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  OH, my...they finally figured out how to make a peachick...great, lol.  Sweetpea and Snap, our two hens, co-mothered on 6 eggs.  Just one hatched, as far as I can I was just breathing a sigh of relief because I knew Sweetpea's eggs were a week past due and had not hatched...but Snap's eggs were a week behind her, and hers are the ones that did.   They are still setting on the remaining eggs with baby cuddled up there too.   So, if it was chicken chick, I...
OK, I agree too, but I think point taken, oK?  Jeesh, I should be a mod, lol.  I would never withhold food or water from a broody or do those other things, and I'm not defending anyone, but I think someone should point out that when a hen goes broody, she often goes for days without food or water, and nature takes care of her ok. There are occasionally worries about the hen getting sick  or lice-ridden or losing too much weight from being broody so long, or sometimes...
Funny, because she DIDN'T get sprayed.   I was in the barn at the time and I actually screamed when she rushed at the skunk all puffed up.  But it just looked at her and walked away. Our skunks here are used to us...and the birds, too, lol.
Our peahen tried to scare away a skunk once.....
I agree.  Just leave them alone if they are that determined.  That's what we have to do with our peahens.  If we try to break a broody cycle on a peahen, it's disaster.  They just so stress out.  I learned my lesson about that.  I felt so awful for our poor Sweetpea when she couldn't set on her eggs.
That makes no sense really, either.  They barely eat when they're broody...going back to regular eating and drinking is part of what helps break the cycle, imo.
I read somewhere that teatree oil isn't good for them. Any kind of oil works, really.
What the heck is the point of no food or water?  Not only is it cruel, but it makes no sense!  Put the broody in a pen where she can be comfortable and make sure she has plenty of food and water.  Three days in the pen and broody cycle is broken.  In the ten years we've had chickens, this has worked for us every time.
But is calcium carbonate carbonate as good for sterilization as hydrated lime?
Ours regularly break up fights among the chickens, it's so funny.  And if we have a chicken in the the tractor, there's always a peacock close by to protect it, especially if it's a hen with chicks.
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