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Finally incubatng bresse from my own eggs!! 5 hens and 1 roo I chose to keep. Goal 20-25 birds for Freezer..will keep a majority of the hens thahatch since they are decent layers..all roos but a back up will be chosen. They are not laying well right now though..was getting 3-5 a day in February when I couldnt hatch but now that I can 1-2 if Im lucky!! I finish mine out on gaots milk soaked scratch and feed with all the extra good leftovers from the gardens. They will...
Haha dont be embarassed Ive done it too!! Lol
Lol I almost claimed the same stampers I did a few weeks ago!!!
The next time you snag my eggs Ill hook you up good
Bresse are french meat birds! LOL I tried for 2 years to get these buggers and finally did
Shipping to Ca # 9114999944314701382257 Shipping to Kentucky #9114999944314701382264 There you go girls!! Let me know what arrives!!
Jmcgee83 and nessO not sure but I thunk I flip flopped your eggs and sent you the wrong eggs..someone is getting bresse and CCLS and someone is getting olive eggers and CCLS!! Please let me know if I actually did make this mistake..Im so sorry if I did..never done this before!
Oh good grief I hope I didnt send you the wrong eggs! LOL i sent you 8? Of um...olive eggers and going to have to go back and look what the heck I did!! Lol wait this is not even funny! I was sending aomeone a double batch of eggs...12 bresse and CCls thought I shipped it to CA..oh lordy;( can Impress rewind! All this in the middle of my daughter changing college majors aft the end of her Sophomore year to go into midwifery..She has 2 colleges accepting her...
Seriously I had the most drama related problems with the last two swap eggs shipments!! One set of eggs were ready to send when offered but was asked to hold back for a week or two then I had to hold back because they decided not to lay!! Swapped again with another person and had to wait for the swapper to be cleared to ship delaying eggs I had shipped again. fast forward..finally collected enough eggs to ship..good right?? I bring all the eggs to work to wrap. Go to...
I will bring chips and dips!! Easily to travel with!! Couple cases of water as well
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