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You've been really brave through all this.  You're doing a good job - hang in there.
Interesting!  I will have to check her book out of the library.
I'm so sorry Xitaa.What was the vet's diagnosis?
Rats!  I just bought 50# for $8, and now it looks like I don't need it after all - well, better safe than sorry. 
Yes, I think it's a given that the chicken run will be reduced to dirt, and stay that way.  So don't stress - this is just how it's going to be!This weekend at the Tour de Coops I saw one run with a large flower box that would be replanted as needed.  I think I'll incorporate that idea into my run.
At first Tony's crow just sounded like a squeaky hinge, but he's getting the hang of now that he's 3 months old.  It's still just 2 "ar ar's", though, like Kerr's.
Good luck Jackie!  I'm so sorry about your Americauna.
How old typically before they start laying?
If anybody would like to join me, carpool, whatever, please email me!  I'm definitely going.
Anybody want to go as a group?
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