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Ill donate CCL eggs for the egg raffle..Bresse eggs for the egg raffle as long as their laying!! Hubbie will make some wooden nesting bixes as well for the table raffle:)
Cant wait 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😇🎅🐣🐥🐤🐥🐣🐥🐤🐔🐔🐣🐥🐥🐣
Im confused..where was the turkey or goose eggs for trade?
Wasson refresh me on the stampers please...I have yet to use them but think theyll be cute fun with my we pick 1 package? Im torn between 2.. The frogs or the princess ..unforgettable one..purse package..or can we choose two?? If its 2 ill mine it;) Offer 6+ bresse eggs to ship Monday...they were seperated out 2 weeks ago in their own pen so there may be a possibility of CCL roo or BCM roo...thats why Ill send extras...they could be all pure:) the girls lay...
Ill mine the pot holders Can I get them in yellow..not the bright yellow but the beal colors that are on your blue nd white ones? Orange beak with red waddles White theough the tail? Yup Im a pain;) My 0ffer 6 bresse eggs. Please give me 1 more week of them being in a seperate pen. Ill ship next Monday if your ok with that:) have 5 girls with 1 roo Or 6+ CCL eggs with possible BCM contamination...thats why I said + people are definitely getting mostly,pure but there...
Sounds perfect!!!
Ive never had a white hatch!! LOL I was hoping to hatch a few as I love their looks:) so after 2 years with hundreds of chicks...this is a first!
I see 2-3 CCL girls and 2-3 CCL roos..are you sure the white chicks came from my eggs too? They almost look like pure bresse which Im pretty sure I didnt send because I didnt think they were doing the deed yet? They are out of that group now anyway as of last week. If you can get another top shot of the chicks seperated out better I can be more sure of the sex of some
The yellow chicks look to be WHITE legbars:) Ive Been wanting to hatch those!! Only time wll tell..tha means my white bresse roo snuck some girls...good thing hes not in there anymore! Then I see pure cream crested legbars...the chipmunk stripe ones..very distinct patterns...I wish I knew which eggs theybhatched out from..any clue? Tha would help some: the black ones with white dots could be sex links..again...depends on what eggs they came out of... Exciting!!!
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