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Sure, I don't see why not.
She's a cute little thing. Just go day to day, is all you can do. They can be amazing when it comes to resilience. Anyway, the fluid looks the same color as Bitsy's was. Could be liver, heart, ovarian cancer. Anyway, she should pick up. I guess we were lucky cause Bits never got sick, either time. She was just glad it was over, as were we! :p
and it wont hurt her to keep draining, that's what you want.  Just make sure she stays in a reasonably clean environment.  We put Bitsy on clean shavings, and that worked fine.
That's what we did too is take out half at a time and the second time we didn't get it all out either.  You don't need to use Milkthistle AND dandeliion; I think Milkthistle has dandelion in it.  It's pretty diuretic so I wouldn't use both, anyway.  You CAN look for Zyfend at the feed store, a little bottle is $12.00, it's supposed to be for post deworming to help counter the effecrts of the worms and deworming, but it has stuff in it that is used to treat liver disorders...
Castor oil works well.  It's got properties in it that help.  It's cheap too.
I think my rooster might have it. He doesn't really have swelling but he has extreme pain in one foot and he holds his leg at a weird angle. I was treating it as bumblefoot as he had a callous on his toe, and some tenderness and swelling around it, but that has resolved itself and he's still very lame., he can't or won't put any weight on it. He also is very skinny and not gaining weight which I think is a symptom of gout? Is there any treatment for this???
OK, I can see I'm getting no response here, but I will try again. Having researched more, I wonder if he could have gout, and not bumblefoot? Maybe the thing on his foot was just a callous and not the source of his lameness?
DE is Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) and a lot of people like it because it's believed to control parasites. Some say it does not. It's nice to use in the dust bath ,regardless, though. I have never cleaned the living quarters entirely because one bird had scaly leg mites. IMO it seems that certain birds get it, and some don't. Anyway, take it easy on the Tea Tree Oil, as I BELIEVE it might be toxic in large quantities.
 Amen to that. Worse things can happen. And everything is a learning experience. Glad yours are doing well too and looking forward to more pics.
Hi I have a young rooster who started limping a week ago, and a few days after that I found him on his back. On examining him I found a spot of bumblefoot in between his toes. I treated him with Baytril, soaking in warm Epsom salts soak, and Neosporin on the bumblefoot scab. After a few days, the bumblefoot scab fell off and was scarred over. He seemed to be a little better, obviously felt better, is eating well, and can limp around, but he is still very lame and when...
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