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(I'll make my characters after school. )
(Lol accepted! )
Kurayami sighed before heading down the stairs. When she reached the bottom floor she trudged out of the place walking down the sidewalk quietly.(Ok that sounds good!)
(Yeah thats fine)
Nexon grinned against her lips before continuing to kiss her.Wintent smiled nodding. "Yeah but I had fun so it was good."
Clique noun  Pronounced kliːk in the US       A small group of people who spend  their time together and do not welcome other people into that group. (Of course is made exception at times.) They're are many cliques a few of them are. The populars, which usually includes the jocks and the cheerleaders with the occasional bad boys and players thrown in there. Usually spotted at parties having fun and dancing with members of the opposite text. The nerds mainly the kids...
(Yes yes they did)Nexon purred happily."Why?" Wintent asked.
Nexon purred leaning against the wall still holding onto her."What?" Wintent asked confused.
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