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Yeah, that's normal to me.
If they're older than six months, they probably wouldn't be very good to eat.  Does seem like a waste.
yes, it was last documented in Iowa.  Des Moines.  Large chicken farm and all were culled. Just a couple of days ago
Oh, I see.
I just dread bringing out birds in.  WE are going to try, but it will be a nightmare for them.  They so want to go outside when it's nice out.
Well, we are bringing our birds under roof (not outside at all) if documented cases of the virus get within a few hundred miles.  And leaving them inside til there are no more documented cases within a few hundred miles.  It's already been said to make sure you have shoes just for wearing into the bird's living quarters and/ or dip your shoes in Oxine on entering.  Vehicles are a problem.  Wash the vehicles regularly and spray tires with oxine solution.  Keep wild birds...
Thats a good point.  Or several.  That's what I want to know, if what is happening to the little backyard quys.  If you look at the chart, and figure there are thousands of backyard flocks, really very few of record are being affected.  I read and heard that they compost the birds that they cull.  I don't know if they compost the infected birds too, but really...compost?  Back into the loop the virus would think, anyway.
Think I read somewhere that now they are thinking it is airborne.  Which would make sense, considering how fast it spreads, once it's in a flock.  Media is busy spreading fear that it might mutate.
Yes.  And we will put an Oxine dip by the door too.  Hopefully we won't have to get that far.  but I got a whole gallon of Oxine waiting.
Well, that's encouraging anyway.  Hope they are all ok.  Keep us posted, and have fun learning.  
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