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I agree with Ray n Debi:) this thread used to fly!! Lol Winter or Summer didnt matter. We used to ship and swap so many things!
NOOOOOOO!!! Im so sorry!! i too was a fan and follower;( do you have breeders!?
Oh boy they will get loud haha! My 9 did!
We brine all the birds prior to cooking for 3-4 days ...
I can tell you the last 4 weeks of scratch, goats milke, greens, leftover, regular feed all soaked together just fattened my birds up...I think growing mine out for an additional 4 weeks is needed fo next year. i didnt even cme close to a 5lb bird at 16-20 week olds and they were FED and spoiled rotten. im shooting for 24 week olds next year. Good luck can't wait to see and hear your results.
I Typed a very long post with photos and my computer shut down!!!! for the shorter virsion.... Ok Bresse are processed and my barn is sooo quiet. The bresse were betwen 13-17 weeks. The difference couldnt really be seen until the feathers were off...big difference. 4 of us women processed 65 birds and 3 ducks start to finish 4 hours. 3 rd year in a row gathering to do it together while renting equiptment for 40$. I butchered 4 old laying hens;( 3 random...
Two days and counting!! Chocen breeding quad will remain and the rest will go.
You bet
High protein pellets soaked with fresh goats milk and scratch. Buckets of greens from yard work and any leftovers I can...
3 weeks to go until butchering..cant wait to see what I wind up with.
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