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I have a quad that are 10 months old I would sell shipping!
Not flightly to me.
Thanks guys! Hard to believe I'm going on 7 yrs of BYC!! I cannot tell you how many friends I have met in person from here. I still have some besties Im still in contact with since day 1
Never tried a dorking but have a freezer full of bresse. The bresse taste wonderful when I slow roast Not nearly as meaty as your typical garbage collector poop machines.
Photos updated?
How would i store freesia bulbs until spring? I love freesia;)
I'm all in for upping the ante!! I know whe I ship a dozen cream crested legbar eggs your talkiing $15 shipping alone unless you live an hour from me!! I LOVE gift cards but $10 is not worth it for me ;( I can totally swap/ship olive eggers, CCLs, and bresse eggs right now I'm just waiting:) lol I cannot hatch until Spring and my girls are laying.
Did we turn back the offer since its been 3+++ days?? Per the rules
I agree with Ray n Debi:) this thread used to fly!! Lol Winter or Summer didnt matter. We used to ship and swap so many things!
NOOOOOOO!!! Im so sorry!! i too was a fan and follower;( do you have breeders!?
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