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I should be getting a new camera in a couple weeks so I can take better pictures of birds. Plus I should have the breeding pens set up by March as well
Here is a picture of the 3 cockerels. Sorry for the blurryness, the camera lense fogged up when I went from the nice warm house out to the single digits. But the reason I'm posting is for type. The single combed cockerel in the center has a good type in my opinion. Plus, he has the size I want and he is the only single combed rooster on the place that didn't lose any of his comb to frost bite, other than less than a centimeter of a couple tips. The rose comb cockerels have...
Ramirezframing, you asked how the colt was doing so here are a couple pics showing how he acts most of the time:
Finally getting around to sortinh birds for spring breeding pens and noticed that the single comb cockerel I'll be breeding from only lost the very very tips if a couple of his spikes due to frost bite, it is hardly even noticable. So it looks like in addition to the cold hardy rose comb legbars, my single comb birds may do just as good in the north. And to the folks that keep asking about rose combed legbars for sale, I'm thinking I might auction off a pair soon, the...
According to google maps, I am about 6 hours away. I am about 45 minutes north of Spokane, Washington, way over on the east side touching Idaho.  Here is the thread that is a little more active as far as posts go:
There is another thread that folks were posting on, cant remember the name of it though. I have a couple fly tie hens that I'll be crossing to my phoenix. Since I've gotten more into taxidermy and such, I know the feather style fly tyers want so I'm working towards that
It is interesting how even the facial skin is shaped different depending on the parentage 
I have thought about this. I know there are isabelle? (light brown leghorns with lavender) that would work to breed to a legbar rooster and go from there
There are already a couple folks working on bantam legbars, I know 2 of the breeders used bantam brown leghorns
If your blue hen is anything like most blue marans I have seen, she probably has copper in her background. Mate her to the black copper and you should get 50/50 black/blue chicks that should show copper if the rooster is good color. If you breed the splash to the blacks, all offspring will be blue but, as with the blue hen, they should throw copper at least in the hackle.    I hear your pain on the marans issue. What is almost just as bad with them is raising up loads of...
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