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The ACV is good too.  The kind with the Mother in it, the organic kind.  One TBSP to a gallon of water.
The Oregano oil is .06 of a cc  to a gallon of water.  ( think, I 'll have to check, if I'm wrong I will get back on here tomorrow to let you know).  I have a dropper that has that measurement on it.   You should be able to find one with that measurement at the local pharmacy.  For the Turmeric, I was never really sure, It's supposed to be like 1% of the feed. I just kind of guestimate, and add it to their dry feed. I've read you cam mix it in yogurt, and they like that,...
Sometimes they inhale water or whatever.  and the noise eventually goes away.  If it continues past a day, catch her and have a look down her throat and evaluate her health overall, then let us know.
Also even if you can't find the injury, try soaking the sore leg/foot once or twice a day in a warm  Epsom salts soak for ten minutes or so at a time.  Good luck.
It could be a sprain.  If you're worried about a break, feel all the way from feet to drumstick (hip...I mean..) for heat, or swelling.  Sometimes they can get a dislocated hip from an overenthusiastic rooster, and in that case you can feel the difference in the two hip joints..  It is best to put her in a smaller pen...or cage.  Where she can hear and see the others, but not move around so much.  You can give her baby aspirin twice a day, in a treat.  It takes a couple of...
Well, I finally figured out how to get it right, and we've been giving them fermented feed, not all the time, but just a couple times a month.  Most of them love it, though a few prefer regular feed.  I have noticed that in addition to those benefits already mentioned, that it stimulates their appetite. they gobble up the fermented feed and then they're ready to start on regular feed or anything else that's around.  I plan to try it the next time we have a sick...
I'm gonna just keep it if I need it.  she grew her feathers back out, we let her out and she's been fine.  Blended right back in to the flock with little problems, and she found a new roo who keeps her safe from the cockerels, and he's older, so he's not always jumping on her.  Plus he's the alpha so he has plenty to choose from.  Thanks tho, they are so cute, I wish I coulda seen it on her just for a few days! 
Sure, nbd .
I have no idea what you are talking about.  Just saying.  Not huffy at all.
yeah, pretty sure I said the body didnt match.  Speckled Hen, from now on I'll be sure to defer to you about just about everything.
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