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Lila walked down the hallway till she reached the cafeteria snapping a few quick pictures boredly looking around.___________Wintent nodded. "Yep that's what I thought. A bunch of kids having fun."
Josh blushed and wrapped his arms around her slowly, hesitantly. He smiled resting his chin on top of her head.
(Gtg night.)
Lila hummed to herself thinking before beginning to walk down the hall briskly._____________Wintent nodded, "I've always been in a gang seemed like fun," she said simply.(Gtg night.)
Josh grinned as they stood in line. He was glad she was holding his hand. Her hand was small and soft compared to his.
"I'm a amateur photographer it's sort of my thing," she said blushing madly snapping a picture of the long ominous looking hallway. " you know where we are?"_____________"I kind of shot a guy, and my brother...not a clue he's a pretty good kid," Wintent said shrugging. "And you?"
Josh smiled and chuckled hoping he wasn't blushing and said, "yeah, whatever you want."
Josh nodded and snapped it on her smiling. "What do you want to do first?" He asked looking at all the rides.
Lila felt a blush creep up her cheeks. No one had ever called her beautiful besides family. "T-thank you," she said softly. She lifted her camera up and snapped a picture of him. "And your photogenic," she said looking at the picture.Wintent grinned. "Wintent and right back at you," she said smiling.
Wintent shrugged. "To late now, no use dwelling on it," She stated smiling at her.
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