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You can give the whole flock Corid, it will not hurt them, and you can still eat the eggs. Or so I've been told.
Corid (Amprol) should work fine for the Cocci.  If you want Sulmet, you can get it at a lot of feed mills.  www.firststatevetsupply sells it on line, and I'm sure it can be found many places on line.
.   Everyone has their own experience to share.  Everyone has different views on how to take care of their birds, and everyone's situations in housing, care, and etc are, or can be, uniquely different.   I can honestly say that I'd be absolutely amazed if anyone who did not have their birds' best interest in mind, posted on here to try and figure out how to save them!  Figure it out.  OK.   So getting back to the TOPIC...the cockerel was severely injured, he was not able...
What does this have to do with anything anyway? Everybody's situation is different.  Everybody practices medical intervention frequently at one time or another. When the OP is on the site, it's because she needs medical help.  She just isn't on here at any other time. I don't understand what this statement means.  This OP isn't any different than any one else who gets on here for help.
Amen to that!  Hopefully less arguing and more information gathering and sharing, in future!
Oh, ok, I see now, lol.   Let us know what the results are!
Interesting, did they determine that from a blood test???
Anymore, if I feel like looking at or responding to  new threads, I always choose the ones that are "unanswered" first. There is a huge amount of traffic anymore, and yeah, I don't know if it's  laziness so much as new people just don't think to search first, or don't know you can do that.  They just go to the forum, rather than googling or trying to search on here. It is frustrating when you really do need feedback or an answer, and are lucky to even get one answer...
yeah, actually the first few pages, depending on how many pages are in the thread.  If there's forty or so, usually you're doomed after the first three pages though, lol!
Since I posted this I have since bought them a baby pool, filled it with clean dirt, and add sulfur or ashes occasionally.  I find them both to be very effective, or they seem to be!   Haven't noticed any problems since. Still have a few hold outs who don't want to bathe in the pool, but I just sprinkle sulfur or ashes in their dusting holes when i find them, lol. 
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