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The polish eggs...they are mixed colors so not technically I reading this correctly? They may he all pure seperate birds but as a group ...its all mixed?
Ok..I guess I need to ask a favor...i had a list going and now cant find it:( PLEASE pm me if I asked to get something from you...chicks...eggs...or plants...Dont worry about pming me about the ccls im hatching i have that list!! I just need to know what to bring and how much room I need for the trip home!! I can recall asking about a few kinds of old chicks marans I believe is all I asked for and dark marans eggs?? Im starting to pool all my chickenstock...
Im all in..gramma chick Baunlee...if you had marans hens and a ccl rooster you will wind up with hens that will produce olive eggers...same thing if younhad ccl hens and marans roos olive eggers;) i love the genetics of it all
Ill bring bottles water as well...I typically drink a gallon a day ...Is it possible just MAYBE that the total,list of what people have and are bringing can be posted Thursday before stock?? This way we all know what our jobs are?? Lol i dont want to forget anything;(.. I have my list of CCL buyers...As they hatch here Ill put them in groups and post a pm to the person so I can get them all paid for before bringing all of them!! Lol thats alot of birds !!! Hahaha So...
Rancher...Im so sorry...thinking about you and your wife prayers and hugs!!!, I totally want some of those hybiscus climbing plant things!!!! Someone put me down for those??
Got your pm...i was just catching up! Trio right?? Ill mark you down but cant promise anything;( ill let you know as time goes by;)
Ok I will bring some duck eggs and folks can split them up or what not...bator full of CCL eggs going strong..and now my girls have all stopped laying for the past few days so either this better be a fabulous hatch or they better kick it in before this weekend for another set of eggs to incubate!!
Here you go!! This was Sunday
MUlch Tabs??
If all this duck dealing doesnt work out cass I have duck eggs?? Kakhi cambell runner over my massively fat brat crested boy chuckie!! Let me know and Ill bring you some eggs...if I brought a bunch of these eggs to chickenstock is their anyone else interested in hatching them and then showing me photos?? Yours free...I just like to see my babies;) i wont hatch them though for frar of being stuck with more ducks!!
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