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that's weird. I tried to put ours in a spot I thought they'd like, close to where they like to lie in the sun in morning when I first open up the barn.Are you using a baby pool?  Oh, I also threw some scratch or treats or something in there when I first put it out, for them to scratch around and find.Try that.
Ours took a few days to get used their dusting pool, but i've seen almost all of them using it now.  Every so often we add  wood ashes, DE, Sulfur powder, or Insectrin powder, and stir.  It works pretty well. 
That;s the way it is with our cats too!  I think they know they're not allowed to touch those.  
Ok, so it's not diarhea, but I mean is it white?  Dark brown, or what? 
Well they...can't really eat it all the time, I don't think.  Is it Rooster Booster that you're using?  If so, that's a good start.  The yawning thing means that they may have Gapeworm or Capillary worms, and they are not good.  You will have to start them on a deworming cycle and alternate dewormers once in a while. Please say what color the diarhea is, and what kind of dewormer you're using, how long you've been using it.
they may have worms.  What color is the diarhea?  The color can help determine the problem.  Diarhea can also indicate a disease or illness.
Or the hen with the white lump could have an infection.  Definitely have another look at her. Sounds like your neighbor is a good resource.  You can also put saddles on the hens, you can buy them on here at a good price. Good luck with them and keep us posted. Welcome to BYC. :)
Pictures would help.  It does sound like they are picking at each other, or themselves.  Even if you don't see lice or mites, they can be there. Do they have a dust bath?  Do you have a rooster? 
I tried to put it on her yesterday.  I was disappointed as it's too big.  i thought I measured carefully. Funny for a few minutes to watch her reaction when we put it on...  I guess we will send it back and get a smaller one.
I don't plan on leaving it on forever, providing I can catch her again once she goes out.  But wouldn't it be like having  a cast on?  Wouldn't it itch underneath?  Sorry for all the questions, but I really worry about her, she's a timid little thing.  I'm  really hoping the saddle will give her confidence around the cockerels.
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