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Hdiamond won the olive eggers! Thank you $38 total please to paypal Congrats!!
I am also going to offer up for a quick sale Exactly 15 bresse eggs..white bresse..came from GFF. I will ship tomorrow. 35$ total paypaled to I have 3 batches growing out ..1 batch hatching and 2 more batches in bator...I think I have enough for the freezer:) Thank you...
AUCTION ENDS IN 7 hrs and 32 minutes As of today I have 36 eggs Ill will send...Im sure I will get more eggs today for tomorrows shipment but will switch them out for the oldest eggs collected..36 is the most I will ship in one box..dont forget to add on $17 shipping and it can be paypaled to thank you
Yes are right! i was on the fly when I posted the auction and made serious spelling errors and that one in particular.thank you:)
AUCTION... Sexable olive eggers..24+ Priority shipping 17$ So my black copper marans rooster has overtaken the man position in my huge outdoor group..Everyone of my cream crested legbar hens mates with him and shuns their roo now;( I've i incubated 3 batches and they are all the BCM mix chicks. Have not had time to create a new pen and seperate them all this Summer...the sexlinks are All sexable at hatch and cannot be bred back to eachother to create more sex...
$86 on bator
Looks like a good dozen of each kind of eggs im offering to ship monday..pick one;)
Mine cream crested legbars ..they are crested right?? Offer 6+ bresse Or 6+ olive eggers or pure marans...( have a ccl roo and BCM roo in with CCL hens and marans) dont know who is mating who
Yes!! Im behind in my grow outs because of it. I have 1 roo and 4 gals he was only mating 1! I went through 4 batches of eggs only to have like 2/13 or 3/15 fertile!! Its taken about two more months but he is slowing mating all of them...I checked fertility yesterday and all eggs were growing. BUT my processing date is mid Sept so all the these birds hatching two months late Im afraid will be puny;(
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