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That's normal. I have 4 ganders and 2 geese. The older 2 ganders fight at this time of year(soon breeding season)..........Pop
I might add that inexperienced broodies sometimes are not reliable so be prepared in case it doesn't work. I've done as you plan many times and can verify that chickens are much better mothers than guineas. Got a hen with eight on the ground now. Good luck........Pop
In times like these, it's easy to see why it is said "it takes six guineas to make one brain". Actually, they could be foolin you and you have 2 males. How old are they? Do the two in question engage in chases around the yard? My last bunch dwindled from 20 down to 3 in the course of a year. I was positive I had 3 males until one day I heard the tell tale "buckwheat" two syllable female call. Watch them closely and listen to them. Ya never know.......Pop
Walt, those Shamos are beauties. Kinda in your corner on the size, if you're gonna have big birds, go for it. Ya might hafta build your own show pens, lol. I like the looks of Gallo's Brazilians also. As I said before, I had to get rid of all my other orientals, both Shamo and Brazilians, to make room for my Asil breeding program. All my fowl have been pit bred instead of show, but I sure appriciate a fine looker.......Pop
Sorry 'bout your luck. Happens to all of us. Hope you weren't too tough on the kid. As trajic as this seems, it may be for the best. In my humble opinion, hatchery orientals that I have seen aren't worth the price of shipping. It would be to your advantage to pick which breed you liked the best and find a breeder that will sell you a pair to begin a breeding program with. The idea is to get some good ones and make them better. I personally feel that, without a great deal...
That's a whopper, Walt. Biggest one I've heard of before was 16 lbs. Is he fat? It would be hard to believe he is, but if he isn't, he must be stronger than dirt. How 'bout a picture? Is he a show bird, or, or, you know, lol.......Pop
Most orientals are man friendly and easy to handle. Of course those that don't get handled much will resist, but generally tame right down once in your hands. I have no experience with American Games, but some with Spanish. Every cocker I ever knew would cull a manfighter as quickly as it apeared. Can you imagine sitting down a heeled cock and have him come back at you? Not a pretty picture.........Pop
They are extrememly aggressive to other fowl, but seldom to humans. I personally consider Tuzos to be Asils, having black spurs and somewhat smaller than Rampuris, which they are almost identical to. Any of the Reza (small ones, under 3 kg or 6.6lbs) would be ideal. None of them are cheap and I would be quite concerned about predators with free ranging birds. They aren't good layers and every egg is precious. Good luck in your quest.......Pop
I wasn't gonna run my mouth on this subject, but I can't resist. Shamos are big birds, for the most part. They run from around 8lbs to well over twelve sometimes. Tenacity is their middle name once they reach maturity. Until then, Julia Keeling (The Shamo Lady on the Isle of Mann) calls them "Big Puddings". As good as they are, I got rid of mine to make room for my Asils. Asils are special birds in ways that cannot be explained. Your best route would be to find a show, or...
Wow, that's great! How in the world did you dig up this thread that'sover 9 months since the last post? LOL, maybe it will get some more action now.......Pop
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