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I wish I could be there. 
Don't mind my weighing in.  I once had a Marans hen who came into the garage and laid her egg on the mat in front of the kitchen door.  Only did it a few times but I think she liked the privacy.    Had one laid her in the crook of a tree for a bit and in my raised bed of corn.     I keep some wooden eggs in the nest boxes and situate the boxes so they're dark and private. I've never cared for the communal nest boxes.  Those photos of the cute little basket with eggs is...
 What river is near Kentucky that you would see this?  We know so little about our country.  Looking at maps of Kentucky is that the Ohio river?   I would not do well on Jeopardy.  
so i measured my lg. squares and they are TOO SMALL 
Maybe cuz we're so far away from each other and will never meet up with our friends and family?    Though I do have T shirt that says " Everyone seems normal until you get to know them".  AND it so true. 
 You do know this is a "Coffee" thread right?  Perhaps you should make the switch and make it decaf.      
 Well now dear you know I love ya and I think of Danny often when I'm in church and see Adam in the Choir.  Not sure what all is the problem but in my effort to lift your spirits. My nephew James has schizophrenia and he spent some time away in a group home in another city, but his mom wanted to bring him home and they did. My brother didn't.  After he was home for awhile he told his parents he liked it in the home.  Needless to say he didn't get to go back and they've...
 Well what can I say?  The only thing to take serious is I love ya, Rancher      
If I could get $3 a dozen I wouldn't mind buying cartons.  With non productive type birds the eggs are not as big so I can't charge as much.   At $2.50 a dozen I can't afford to buy cartons. Even so I'm still not making any money. About a month ago I looked at carton prices and they were about $. 31 each, now they're about $. 45 and that's for seconds.    
 I didn't take a good look at the chickens cuz I knew I wouldn't be happy.  I didn't know they needed volunteers. Perhaps they should canvas BYC for help.  We plan to go on Monday.  There is more than admission and rides that are $1.   I printed out the list for us to use. I thought we'd make it a challenge to see how many of those $1 things we can score.  Certainly it can be expensive to go if you have lots of kids, but when you're substituting it for a vacation away...
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