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So many new faces! It has been a long time since I posted. How is everyone? It is hard to belive summer is almost over. Chickens are doing good, and we hatched 8 more turkeys this year. Gardens got in late due to so much rain this spring but we are finally getting veggies. Tomatoe plants are so loaded!! We will have more than enough for canning. We were approved for a greenhouse high tunnel thru the NRCS. Does anyone have any experiance with this? I am looking at ordering...
From Michigan too!!!
from SE Michigan!!
Welcome to BYC from Michigan too!!!
Good afternoon all. It's been a long time. How is everyone?
He isn't frozen yet either? I just checked. Must of just happened this morning. I wanted to add them temp outside is 7 degrees in the negitives with wind chill.
In a pen. Nothing got to him.
My large Sweetgrass jake, hatched last summer, looks like he broke his neck. Busted up wing feathers and broken neck. He has been perfectly fine, eating drinking acting and pooping normal. We are having sub zero weather so he is starting to freeze, no spoiling. Can we eat him? I am having a hard time letting 20lbs of turkey going to waste. We butcher our own chickens, after chopping head off we let the blood drain. How would we do this with a partly frozen dead turkey?
Good Friday Morning everyone!!!!! Got my workout in this morning and it has been almost a week of keeping a food journal. Hopefully we can get some time for fall clean up around the yard. We still have a huge project to do before the snow flies. 1 new window to replace the broken one, a sliding glass door and a nice big deck coming off of that. Windows are ordered just need to get the lumber ordered and we can start.
Good morning..... my cousins little girl is sitting across from me calling me over and over again. Banana...banana...banana...that is what it sounds like when she says my name. Got my workout in this morning. I made the mistake of increasing my weights and boy does my rib hurt now. Thursday is the hardest. I am so tired. Sounds like you had a nice trip Opa. Your back for a nice weekend it sounds like. Sunny and in the low to mid 60's sounds almost perfect to me.
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