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thanks so much!  we are really excited to have it done! 
We have a barn on our property that was built in the 60s or so and had a serious problem with carpenter bees.  We tried everything...swatting them, spraying them, spraying them with diesel fuel (that was recommended by local pest control folks!), nothing worked.  I kept telling my husband 'if we fill up the holes, where they laid the eggs and some live, won't it kill them?'  He said no for 4 yrs.  Then last year we took some of that expanding foam caulking stuff, squirted...
i meant to say... they are all two ply.  thanks for looking!!
Finally the photos are done!  The white is much less consistent than the bay black but both are nice, in my opinion.
hi there, so sorry the pics aren't up yet.  i had to work today (unexpectedly) and am wiped.  i have taken them and will post them ASAP tomorrow.  and, by the way, i *love* the term 'novelty' yarn.     that's what ours would be...  can't wait for your feedback. 
that is exactly what we were thinking.... that the inconsistency makes it more unique.  my friend is going to take some of our yarns and make a scarf we can photograph to show off the finished product.  i know sweaters that have that look usually are quite well received.  once we get that done, i'll upload some photos.
well i am certainly sorry to hear that you are unemployed, i hope your judgement goes in your far as yarns, we will soon have a lot more, we are just getting started on this spinning stuff.  it's a friend and myself, she is MUCH better than i am.... my yarns are not good, yet.  but i am still trying, and i know i will get there eventually!  thanks for looking you all!
alpaca is much different than sheep's wool, as it has no lanolin and is softer.  the majority of alpaca fiber can be worn directly against the skin, similar to cashmere.... though to be classified as cashmere the micron count must be less than 19 microns.  and 2 ounces is actually a fairly decent sized skein of yarn, approximately 60-65 yards.
Hi All, my friend and I have been spinning my alpaca fleece to yarn and have some skeins ready for sale.  These are handspun skeins, so some are more consistent than others and their prices reflect that....  the black seemed to turn out better than the white...    These skeins run in size from 2oz to about 3 oz.  I have:3.5 oz Skein White $203.2 oz Skein Bay Black $18.502.7 oz Skein Bay Black $15.502.6 oz Skein Bay Black $15.002.4 oz Skein Bay Black $14.00(2) 2.4 oz Skeins...
My mom  makes the best flank steak.  She would marinate in Italian Dressing for 24 hours, then have my dad grill it.  Easy and Fantastic!  If you can't grill outside, maybe try a grill pan....  I think it can be tough if you do it in a skillet.  You could also cook it in the broiler, I've had success with that.
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