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i dont do jewlery and been contemplating baked goods but i make so much of my own as well;(
We have TWC 125$ a phone, cable, internet...internet is slow but not nearly as bad as dial up:)
Orrr..please forgive me for forgetting who did it but they offered bread mixes, or bake mixes with the reciever adds liquid stuff and bakes it themselves. i got bread mixes..enough for 2 loaves and OMG they were amazing!!
When the swap stalls, you can try offering other things that you didnt originally list...something baked?? Holiday cookies perhaps for those of us who are too lazy to make our own !! Lol
Haha..Ive been nowhere special just real busy..dealing with a company taking over our non profit business and fighting to keep a job!! Ive survived 3 cuts so far...hopes it last another year! Oldest in college youngest in high school giving me the biggest run for my $!!! Have about 45 birds...breeding CCLS, Bresse, Olive eggers, autosexing OEs, marans...for myself mainly:) lol i throw a 24 auction up from time to time to cover some of their expenses...Its craft show...
Lost!! Lol I check BYC everyday ..a few threads...this thread went down the list out of sight:( Until I went back today to see older threads;)
Hi! 😜
Ive gotten to the point where me and two other women butcher all our birds together:) we each raise our own at our friends all the processing equipment for 25$ for the day. We usually do 50 roosters, freedom rangers, and spent hens in one dat. Start to finish ( with everything cleaned up and birds freezer bagged up) 6 hours max! Well worth it for us
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