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Just wanted to share that one of your Black Copper Marans eggs hatched out last spring grew up to be Grand Champion for a 4Her at our county fair! I need to get some more eggs to hatch because she got rid of all the males, and the judge said she needed to continue this line of Marans.  
  I received 18 shipped eggs and 15 hatched - beautiful chicks; thanks again!
From my experience raising different breeds of chicks, the pink to red tinge has helped me the most in early detecting. Since your BLRW have rose combs, you wouldn't be able to see much of a size difference at first (like with a single comb), so the color change might help you more.
Couple of things you can watch for that may help in the next few weeks to identify the sex... if its little comb starts turning pink, it's probably male. Pullets' combs stay pale white or yellow until just before they start to lay (5 months & older). Also, in many breeds, the females feather out faster than the males; I hatched out Rhode Island Reds once, and it took FOREVER for the little guys to get rid of all there chick fluff and completely feather out! My go to sign...
So, I received 14 eggs from Brian, shipped from Arkansas to Florida. 13 made it to the hatcher, and 12 hatched!  These are some robust little chicks! Thanks so much, Brian. 
Email Teresa Margita at She and Cindy Kinard live in the Arcadia area and hold workshops and swaps for purebred show quality birds for 4-hers.
  They are too cute!   I have my first Modern eggs in the incubator due to hatch in a couple of weeks (Birchen, BBred, Silver Blue, and Splash).
I believe they have their catalog posted now on their website:
I'm going to try to come; if I do, I'll be bringing a black Dutch Bantam Pair, some Pyncheon/OEGB mix bantams, and some blue, black & splash OEGB.  
Anyone going to this swap this Sat. in Plant City? I'm going; I'll have a black Dutch Bantam pair, some OEGB (Blue, Black, Splash), and some Pyncheon/OEGB cross bantam pairs.   Family Feed store Swap Meet Every month on the second Saturday 8am - 12pm 3669 Paul Buchman Hwy Plant City, FL.
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