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Wow, @Yorkshire Coop, I TOTALLY missed that very important bit about "stories.webp"     Ya, there's definitely something odd going on with the filename or filetype!
Hi @micah wotring, thanks for the details!   It sounds like you're doing everything properly. Have you tried a single image vs. multiple images? Are any other users with chromebooks having similar issues?
Fine on my end. How long is it taking for posts to submit?
Wow, this is very sad news! She was such a great member of our community (especially with peafowl) and will definitely be missed.
Ahhh... thanks for such a nice note! We're lucky to have such incredible members and moderators as part of our amazing community!!!
Just a shout-out to say how crazy awesome @Yorkshire Coop is at helping our members!!!
Quote: Hmmm... it looks like you might be on Internet Explorer 11 ?  Yup, and it looks like you're on Firefox 51.0 ?  Anybody else having problems, be very clear on exactly what the problem is, and which browser version you are using! To find out, try the steps here:
To find your browser version: You probably have either Chrome or Firefox. To find out, try the steps here:
Hey @twisted-acres-farm, sorry that you're having problems. Are you using Google Chrome or another browser?   Very odd that the browser isn't remembering your password! Is anybody else currently experiencing that?
We really hope you reconsider deleting your great page. How often do you get those requests for plans? You could also add a note to your page in bold letters that you do not have or offer plans.   Again, it would be a sad thing to lose the great info and pics in that article, but if you still want it removed, please send me a PM and we'll get it taken care of.
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