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Idk, I've seen cases of Cocci where there was no blood at all and droppings looked normal. ( but it was diagnosed by a vet in a fecal float).  Adult birds can get it, although a lot of times it can be more prevalent in an adult bird whose immune system is compromised for some reason. .  Worms can also cause bloody droppings, so, after you're done with the Corid, if I were you I'd wait a few days and then deworm with a broad spectrum dewormer, if you haven't dewormed them...
 Turkey crepes, made from scratch, never made them before but way easier than I thought they would be.   And canned corn. 
I think it's cocci.  It's not normal to see blood in droppings.  And it does look like blood to me.  You can use Amprol (Corid)   in the water, 7 - 10 days, for the whole flock. Available in feed stores. 
Not what I was talking about really, but it might work.  Since you are in Australia, I'm not sure...I can't tell what the ingredients are in that stuff you have pictured.  You would need to figure out the right dosage for the chick.  You might want to just try calling the vet...sometimes they will give you some help without you having to bring the bird in.  You could ask the vet if that stuff will work, or maybe where ever you bought it might know. 
Might be a sinus infection.  Treat the eye with Triple Antibiotic ointment (the kind with no pain reliever in it).  Wash the eye first with human saline eye wash, then apply the ointment.. Do it twice a day.  And then start the chick on antibiotics..water soluble is easiest, Oxytet might still be available in feed stores, 2 tsp per gallon...or Gallimycin.  Or injectible Tylan works too if you can find that. Don't delay.
So sorry for your loss.
OK, well, you might want to keep the others confined for a week or so, or keep a very close eye on them,  because if it was a predator, it will be back. Good look, hope you find her. 
I mix it in enough dirt so it doesn't kick up a lot of dust,.  Same with the ashes.  Been doing it for years and they are fine.  We have 32 birds, and most are not easy to catch, so dusting individually doesn't really work for us and they end up breathing more insecticide that way, and so do we. I don't like using insecticide at all.  Ashes work. great. 
Hi and welcome to BYC. Lameness can be caused by a lot of things, and when they "prance" like that, it is a sign that there's discomfort in walking.  Did you feel any heat in the legs or feet?  It's certainly possible that mold could be causing weird symptoms.  Are they eating ok and are there any other symptoms?  AT this point, with nothing else to go on, I would say you are doing exactly as you should do, provided that you have thrown away the moldy feed and substituted...
We have a baby pool in the barn and also the bottom half of an old ferret cage, both work well as dust baths.  I fill ours with clean top soil and mix in some playsand, or Diotamaceous Earth (food grade kind), or wood ashes, or Insectrin dust.  I'm not very scientific about the proportions, I just throw in some of whatever of those things I have, but they use it anyway.   I don't like to use chemicals, but I'll add some Insectrin powder if it seems like they are getting a...
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