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In person, she is more of a dove color. Platinum colored birds are a perfect mix of both parent colors, all of the pullets we hatched were the same shade. I'll try to get some pics of her with my camera and see if I can get the color to show up more. I might try to snag a picture of the dun bantam cockerel as well. He was looking like he had a weak tail when it was cold but now that it is warmer and he's maturing, he looks pretty decent for a project bird.  I know duns are...
Here is a picture of the Schilling illustrations I mentioned last year...
My madre wanted me to tell everyone she is having issues with her phone and doesn't plan to post from her phone for a bit. What she meant to say was "Very nice! I think the bantams seem to lace better than the large fowl.. since you have both do you notice that the bantams are easier to get good lacing on than the large fowl?"
Trying out the camera on the new phone. This is part of the rose comb pen. The roosters have nasty combs because one of the sumatras got in the pen with them. I'll try to get a better pic soon since we are now snow free.
Here is one of the sumatras that is heading to the show this weekend. No show sheen or anything, just washed her with home made soap.
It is annoying when that one sumatra breeder at the show is you and you have no competition. Seems like when we show, we're the only people with them or the other sumatras are from our line. I'd love to see them as popular as the ameraucanas or even buckeyes.
There are more legbar eggs in the incubator. We had the legbar hens running with the red leghorn and an araucana rooster so I hope to get a few more.
That is what I thought before but wasn't positive, this chick finally proves it
Red leghorn rooster on cream legbar hens
Sorry if there was any confusion, what I meant was that my first easter legger chick is a pullet, not referring to any that have been posted here
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