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Any waterfowl will dirty up a clean water supply in no time. Just normal stuff. Even a big pond will suffer in short order.......Pop
That Buggytown auction is pretty good size, but they don't get to the poultry until after everything else. I went one Friday night and finally threw in the towel about 9:45. They were still on other livestock. Too late for me. Never been to the one in Gray. Last couple years there was one on Saturday morning in Woodbury, which is close. Dunno if they still have it. They usually advertise it in Craigs List. Good luck.........Pop
Had to be something that would carry the chicken, like a fox, or bobcat perhaps. Normal behavior is to have a big meal, sleep it off for a couple days, and return for another meal. Everybody that keeps fowl must have a trap and a gun. Set your trap (live trap) where you suspect the predator got in. Use a good smelly bait like sardines, or fried chicken bones. I keep a trap set 24/7 and baited with a couple whole eggs, but your predator needs blood. Don't waste your time...
Yup, I've had 3 in my lifetime. One was a battery hen, when I was a kid. Didn't lay for over a year, so I butchered her. She was full of eggs in various stages of developement and would have started in the next day or so. the next one, stopped laying for about 8 months, so I gave her to a friend who said he would try and revive her. Eventuelly she layed 2 eggs and a predator got her. Which brings me to the one I have now. She layed a few very small eggs when she was...
Molting usually occurs at the end of the first full summer, or early fall of that year. Last fall they would have been too young........Pop
Get yourself some geese. You will never want ducks again........Pop
A lot depends on the predator population and type of predators you have. I started with 20 keets 3 years ago and after the first year I only had 3 left. The ones that are left are "street smart" like Peeps says. My land is mostly wooded also, but the 3 I have stay in the open most of the time. Just had a chicken hatch 6 keets and I hope they all grow up. Chickens are much better mothers than guinea hens. Every nest my guinea hen starts gets destroyed quickly. My place is...
Here's a riddle for ya. Grown kinda fond of it over the years........Pop   "If a man speaks in the woods and there's nobody else around, is he still wrong"?
Here's a pic of a fertile egg. Since your rooster is active, and surely even if you aren't watching, you can be reasonably sure of them being fertile. Candling is best done at days 7 and 14......Pop  
Hmmm, sometimes the stress of being moved catches up to them in about that time frame. Doubt if they're sick. For the messy butt, you can trim some feathers in that area. If there is a large buildup, it's called pasty butt and is a symptom of constipation, but minor stuff as you describe, ain't it. Seems like they have a great home. Just give them a little time to settle in..........Pop
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