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The eggs are gone.  I agree it isn't healthy, but if I pull the eggs, Sweetpea just turns into  a stress mess.  I know from previous experience. Anyway, I think they were acting that way because in their "peabrains" (hehehehe) I was disturbing their nest.  Everything has calmed down now for the most part.
THAT IS GREAT NEWS!  Money well spent, I'm sure.
I was told that if the hen's an internal layer, when you try to drain the fluid, it is thicker, cloudy, and more viscuous. Fluid from another reason (heart, liver, cancer, whatever) is clear to amber colored, and not cloudy or thick. I keep forgetting to get a pic of Bitsy when I'm out there, I'll try to remember tomorrow. She still seems like she's doing alright.
What a cute story.
Our two peahens have been setting on their (unviable) eggs for several weeks, and i haven't bothered them, although, as I said in another thread, I knew they weren't going to hatch.  Anyway, they had their own fan for the hot days, and they were very diligent. About two days ago, I took their fan away, because I wanted the fan for another broody hen (a chicken).  And I figured oh, well, if I take their fan away, they'll get tired of being hot and maybe they'll get off...
We keep ours in a pen at night, tractor outside during the day,with mom until they are six or seven weeks old. At that age (6 or 7 weeks) they are still young enough to follow mom, and she can teach them things, but old enough to avoid some of the problems younger chicks would have.
OK, I'll try that, thank you. I haven't had a problem logging out since I posted....
 yes, you can and no, you don't need to cut them up. I cut a couple of little slits around the sides of the apple, then they can tell there's good stuff inside.
I can't log out of the site. When I try to, the logout screen flashes and then disappears. Started out doing it once in a while and now it's getting worse. I'm not having this problem with any other sites, just BYC. Can you fix this?
Peter Brown the Chicken Doctor has said that feeding roosters layer feed is fine. He is considered an expert and I have followed his advice on many things with satisfactory results.  We have always fed ours layer and we have never lost one due to kidney failure or anything related to too much calcium that I know of.  But, we do rotate our roosters do not eat layer all the time. 
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