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*sigh*  Yeah, those ears, that comb, and that tail are killing me.  I purposely went with Estes because they're supposed to have fairly decent welsummers and well, karma had it out for me I think.   I went to feathersite though and couldn't really find any pictures of brown leghorns that look like her either.  I think she has to be a bad example of one of the two though, but I could be wrong.
Lily is 13 weeks old and she's supposed to be a Welsummer, from Estes Hatchery.   About a week ago I noticed that her tail was very upright and today I noticed her white 'ears'.  What sayeth the experts?*crosses fingers*
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Sent you a pm
Hi all,Does anyone have a few 8-14 week old pullets they'd be willing to part with?  I need 1-3, preferably different breeds or colors and the fluffier the better.  I lost my fav to a hawk and the kids are devastated.  Run has been roofed but I need to replace her if possible.  Would love another faverolle or a cochin and wouldn't mind getting a sexlink in the mix, either.
100% roo, sorry.
They're pullets.  I've seen a lot of cases where some RSL's develop a lot faster than others, even amongst the same hatch.  Perhaps you'll get earlier eggs from her
EE and BR pullet.  Is that a houdan up top? 
Does anyone have a 2-5ish week BLRW pullet they're willing to part with?  I would really still like one for my flock
Are its legs really that white?
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