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I no longer have chickens (we had a house fire last year and lost everything) but I had to come back to this forum just to find this recipe for Yogurt. Thanks Miss Prissy!I need to buy some jars and a cooler (the old ones burnt up) but I look forward to making this yogurt really soon!Take care,Tami
I am a hard core coupon shopper and I am upset at all of those ruined coupons. LOL Cute poults!Take care,Tami
Yes. I have.And I also just recently lost my 6 remaining meat birds (Cornish X) to hawks.  They had a good life. I bought them 2 years ago as day old chicks from McMurray. The other 30 turned into our dinner and we ran out of good processing weather so they were turned out to pasture.  They free ranged every day of their adult life and were very healthy for meat birds. They even laid eggs! I've got one their chicks out in my baby pen right now.Take care,Tami
You mean so they learn to live like this with the chickens?This is Sam on a very cold February night. Those meat birds are like little heaters.Tami
Maybe the OP is really that girl from last year with the Komodo Dragon.Tami
I found 2 very young turkey poults in my backyard a couple months ago.  Someone obviously dropped them off at my house because they were in one of my empty chicken cages.  I don't know who... never figured that one out. The only thing I can figure is that someone found them and knew I raised chickens.They both died by the end of day. I was super sad. I really wanted some more turkeys since I only had one hen left.Then today, on the way to take my daughter to football...
Don't take the shell off.  It will cause them to dry out faster. Just keep the lid on the bator and let nature do the rest.  Only help them hatch if it is absolutely necessary.Tami
2 of the NN frizzle eggs hatched today. One with a feathered neck (not pictured) and this cute little baby. I'm so excited to have another NN.  If I'm not mistaken, her mother, Nadine was from an egg I hatched from Lisa. (Dipsy)Take care,Tami
I've incubated lots of chicks but these are the first my own chickens have hatched out. One of the silkies is still sitting on the frizzle eggs and they should be hatching sometime today. I could hear peeping in a couple of the eggs yesterday.This is Nadine and a chick she hatched out that was layed by a silkie.Silkie/Bantam Cochin chick
Thanks.  I will just keep bottle feeding them then.  I wonder why the guidelines on the milk replacer container and the websites for the other lamb milk replacer say to wean at 4-6 weeks.Take care,Tami
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