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Yup, it's part of our partnership with Purina. They do a fantastic job working with us to keep the lights on and the website free for millions of people!
That's amazing! @crazyaboutchickens, thanks for posting!!!
 Well, I'm lucky (as are the millions of peeps that visit BYC) to have a lot of help from an AMAZING group of moderators and members!!!!  Setting eggs: haha... we've done it a few times, but We're at our limit of chickens for our city :( Soooo busy with so many projects (some are pretty big and involve BYC)
 We have lots of radars and lots of slip-ups ;)
Thanks for supporting BYC! They are applied manually, so it can sometimes take up to a day or two for them to get applied. If you don't see it, you can email our store:
It's hard to say, but it's probably something with you setup unless we start hearing about others with the same problem (and we have thousands of visitors with ipads, etc.).   Usually testing on a different device with a different browser helps determine where the issue is.
Our tech guys are looking into it!
Thanks everyone. I'm seeing it too and reported it!
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