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You can re-can anything. The only issue is when pressure canning the food cooks in the jar. If you reprocess the jars you are cooking the food twice and therefore it might turn to mush. Water bath canning is the same. If a jar doesn't seal you have to reprocess it with a new lid to seal it.
7 Feb 2011
Hello from Virginia! Welcome to BYC!  I have chickens, ,ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, sheep, bees. I garden, can, make cheese, sew, quilt and a million other old fashioned things. I am married with children so life is fairly busy spring, summer and fall. Winter is when we settle in and settle down and spend more time chatting it up. Enjoy your stay on BYC. It will quickly become your home away from home. Like this >>>>>>>> 
A child fresh from the hospital and no electricity at their home?Call social services. Now.
This woman may be telling you much more than you realized at the moment.Something isn't right. She comes to your house BEFORE going home with a child fresh out of the hospital after having surgery/tonsillectomy?She doesn't have pain medicine for the child? Or doesn't realize 8 hours has passed and the pain meds from the hospital would have worn off?She would have been given explicit instructions from the doctor and/or nursing staff on what to expect and how to care for the...
Thanks, Cindi!The problem with corn oil is that all the oil on the market is from GMO corn. We stay away from everything GMO - canola included. I use olive oil - pure 100% Italian olive oil that has met the rigorous standards and is not dilute with cheap oil.
We are fixed!! Thanks everyone!
Within the hour it should be up and running.
They are working on it. There was a server migration and some other issues overnight.
These are project lavender orpington eggs from my flock which originated with the Hinkles' line of project lavender orpingtons. Eggs are from an all lavender pen however I do know of 1 person who has hatched a black chick from a lav x lav egg - I don't know how the genetics of that works even though I was told lav x lav = all lav.Eggs are packed in bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Shipping is priority mail with USPS.  Payment received before noon will ensure same day...
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