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AWESOME!!! I was just popping on to pm you to see how things were going!! I was petrified shipping all the way across the US to you in that heat! Lol phew:) good luck hope it was mostly roos that didnt develope! HahaI think I sent 25-26? This week to one person.The girls were blessing me this past week...the last 2 days ..0! I have 7 more girls growing out right now...Cant wait to have a big beautiful bunch of them laying:)
My goodess we used to have some serious fun on the swaps!!
Hi Bucka!!
Ewww...those are 10x worse!!! Lol I only have 5 rangers plus 11 roosters Ive been fattening up real good...there were so many things I wanted to het done today and just wasn't feeling
Hellloooo..want to know how special my day was today?? I bathed my frigging meat birds!! Yup I bathed my freedon rangers Idiots kept laying down in their pooh getting all crusty nasty!! The stench was nasty.. So warm hose water and meat birds= wet sleepy meat birds. Half of them fell asleep as I was washing them off!!! Must be nice I hosed out their pens head to toe and replenished all fresh bedding...Sept 13th butcher date is not coming soon enough..the goats milk...
Hola peeps!!!
Sold..thank you..think Im up to 22 eggs ?
Ouch!!!! I couldnt afford that at all!! Can you barter?? i trade garden veggies for the milk...I get about 3-5 gallons for a bag full of whatever is ripe in my garden...this milk my friend would be tossing anywAy she says as its just to empty the bags of the goats to relieve pressure until she take what she has time to you have a specialty you can barter with canned goods???
Good grief my CCLs dont know what to do! Lol I have 12+ CCL eggs I can send Tuesday. They just about quit for a they are laying again;)I also have a few older eggs from wed/thurs ill include for free cause you never there will be at least 18...Including shipping 50$ total...shipping has been running me 20$ so your really paying 30$ for all the eggs...ill keep collecting today and tomorrow...
Yes!! I have a few family members struggling financially and Im hoping to help them out if they are in the same spot next year as they are now . I havent said anything just incase my plan my 1 roo dying!!
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