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She is finally eating at least.  So she's learned that if I put a treat next to her on her perch, it's safe to eat.  I'm pretty sure I can smuggle the med in a treat, that way, and  I can get her to eat the med when I want her to. And I figured out it's Sweetpea, not Snap (this is mostly for my own reference, lol). Sweetpea is older and maybe a little calmer.
OK.  I just hate the fighting, struggling thing.  She's not at all tame.  I've been working on the two peahens for years, trying to tame them up, and they just won't.  Our peacocks are much tamer  It's weird. I will see if I can some Baytril into her today one way or another.
I sent you a PM. 
Hello again.  Snap our IB peahen is sick.  I noticed she'd been a little quiet and not obnoxious like she usually is, over the past few days.  Tonight we came home and she was lying on the barn floor.  One of her eyes is clouded over and she can't see out of it, but it's not swollen, it's like the third eyelid is down and it's just sort of infected.  She's a little snotty from her beak, which she kindly wiped across my face when I caught her.   I put her in a pen with a...
It's nice to have a vet like that.  Ours doesn't treat chickens either but he does try to help where he can.  I have no idea what your bird has really, it could  be one of many things..  Baytril is like Ciproflaxin, it's the animal equivalent, basically.  It's a very powerful , broad spectrum antibiotic.
I always think that when they're crowing that's a good sign!  If he feels well enough to crow, especially if he WASNT crowing when he was sicker...that's encouraging!    And if he wasn't eating on his own before, and now he is, that is even better!  Keep trying, it sounds like you're getting there.  It's just a slow process.  Can you get some Baytril?
Infectious Laryngeotracheitis.  It is a horrible, very infectious virus, which can be carried by wild birds, or in our case many years ago we accidentally brought it into our flock when my son brought home some hens from an Amish auction.  We had them quarantined but it did not matter, ILT is airborne.  It is a rapidly fatal illness and, as I said, very infectious.  Signs are rattly breathing, coughing up blood, strange smell (sometimes) about the bird, swollen and crusty...
That's great information, thanks!  We have an old hen who is gimpy on her left leg. She gets around fine, but she often shakes her leg, especially when it's cold outside, and looks at it in an annoyed way, as if to say "will you make this @#!*& thing stop  hurting!?"  I've been giving her baby aspirin, which helps, but I like the Castor oil idea better.  I'll try it, and we also have a roo with leg mites, I'd like to try it on him too, he's really lame with them, and he...
Someone told me Permethrin soak is fastest, but that stuff is nasty...the directions say you're supposed to use a mask and gloves.  I've used petroleum jelly with success, but it takes a long time.  Has anyone tried Permethrin and is it fast? 
Well, good to know.  someone recently said they included vits and lytes in their treatment as well as the SJW.  Peanut is not really responding like i'd hoped, although she is definitely brighter, seems quite cheerful and alert, always starving, and is now sitting on her chest instead of lying on her side...but I don't really consider that a significant improvement enough to stop treating her with the Hypericum. her legs are still more or less out to the side. 
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