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 Sorry can't help with the chicks I'm to far away.  However don't miss out in the Chickenstock/Picnic in May.  See the chickensstock thread.  2014 New York Chickenstock 
 If I can take more birds I'd let them hatch, but segregated is best I think.  If you have enough nests and the others will leave her alone.  I plan to hatch as many Marans as I can this year and sell any hens I have to cull.   My next stint with the incubator will be the last only because I'm getting Columbian rock eggs. 
Well I did talk to someone today and she'll take 2 doz a week.  Her husband puts them raw in his smoothies for the added protein. 
 You can't be serious.  Is there such a thing?   It will be on their butts for a while. 
 No sorry not right now.  Perhaps in a month or so. 
 I'm leaving on a jet plane on Wednesday.  
 Lord have mercy!
Barred Rocks. 
Well in truth, I didn't paint it my SIL did .  I moved all the stuff out pretty much. So I'm glad it's done.  Anyhow I still have some hens if anyone is interested.  
Sold three hens.  Met someone new who has not heard of BYC. Gave her my card and an invite.  We shall see.     I am tired.  We slept the last two nights on a pull out sofa.  Painted the Broom.  Man those things are not for sleeping, but DW insisted we needed a sofa bed for when the kids come to visit.   Might as well sleep on the floor.     TTFN,   Rancher 
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