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I am getting very discouraged.    She has improved a lot as far as her alertness level, but she still rollercoasters from being very alert to being comatose.  We switched to tube feeding her sweet corn baby food mixed with water and have been tube feeding her twice a day.  We can't really fill her crop all the way  (but mostly) because she can't stand up or even really sit up, and she can't lie on a full crop without danger of regurgitating.  I have to prop her up with...
That doesn't necessarily mean anything.  I have bought sets of chicks and mixed the breeds and the last four I bought, one was an Araucauna, one an Australorp, one Cuckoo Marans, and one Welsummer.  They all ran together just fine as babies. Since they've grown up, they've kinda split up and gone off with their own friends. But they still run together sometimes. Our flock tends to segregate by age groups, or personality types. We have one white rooster that runs with a hen...
Can you try getting a couple of young pullets? Maybe you could find a way to introduce her to them, once they are done with quarantine. anyway, they would help distract the older birds, so maybe the flock would all hang together after that. 
She perked up a bit this morning after we tube fed her.  I could not liquify the chick starter enough to keep it from blocking the syringe, but we used mostly water with some buttermilk and catfood juice in it and she was pretty alert for a couple hours after that.  Sleeping now though. 
I have her in a room where it is about 80 degrees.
What I have the vet gave me a while ago.  I don't know that I have time to go look for aquarium tubing etc. She is not doing well. And she hasn't pooped recently so no I can't post pictures.  It was normal color, just liquid, the last time she did poop. Which it would be liquid, as that's all she'd had. I am going to try to give her some food today in her tube, I think she needs some calories at this point. 
Thanks.  She is backsliding again and didn't touch the food after all.    Sleeping now, and, it didn't seem like the water had all emptied from her crop yet when we gave her the second dose. We will give her more water this evening and, if she is still not eating in the morning, do we continue with more water? she did poop a bit overnight, forgot to mention that.  Still cannot stand.
Ok.  We have three people today.  One to fill, one to hold the tube, one to hold the bird, lol. 
We only have one 3cc that fits the hose we are using, but it doesn't matter, we have been able to refill it without removing the tube.  We just gave her her first water installment an hour ago and wow...she is already trying to eat!  If she does eat, I'm assuming we still continue with the water treatment provided her crop is not too full?  She is not able to stand yet. that sounds like a lot!  But we will try. I'll let you know how it works.
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