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I'd like to find a top-quality breeder also.
A hen will lay an egg a day until she masses a dozen or so.  Once she goes broody, she'll spend nearly 24/7 sitting on the eggs.  The first egg laid might be 12 or more days old before she starts incubating them.  Regardless, that 12 day old egg along with the last egg she laid will all start developing at the same time and 21 days latter, you will have chicks.So...there's no development of a chick (i.e. the 12 day old egg) until the hen starts to brood the eggs. ...
My only hen that still laying right now is a white leghorn that I rescued.  She was looking really rough when I got her, and wasn't sure if she'd even live, but with loots of nurturing, she's happy, healthy and living the high life of daily free ranging.All of my hens are molting heavily now, and my leghorn is the only hen laying now.  She's losing a feather here and there and replacing them slowly.  Is this typical with leghorns?  Will she eventually replace all of her...
I have only one hen laying--my ex-battery rescued white leghorn.  They're all molting and taking a vacation.So yeah, I'm buying those pathetic grocery eggs.
Could you possibly sell some of your males at below market rate?  Sell them at a price that's sure to sell...or even give some away?
Thanks.  I'm giving my chickens lots of protein since they're molting.
I have an Ancona hen that's in the middle of a full molt.  She typically has a very large and very red comb that flops over like a leghorn hen's comb.  Right now, she's otherwise very healthy and active, but her comb is getting smaller and smaller every day.  It's also pinkish and not bright red like it usually is.Any clues?
If the parents are pure, their ducklings will be the same color, but if there's some other breeds in the blood line, there's a chance you'll get something different.  Regardless, chances are pretty good that they will at least mostly be all fawn and white.
I studied "human survival skills" sometime back, and one thing I remember is that anything with feathers or fur is edible.All mammals and birds are safe to be eaten.
You can fit WAY more chickens in there...and maybe 6 or 8 cows from the looks of it.  :-)   Good Job!
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