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Ya, that seems kinda sketchy for sure.   I doubt it's coming from BYC since we don't serve anything like that and we haven't received any other reports (usually when there's bad stuff we get flooded with posts and emails).   I'd suggest doing a thorough clean of your computer, anti-virus, malware detection, etc.   Of course, if any other members are seeing anything similar, please report it here immediately so we can review. We definitely take security very seriously!
Wow!    Check out this great article that our very own member @HomesteaderWife wrote for Mother Earth News:   I think she did a brilliant job capturing the essence of our wonderful community!  
Fan survey: 5 reasons to raise backyard chickens Online poll shows the joys of a backyard flock go beyond farm fresh eggs.   “Why do you raise chickens?” Ask any flock raiser this question and the answer will be filled with passion. Backyard chickens give families wholesome, nutritious eggs, but that’s just the beginning. The rest of the story was told recently through a Purina Poultry online poll.   Kristin Horvath, backyard flock associate marketing manager with...
Only the site moderators can change it. When attempting to change it, I got this message:   Invalid username: ChickenGuardianUSA -- Usernames must be 4-15 characters and should contain only alphanumeric characters and single spaces between words
 Yes please!!! I'm cool with you scanning / taking a pic and sending it to me too!
Wow, thanks @N F C!!! I'll definitely check it out!   (BTW, I moved this thread to this BYC section because it's cool)
Thanks @1cock2hens!   Ok, we're looking into this, but we work with Google and a lot of other ad networks and need help trying to track down the source.   If you see this ad again, here is what we need:   A screenshot of the ad on the site (how to do a screenshot) The time & day(s) you saw the ad The "click URL" of the ad. One way to get this is to hover-over the ad and right-click and copy the link URL. PM to a Staff member or email to Support   (Note: for...
Now that this thread has become about coops, I'm moving it to that section.
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