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Depends on how much you want to spend I guess...I wont pay over a certain amount wich can limit me;( I tend to buy large quantities to get cheaper prices..
Hey April!! Ummm all over!! I look all year long for just the right ones...the butterflys came from jaonne fabric? The snowman and cardinals came from a garage sale..the gold ones from and online store....ezeerubons??
Thanks;) the girls are all in the boxes right now;) come on baby!!!
This was a nice stroll down memory lane!!! I'm still making my egg ornament 4 years later for our annual craft show...since then Ive been asked if I would wholesale them;) the local news put them on TV as well, featuring them at a craft show...I work on them all year long when I have time and save only the eggs that have great coloration and size. Heres a batch I was prepping at 4 am this morning...theybare dry now and waiting end caps and ribbons... I know xactly...
The one with a ribbon is from my splash marans for color reference...they are just OK...i was hoping for bigger , darker, and oraying for speckled! Those eggs were drying over night and I need to add ribbons and end caps and were done. Waiting to be sold at next weekends craft show!! I dont think the eggs are out of the chickens for 1 hour before they are cleaned and blown out!! Lol...I save all the actaul egg filling and make quiches...not an ounce of my eggs go to waste.
Well here they are...Not thrilled with the lack of deep brown;( 2/3 of my girls laid for the first time yesterday!! Yes I already blew them out and made ornaments with them They are the front 2 surrounding a CCL egg
Case in point today!! 5 new posts and no egg photos!!! I did get a brown egg yesterday that Ive never seen but it better NOT be from my GCM hens!! Its was almost dark pink but not even close to chocolate.
I keep seeing people post and get excited be ause I think its someone posting a photo of a newly laid egg from a POL !!! Lol Im still waiting;(
I dont know but it kills me when everyone at work is harrassing me for eggs I sell at 3$ a dozen...could have sold 50 dozen already!! Costs me 30$ a week for feed not including all the treats and so far...ive gotten a full dozen eggs but it took 6 weeks lol
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