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Were eggs sent to thus person? The ones they claimed? If not can we back up a "mine" and start over?
Isnt there a 3 day rule in place now if the swap has stalled?
Hola!! Been a while..busy busy:) gardens in full cicks getting big..two broodies who are eggless;( hoping one makes it for another 2 weeks when my 10 freedom rangers come in. I Have 18 bresse growing out for the freezer as well...I plan on keeping 6 new hens and a new rooster from that batch and butchering the original 4 hens and 5 loive egger roosters that are growing out..and 5-7 old hens. hate doing it but .....
Hdiamond won the olive eggers! Thank you $38 total please to paypal Congrats!!
I am also going to offer up for a quick sale Exactly 15 bresse eggs..white bresse..came from GFF. I will ship tomorrow. 35$ total paypaled to I have 3 batches growing out ..1 batch hatching and 2 more batches in bator...I think I have enough for the freezer:) Thank you...
AUCTION ENDS IN 7 hrs and 32 minutes As of today I have 36 eggs Ill will send...Im sure I will get more eggs today for tomorrows shipment but will switch them out for the oldest eggs collected..36 is the most I will ship in one box..dont forget to add on $17 shipping and it can be paypaled to thank you
Yes are right! i was on the fly when I posted the auction and made serious spelling errors and that one in particular.thank you:)
AUCTION... Sexable olive eggers..24+ Priority shipping 17$ So my black copper marans rooster has overtaken the man position in my huge outdoor group..Everyone of my cream crested legbar hens mates with him and shuns their roo now;( I've i incubated 3 batches and they are all the BCM mix chicks. Have not had time to create a new pen and seperate them all this Summer...the sexlinks are All sexable at hatch and cannot be bred back to eachother to create more sex...
$86 on bator
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