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Bahahahaha Fruit loops!!
My hens are getting lazy!!! Ugh...Ill bring whatever eggs I can for the raffle...
Hi Laurie...all eggs being sent to you will most likely be olive eggers ...the CCL hens lay blue eggs..if they hatch black copper marans roo mated them and those are sexlinked ..NOT autosexers..if you see a huge white tuft of fluff on their headspots..=roosters...IF chipmunks babies hatch from the blue eggs they are pure CCL babies and those are autosexers and breed true....The dark marans eggs will hatch pure marans or olive eggers because they might be mated...
Its like 2 weeks away!!!!
My issue is small hens are being stingy!! Last week 4/4 hatched this week 3/3 i have another 20 in the bator now..I hold eggs for a week then add them to one of my bators and hatch in another. Just love yellow chicks Chiqita ships bresse eggs and her fertility is amazing !!! Most of my bresse are from her;)
Mine chapstcks 6 i love them My offer mixed eggers..potential ccls ...and black sex linked from bcm roo with my ccl hens or pure marans..could be all pures or all mixes because there only two roos ( ccl roo and BCM roo) in with all the hens ( 8 CCL hens, 10 marans hens and some oddballs but wont include those eggs.) 6+Of those You people are tough! 6 bresse eggs to ship Monday Ive been hatching mine every weekend for 4 weeks now:)
Haha..I just went and read the whole thread looking to see who won only to see the last 1-2 posts said it hadnt been announced yet! I figured If I looked at the end Id have to read backwards through 100s of posts to find my answer!l..good luck everyone
How many you want? Just marans for me please splash if no splash..then Im good with no chicks! Im incubating every bresse egg laid which is like 1-2 a day! And hes not mating 1-2 of the hens for some reason because they are white white white while the other 3 hens have mating shoulder marks!!
April I have bresse chicks for you right?
I plan on replacing all breeders with a back up rooster as well. 3 hatched last night..8 more this weekend and couple of dozen in the next few weeks..ill keep hatching as many as they lay..
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