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Watermelon!!!! cold, for hot days. Hot mash mixed with leftovers for cold days.
You are welcome, good luck!
You can with Strike 3. Not with anything else though. There's a three to four week withdrawal period with other kinds of dewormers.I mean as far as I know you can INCUBATE the eggs with any kind of dewormer, but not eat the eggs, or the meat, unless it's Strike 3.
yes, I agree, yogurt and buttermilk are good. But when ours had worms, we never saw anything,m they were Capillary worms, and we couldn't see thenm at all. They're very hard to get rid of. chickens can get lots of different types of worms, which is why you should use a broad spectrum dewormer.
If they have pale combs it could be for several reasons, including molting or just not laying. But there is no harm in deworming them. It is really better not to deworm during harsh winter weather, but you could use Strike 3 for right now, which is pretty gentle, and you can just mix it with their food. It does a pretty good job. I like to break up the Strike 3 pellets into smaller pieces as I think the chickens are more likely to eat them when they're smaller. I just...
Maybe try dabbing some Triple antibiotic ointment on it...don't use the kind with pain reliever. I would try the Veterycin spray, let it dry, them maybe follow up with the ointment. As far as nutrients, I'm not sure about beans, I'm not sure they are good for chickens, likewise the sandwich meat, again, probably too much salt, and not sure the nutrient value of sandwich meat..hmm. Baby food works well. Fluids are the most important thing he needs, and vitamins and...
He's probably in a lot of pain and shock. You can try to tempt him with food that smells good, like applesauce mixed in crumbles, or buttermilk soaked break crumbs, or banana, or baby food. Beef broth might have a lot of salt in it, which isn't real good for them, you might want to think about switching it out for something like diluted applesauce or yogurt or buttermilk, or even better, baby bird formula which is available at pet stores, and add some poultry vitamins/...
Hello, welcome. I probably don't want to know how she could have gotten hit so hard with a tomato as to cause a lump, and lameness. That must be one heck of a hard tomato, is all I can say. If she is so lame she can't keep up, she is in danger of becoming a predator's lunch, too. Put her in a small pen that restricts her movement, and give her baby aspirin three times a day, in a treat.
I think she needs Cephalexin. It might be the best choice of antibiotics. since Cephalexin tends to be more for wounds and skin issues.
Cute family.
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