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Wintent stretched out on the ground tiredly.
Wintent watched the wall unsure of what to do.
Florence took on the rear. It wasn't a far way from the path they would have been on. Sterling stopped in a clearing, he gave a loud low whistle and waited quietly. After a few seconds the sound of pounding hooves could be made out before a horse ran into the clearing slowing to a trot and stopped when it reached Sterling. He smiled rubbing the horses face affectionately. He grabbed the horses mane before pulling himself up onto the horses back. He smiled. "Im good. Ready...
Florence watched quietly before turning her attention away. "If you dont mind I'm going to make a slight detour. Not to far off the original path I just want to go get ny horse. We don't know how far they'll be traveling, " Sterling said before begging to walk again.
Florence hesitated looking at his hand. She honestly wasn't sure what he was doing. "Its up to you. We could continue on horse back or I could fly," he answered simply. He honestly wasn't sure if he'd be able to carry all of them and the horses at the same time.
"Its no trouble trust me. We have nothing to do and no where to be. Plus I'd imagine it'd be fun," Florence answered back looking over at Sterling who nodded in agreement.
"Do you still wish to follow him?" Sterling asked watching as he transformed and shot into the sky.
"That is he, can you not tell?" Sterling asked. Florence listened quietly. She found it easy to spot dragons in their biped forms mainly because she grew up around them.
"I have done no thing such as that! I am quite offended that you'd even suggest it," Sterling said defensively.
Isabella had just finished changing into her sleepwear which mainly was a large cotton short and loose fitting men's trousers. She usually didnt have time to wash clothes so she'd trade out between day and night wear so they would stay fresh longer.
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