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Wow, great troubleshooting, thanks!   So, this just started happening today?
 Is it just that thread or other threads? Sometimes we have problems with really really long threads.  We've had pretty solid success over the years with pretty good speed (for most users), and in almost all cases of problems like this, it's either related to addons / extensions in the user's browsers, or issues with really long threads, or... in some rare cases, we need to tweak server settings or restart the servers. The more people we have reporting the issue with...
Thanks for all the great details! Ya, that would be annoying to wait 15+ seconds for a post to be submitted! Did anything change on your computer before it started happening? Does the same thing happen from another browser or different computer or even mobile device? Any other members having this problem? If so, please please see the information here:   If none of those...
Oh look @Dom'sHEns... you have a shiny new 9-year award! ;)   As long as your active on BYC, you should get the award!
 Yes, and more than you know!!!!  Ya, that's a REALLY good point! The only thing I've done longer than BYC is my marriage  
I'm VERY excited to announce our new 10-year BYC membership award & badge!     Only really awesome peeps that have been with us for at least 10 years and are still active will receive this really cool badge on their "postbit"... which is the geeky term for the area with your avatar, info, etc.   A big THANK YOU to all the GFM and PPM members that helped vote for and choose the new badge!!!  
Thanks for letting us know!   The techs are have been able to slow the bug down by rebooting the servers, but that's a pain and has shown that it's not been a sustainable fix. They're still digging to find the real cause and hopefully solution!
Ugh, this is such an annoying bug! Thanks for reporting, I'm having the techs look into it!
Well, there's your answer! ;)   You'll need to use the desktop version of the site for this. Click the "Desktop" button at the bottom of the page.
I just checked your account and you should have access. What happens when you click here:
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