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I am in Kinder, LA.  25 ISA Browns, 8 ee, 2 RIR, 1 Dark Cornish, 2 Black Sexlinks, 18 OEGB.
I have fed mine rough rice since I got chickens 10 years ago.  No problems here.
The roos should mostly be white.
Thanks for the replies.  I think I am going to stick to the oegb.
I currently have some oegb, but would like to get some more bantams.  Which one would you suggest?  Would like to see some pictures if you have some.
I do not have aproblem with them be skittish.  They probably aren't as tame as the other breeds you mentioned, but I don't spend alot of time babying them.
As long as it is still in the hull(known as rough rice) it is OK.  It doesn't offer much nutrional value.  Mostly used in feed just as a filler.  There are thousands of acres of rice around where I live.
I like the oeg bantams especially the blue red.
I have to vote for the golden comet.  I have both and just like the hybrid bird better for egg quality and size.
I ordered 25 ISA Browns from them a few weeks ago.  Chicks were healthy and are doing good.  Mine were shipped priority, but I am way closer to them.  They are not a hatchery themselves.
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