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yeah I saw that you werr in tTexas that's what reminded me about the person (also in Texas) whose poor hen apparently ate the Brown Recluse, but didn't kill it before she swallowed it... Hope she does well overnight! Keep us posted.
Wow.  It definitely looks like some kind of abscess to me , but it could still be like a spider bite or something too.  I hope she continues to improve and can make it to Monday for he vet.  Have you tried to put any antibiotic ointment on it?
Grilled Western ribs, Gargonzola slaw from the deli, and baked beans. Yum!
So how is she now?
This one for my son was negative, thank God! Yours will be too, Sumi. Thank you for the support, everyone.
That's weird.  Maybe a sinus infection.
Apple Brownies made from scratch from a recipe I haven't tried before. Too sweet and not enough apple. And Arby's for dinner.
They could certainly be related problems then.  What did the vet think the first problem was?  Hopefully she is still eating well?  I would make an appt for her first thing Monday then, if you can. I think the Tylosin would be better than the sulfa, but I don't know what the dosage would be. 
Thank you.  
Can you get some injectable Tylan?  Idk how well it would work for something like that, but it might....and you can administer it orally, and also get it at feed stores. I think you need to give an antibiotic, but probably don't have time to wait for ordering something online.   It's being so close to the eye that concerns me.   Even if you don't use the Tylan for this, it's not a bad thing to have in your chicken first aid kit.  You might try feeling the lump and see if...
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