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I've no experience with broody ducks but perhaps if you move her at night and in the dark? Preferably somewhere away from everyone else?  
 I realize that some would disagree, but they did cost $5 or so each and they're only recently moved outside.  I've had to clean and water and feed them for the past 6-7 weeks.  As others have agreed they are messy. Unfortunately no one takes into consideration the care and feed factors.  Minus the cost of the duck, what I'm asking comes out to $2.50 a wk. Not much when you think about it. And that price goes down with each passing week.  Plus when I see what others are...
 While it is nice to incubate it is stressful if you've paid for eggs.  Plus the time it takes to monitor the incu.  If it's your own eggs you might not feel to bad, but if you've paid for eggs then you're sure to.   CR's are nice sized birds and while hatcheries have them they can not compare to this line. 
 As you should be. Friendships must be maintained you know.  I was at TSC today and surprised they had more ducks and chicks.  I thought they were all through.  If you are not on their mailing list you must get on as they're having a great sale. 
 I have a long staff that was given to me years ago I used last night.  Today they're in the run where the food it.  Huddled in a corner but at least inside.  I'm not sure how I'll deal with them, but I must.  No one has offered to pay my price which I think is more than reasonable.   
 I do like a good auction but figure this one is to far from me.  Also sometimes folks bid to high and there is no real savings. Only reason to go is to pay less than what I can pay in the store, right?   Columbian Rock eggs came today. I hope I get as good a hatch as last time.  8 out of 14 would be okay I suppose. 
I passed on the ceramics because I thought they'd get to cold in the winter time. Though they will last longer than the wooden eggs and give them a bit more jolt if they try to eat them.  
I was not aware of the "nares" what are those?  
That's a good price.  
They've been outside for two days.  I gave them a pool of water.  I've had to chase them in both nights.  Not fun. For now they're in with the chickens, but I'm planning a ground coop of their own. One I can open and clean easily. Perhaps attached to a run so they'll have winter outing space.  I have posted them to CL but I refuse to give them away. I'll keep them rather than do that. Judging from the prices I see other charging for chicks and chickens I think it's unfair....
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