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Wintent's eyes widened and she lunged at the man.
"What!? No!" Wintent shrieked backing away.
Wintent looked at him glaring.
Wintent kneeled down next to her. "Sara! Are you alright!?" She asked shocked.
Sterling spotted Kaydar and another woman in the distance. Before he pointed them out he turned to Gar and Tollia. "Why do you want to find this dragon?" He asked.
Xavier sat in his room.
Wintent stepped into Nexon's cell. She shook her head muttering under her breath glancing at the tray.
Wintent chuckled. "Yeah," she said giving Nexon a look when Sara wasn't looking making sure he didn't do anything.
Wintent unlocked Sara's claw having a little bit of a hard time but it was easier to do it from the outside of the cell then the inside.
Wintent heard a faint click and smiled as the lick opened. She pushed the door open slowly.
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