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Where are you located?
thank you! Yes, they're beautiful boys. Cute crows too!
Very sweet almost two month old black breasted red, Silver Duckwing, and Red Pyle Old English Bantams. Located in central Massachusetts
Hi Mary, all seven chicks are almost two months old
So it sounds like I'll keep one rooster, he's really friendly and sweet, and give the other roos roa friend of mind who is ordering 15+ chicks soon.
What should I do? A friend of mine is ordering chicks but we don't have the room to order 10 pullets per one rooster. Let alone the money!
Hello all, I have seven OEBs, four roosters and three hens. They've all been raised together, and are not aggressive towards each other. Would they be able to stay in the same flock, or would the roosters be aggressive toward each other and fight over the hens and over breed with the hens? Please help! I don't want to have to get rid of any
Are they still available?
So I ordered seven Bantam OEG's from Ideal Poultry, two bb reds, two silver duckwings, and three assorted. I ended up for the assorted, with one chipmunk patterned and two yellow chicks. Any idea what colors they could turn out to be? The red spot on their head is marking to identify the different ones from the bb reds and silver duckwings.
Sorry, no thank you
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