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Aha!  Mystery solved.  What I thought was a maran hen is in fact a welsummer hen.  Totally my mistake.  Sorry for the confusion.
Here is a better photo of her.  I'm not sure what mossy means actually.  
I'll break it to her easy.  Thanks for the reply.  (The eggs taste pretty good though.)
Okay, so I need some help.  I have what I thought were a pair of copper blue marans.  I'm attaching a really bad (but the best I can do photo of them.)  The chicks of this pair are nearly jet black with just the slightest touch of copper.  What in the world have I got here?  (This is probably the dumbest newbie question you guys will see in a while).  
Well...5 of the 6 hatched....eggtopsy showed the 6th never really developed at all.  Cute little chicks cheeping quietly in the corner.  Don't ya just love that content little cheep?
Locked down last just wait
So, I set 6 copper blue maran eggs on the 30th.   I have terrible hatching rates so, I'm hoping that I get a few chicks.  These eggs are from my only hen and she told me that she needed some help handling this rooster so I'm trying to accommodate. 
I started a mix the same day you did CraftyChicky.  Things were going along pretty good.  I candled last night and only 2 were culled.  The power went out for a few hours last night, but according to folks with lots more experience, they still had success even following a power outage.  so...I might have lost a day compared to you because of the outage.
So, I'm about a week into incubating a mix of eggs and wouldn't you know it, the power went out.  It was only off for about 4 hours, so I'm hopeful that things will work themselves out.  It was really reassuring to come here this morning and see all of the other war stories about power outage.  I was pretty surprised to see that much longer outage didn't wipe a hatch out.  I'm still new enough at incubating though to not need any additional challenges.
Sorry to hear about your flock rrrmamma.  It's funny how when it's not theirs, stuff has no value.  I hope you have a great hatch.  
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