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They're fine, really.  The Denagard is indefinite, it's a preventative.  Levamisole for the dewormer.   They won't have any more Levamisole or Denagard until October.  There were only a few birds in our flock that were sick. The peas were never sick to begin with, with either worms or MG.  These meds are preventatives. 
beekeeping will be interesting.  I think you can get beeswax at most health food stores, but we don't have one real close.
That' s my theory.  funny story in here about a rooster being terrified of his hen when she started wearing her saddle.  He ran away from her and she would run after him, totally confused, lol.  I'm hoping that might happen here.  They have a pattern you can get it's skull and crossbones with a pink bow on the skull .  That's the pattern i'm gonna get Bitsy, lol. 
Yes, I like to hear their different noises.  Or the clucking noise (sounds like us clicking our tongues) when they're begging.  Too funny.
Oh definitely go then.  We always do.  It's a tradition. :)  And we aren't too far, either,.
That's horrible.  And I know, most roos are gorgeous and it's hard to get rid of them. We've been very lucky, I've been able to rehome 17 of ours over the years. It's way too easy to get attached to them, too. I visited a friend recently who has one of ours...he's drop dead gorgeous and I want him back, lol! (Not). Anyway, there's lots of good suggestions in here.  You just have to use your good judgement, hope they do well, and forget about it, if you decide to rehome...
I'd like to try the plaintain salve but I just never have any time lately.
Thanks for asking, she's doing ok.  Feathers are slowly growing in.  I read they can pull the new blood feathers just because they taste good. She hasn't pulled any lately but I know she would like to go back out with the flock.  Seriously thinking of getting her a saddle but I'm worried she might get hung up somewhere with it, or that I won't be able to easily catch her again when I want to take it off. I'm sure it would give her confidence around the cockerels though,...
Thanks, I think you are right!  She makes the noise when they are getting treats, or when she's foraging with her chicken "babies".It's a low squeaky noise, like what you described.  She is not sick.  She is bright eyed, no discharge, good weight, active, cheerful.  Thanks, I 'm still learning about peas....
We don't have cocci.  Flock has normal droppings right now.
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