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Nexon chose to ignore him not wanting to waste his breath on her.___________Wintent nodded walking into the room. She wasn't sure why she was trusting him but she found herself growing closer to him.
Nexon followed quietly glancing around quietly.____________"So where are we going?" Wintent asked trying to make small talk.
Nexon tried to eat all the food but was only able to finish less then half. He wasn't used to eating a lot before he came here then he just pretty much stopped eating._________Wintent stood up dusting herself off before walking out of the cell.
Nexon looked at her eyes full of hope. "R-really?"________Wintent dismissed him with a wave of her hand. Acting as if she was very intrigued by the wall.
(Yeah we can start tomorrow. )
Nexon was a mess. Bags where under his eyes his hair was matted and dirty and he was thinner then what was healthy._____Wintent looked around quietly unsure of what to do. She was bored.
(Whoops ok!)
Nexon shouted punching the wall angerily.________(Sure.)
Nexon stood rigid eyeing the gun. He wasn't sure what to do but he was scared witless for Sarah.____________"Haha ok, see you later?" She said the second part coming out as a question.
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