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The next time one dies the best thing to do is have a necropsy done.  Then you will know.  If they are dying quickly it might be ILT.  If they are just hanging on, and most are not dying, it could be CRD or any of several respiratory illnesses chickens can get.  You could try Oxytet in the water,  2 tsp per gallon.  But really you need something stronger, like Baytril, probably.  Separate the sick ones! If it is a virus, antibiotics will not do anything except prevent...
That is true that the roosters have different warning calls for different predators, and also different degrees of intensity in their warning calls, apparently depending on how serious they think the threat is.  that is cool you got to see the eagle up close. 
How do  you Traeger a chicken?   Yes, I like Rhubarb, and this was so sweet we could have eaten it raw.     Last night we had three cheese angel hair pasta with broccoli, which was pretty good, and ginger snaps, my favorite box cookie. Tonight we had smoked sausage in a skillet with rice, green pepper, tomato, onion.  
Pinwheels on the grill.  Brussels sprouts with butter sauce.  Rhubarb crumble for dessert.  
Hello   I have read a lot about this, including the very excellent article written by Two Crows, but. I'm trying to see if there's a way to tell for sure if my two year old hen has a slipped tendon, a sprain, something broken, or if something else is wrong. . She started limping a few months ago.  I confined her in a hospital pen, and ,at the time, treated her for MS, because we had another bird that we were sure had MS, and he responded to the same treatment. He,...
It is.  Spring is always a mixed bag.  Summer is coming. 
OH, yeah, that's the normal way to treat SLM.  Or, you can dip them in Permethrin.  But I just read that bout the VetRX , and i wondered if any one had tried it.  I doubt there would be a withdrawal period, it's just a natural remedy, as far as I know.  I guess no one has. 
Recently I have read a couple of things indicating that VetRX , a few drops in the drinking water, works as a preventative or cure for mild cases of SLM. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with this. I don't think a whole lot of that stuff otherwise, but some people like it. Anyone?
Good to see that everybody has the same methods more or less.  We do the same; don't wash until right before sale, and then only if they need it.  I do inspect them carefully and if there are any weak spots or defects in them, I usually don't sell those..just in case..but most of the time I keep the slightly defective ones for us to eat and they're fine. Our neighbor, when he used to keep chickens, kept his eggs in a root cellar...and never in a refrigerator at all.  
yes, dont wait too long, because they can die from Coccidiosis.  Ask the feed mill or wherever you get your feed, for help in finding the medicated chickstarter and/ or Amprol.  They should have one or the other.  You don't need to use both. 
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