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SOLD!!! Sorry should have posted when they sold;( sent 25 or 26?I can do another batch next week if anyone is interested..the girls are still cranking:)
Hey Phage!!!! How is yah sistah!!!! ?? I love my CCLs:) I kept 8 pullets and 2 roos back for breeding next year...sold all the rest...kills me to put their eggs in my doz eating egg cartons to bring to everyone loves the color and the olive egger eggs I make from yah been???
I have 18+ Cream Crested legbars that can go Monday..getting 5+ a day now...Im done hatching for the season...hatch rates at home are about 90-95% and I get about 65-70% pullets...I am NOT guaranteeing anything once they leave my house...same shpeel we hear all the time with shipping and buying at your own risk.. 50$ includes shipping priority :D first to say mine and pay through paypal today gets em! Thank you
You can if your on a diet!! I did two years ago when I went on a diet...1 silkie fried egg on a piece of 40 calorie bread...yup...was starving 20 minutes later Thats why the diet was 2 years ago!! Lololol
Bes photos i could get of the olive egger chicks...there are CCLs and freedom rangers all together but you can see the main bird in the photos ...I have 1 roo and 5 girls if them;)
Holy cow people Ive never held up a swap!Ok how about 12+ ever bearing strawberry starts!
Tammy... The auction is for eggs, as stated. If you want to starts at 15$ and there is an automatic 12$ fee for shipping as you would say "Ill start the bidding at 15$....good luck:) Oh and its for what looks like to hopefully be 18 eggs:)
Mine 4 tubes of vanilla mint lipbalm Chapstick.. My offer 6 CCL eggs sent tomorrow... Or 6 olive egger eggs sired by a CCL roo over splash marans hens and blue marans. Ive been hatching 75% pullets!! They are black with barring and crest!! Cute... Tough crowd!!! Lol Orrrr.... Pint of blueberry jam...fresh wild blueberries I picked! Or pint of medium salsa
Dont mean to sound dingbatish but what does the coco butter smell like? Lol I mean is it lotion??
Bucka!!! I was going to pm you and ask when I saw you on this thread!! So glad you still have the girls:) we still have your monkey and get so many compliments on it:) Off the top of my head...cant remember who I got them from but it was at Tabs NY chickenstock in May...Ill have to look it up..Tabs and Travis have some as well they raise
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