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 I did not know that.  Is this something the judges look for?  Do you show and do you have to prove she lays a #4 or better?   I have just a few chicks right now, but hope to hatch more later this year and cull as many as don't show silver. So far I only have one hen, but I shall try for more. It does take some time for markings to show on the hens. The roosters pretty quite. They are a fast maturing line.   I also choose for utility rather than show.  There has to be a...
 Ain't that the truth. Then we have to undo the mess they've created. Though I do think type is more important. Which makes me wonder are the Marans excepted by the APA?   I also want to add that I have the "French" variety.  Feathered legs and feet. So I'm selecting for those too. I do let people know that what I give up is NOT to my liking for a Birchen.  Now if anyone is interested in Birchens Green Fire will ship as few as 6 chicks and I'd be willing to go in on an...
 What kind have you got?  Mine are Birchens but I have no doubt a cross with a Copper wouldn't hurt as these have copper in there somewhere. My original hens have no Birchen coloring at all, but the new ones do.  Not as much as I'd like though. 
 I know that silly.   But I wanted to be clear and I'm not implying that any unsold chicks/chickens etc.etc. will be confiscated and coming home with me?  This goes for fruit trees and plants as well.  The silkies told me to do it.  
Well I just wanted to be sure. Cuz, all chicks/chickens/ ducklings/ducks/ rabbits/bunnies etc. etc. brought that have NOT been spoken for previous to bringing them will be confiscated by ME!   (except silkies)
 IF I were to keep Leghorns, I'd go with Brown for two reasons.  One they're camoflaged against predators and two they're pretty.  However I also do not keep Leghorns because they are hyper birds and generally not a friendly breed.  I also would find a nice Heritage line to keep.  These, BR's and RIR's come in two variety.   Production and Heritage. Heritage should be bigger and heavier. 
 The last NY chickenstock  I went to I know there would be Silkies there, so I just put a square of tin foil under my Ball cap so no one would see I was wearing it.   I'm also doing it during Chick days at Tractor Supply cuz sometimes they have Silky chicks and I can't be sure there aren't any there.  
 Now everyone who knows me knows I wear a tin foil hat when I'm near silkies, so I never posted this hint.  I just figured everyone would say "that Rancher he's nuttier than a fruit cake" and wouldn't believe me.   Last year I had so many broodies and even three in one box.  It completely makes sense when you consider that there are dogs that can help detect if someone is going to have a seizure or the glucose level is high.  Then there was the story of the cat who lived...
 Now I am leaving tomorrow but when I come back I intend to be hathcing and if I get some Marans pullets you can have a couple of the original hens.  They're not marked like the should be but they are good layers all year long.  I have to say I can count on egg even in the coldest months.  I really should get a Sussex rooster for this hen of mine. She is a great layer too.  But I have CR eggs coming and my focus will be on those and my Delawares. 
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