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The cost of deworming is minimal.  Up to you.  If you want to know for sure get a vet to do a fecal float for you.
Wow, he is amazing!  I don't know, but I hope someone on here does!!  The behavior is not that unusual. We've had several roosters that look after the chicks, and will protect chickens lower in the pecking order.  Our peacocks and peahens will do this, too, for the chickens.  And we have never had a mean rooster.  But your rooster's color and pattern is stunning.  I have never seen anything like that!
Cool!  Thanks for all the info!
Thank you!  What's the meal maker?
That's too bad and I'm sorrry. Only you can tell when it's time, and it's the kindest thing to have a bird euthanized rather than just helplessly watch it die.
I sent you a PM with a couple of places that say they do.
I'm sorry too if you have actually lost him.  Necropsy is a good idea.  I don't see in your posts where you say that he did not make it.  Please consider deworming your other birds, and the sooner the better.
If it is capillary worms, you won't see them.  And yes, they will take a lot of energy out of her and toxicity from worm die off can sometimes kill  If you are not already, you can try giving her some probiotic powder in her food or water, as well as vitamins/ electrolytes. 
Really?  Cause it says on the website it's a minimum order of 15 until after...April 1, I think, but they must mean for mailing them!.  They are an hour and twenty minutes from us, so not a bad drive at all.  I am so looking forward to going to get them!    I And yes, it's so hard on them to go through the mail.  Even the mill recommends not ordering chicks through the mail unless they have less than a day's travel Which is why they order local.   Thanks for the info! 
Actually, what was I saying???  They DO have a lot of variety, omg....!  They do ask for a minimum order of 15 but I know the mill employees pretty well here...maybe I could sweet talk them into ordering some!  Then I wouldn't have to go  to Polk to pick them up!  Thanks for the heads up, debid.
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