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They checked my speed and it's what this package allows but it's way to slow.  I don't know why anyone would even offer this speed except to scam people into switching. 
Well if it's what I'm currently getting, we're all doomed. 
   Many things make good raised beds.  Right now I have Scarlet Runner beans in a large three gallon black plastic pot. I stuck it in the corner of my garden so they grow up over my rustic arbor.  Pole beans grow in less square foot space than bush types do and I prefer them.   I've never had luck with carrots but with a smaller bed like a milk crate I can mix the soil to my likeing. 
I went to Walmart to buy jars and found they were $1 more than at our Wegmans store. Walmart is not always the cheapest. Don't be fooled.  Too, much of their produce is foreign.  
 You can private message her but I'm not sure she's got anything.  Hers are her own line recreated. You could do the same if you want to take the time. Of course that would mean getting New Hampshires and Barred Rocks. 
 DW is home so I thought cable would be good for her.  She can't go out much.  I like to sleep late and watch CBS this morning on line. Most of the time I'm up but when I miss the first hour I like to watch it on the internet.  Verizon kept going in and out. Made me mad.  Without cable and just the antennae the TV kept going in and out. We were paying $77 for Verizon so I thought $79 for Time Warner would work.  I was wrong. Who has internet so slow these days?  It's just...
I knew the internet was slower than Verizon but didn't think it would be this bad. You'd expect the slowest speed to be faster than when computers first got started.  Since DW is home all day we needed internet or she'd go crazy.  She doesn't go out much due to the treatments and risk of infections. 
Did I mention we switched to Time Warner?  The $79.99 package?   The internet is slower than dial up. Don't be scammed.    I'm upset because I can no longer watch CBS this morning on line. The commercials alone take more than ten minutes to download. Ugh!     10 days and I already hate it.  Should have stayed with Verizon and got some other cable service. Now I expect we'll have to pay to switch back!  What a rip off. 
It's very nice but I'd need about six.     
 Well congrats and here's hoping chickens won't be an issue.    Of course you realize Silkies don't count as chickens/poultry?   I wish you well ,  Rancher
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