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Im waiting on 3 golden cuckoo marans pullet Lav orp pullet Black marans pullet 2 BCmarans pullets 5 CCLmpullets 5 Bresse pullets 2 olive egger pullets ALL of them are POL...ALL of them are Red all over!! Grrrrrrr and the molters are just as many.. 0 eggs in a week from 40!!!
Me neither
Hola again Sistah!!! We did our meaties ( meaning me) in Sept...did 12 and Im content Next year trying to raise the bresse for meat as close to the french way as possible to maximize meat:) well see I did freedom rangers this year and they were easier than CX...still sloppy but not nearly as bad..ewww I wish I could have let mine grow another two weeks but my other partners in crime were ready to process theirs and I had no choice since we split costs of machine...
Ok...another syrup question...what size does it come?? Picture of container? Please
Me too;(
Theres 1 lol
Mmm let me hunt some photos down of my brat;)
I love crested ducks!!! Those are definitely crested LOL I can honestly say breed wise that the black and white looks like a crested magpie...if you google crested magpie...My duck Chuckie pops up as one of the identifying photos:) he is 5 and sitting in a blue pool..biggest brat duck ever!! But I Love him.
My parade has been piddled on chikee Lolol
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