't know where," she stated simply.
Wintent shrugged. " I, do you have any idea where we are?" She questioned looking around. "Besides you know, a desert"
Wintent rubbed her neck giving a nervous chuckle. "Eat you," She stated simply before adding, "but I didnt know you where human." Her face was dirty along with her clothes her hair was in a low ponytail and she bit her lip rings, a habit she had formed since she got them.
Wintent was startled seeing he him turn into a human. She hesitated before shifting back into her human form. "Me,"she called out stupidly not knowing what else to say.
Wintent let out a loud cry as he slithered out of reach. She pumped her wings landing roughly on a rock kicking up dust. She perched silently waiting for him to become in reach.
Wintent flew high in the air in her animal form. She had only been in Dexi for a few weeks and she had been struggling to survive. She was skinny and slightly dehydrated. Her eyes scanned the ground below her, she spotted Stan below her. She hadn't seen any humans around and didn't know he could shift like her. She just thought he was a snake, so the began a shard descent opening her wings to slow her fall her talons outstretched going to attack.
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