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Well,  today is the day I take the egg turner out of the incubator and put the eggs on the mesh floor and go into "lockdown".  We'll know by Monday how many chicks I'll have!   As previously posted, I currently have 15 in the chicken tractor (still small), and 10 in the indoor brooder.  If all my eggs hatch, I'll have six more.  This was my first run with the incubator, so we'll see!
Got my last batch of chicks today - 10 EE chicks!  Now, for the six eggs in the incubator......
My last group of chicks arrived at the feed store today!  My 10 EE pullets arrived, and I'll be picking them up tomorrow afternoon.  This is my final PLUS to my previous groups of 4 RIR's, 3 BLS, 3 BO's, 4 BR, and 1 Red Cross.  I also still have 6 eggs in the incubator and we are on day 11.  So, that will be my final post on chicken math in about 10 days - to add how many have hatched!  If they all do, that will give me 31 new chicks this year. 
My broody hatched her clutch of eggs and had four chicks.  She took them over to the flock the next day after hatching and they were integrated with no problems at all.  She kept watch and the other birds respected her "broody" status and were respectful of the chicks.  As they grew, they fit right in.  It was the easiest integration I have done!
Well, I am partially though the receiving part of the 25 chicks I had ordered from the feed store!  I have my 4 RIR and 4 BR chicks, I added my 3 BSL, 3 BO's and 1 Red Cross chick.  Still waiting on my 10 EE.  Well, hubby surprised me with an incubator kit for my anniversary present (I mentioned wanting one, so he was listening!)  So, to check that one out, there is a selection of eggs from my hens (I have two roosters, so most of them will be fertile) in the 'bator.  If...
I have a chicken tractor that is separate from my main coop.  Once they start flying up to the sides of the box, out they go.  I think yours are definitely old enough to go outside, if you can put them in something that the rest of the flock can see but not touch through.   I do provide supplemental heat for mine, but it's set in such a way that they can get under it, or not, as they choose.  I notice they do flock there at night (which sometimes gets into the 50's still)...
Ha ha!  Mine went from a small, toilet paper box to a huge exercise machine box!  And, I went to pick up my 3 BO chicks Saturday and came home with 7 - I added 3 BSL and a Red Cross chick to the mix.  The Red Cross is supposed to be a RIR/White Columbian Rock cross, and is supposed to be a great egg layer.  We'll see, and if I like her, I'll buy more next year!  I STILL have 10 EE chicks on order, so that will mean I've bought 25 again this Spring! 
Great!  It sounds like picking then.  Keep us updated on how things are going.  You may want to keep the Sumatra in chick jail for at least a week so she loses her spot in the pecking order.  She may not be so eager to pluck feathers from her flockmates then.
These look exactly like my Barred Rock pullets.  Are they about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks old?  If so, I believe they are all pullets.  If I HAD to pick one as a cockerel, I'd pick number one.
It looks like it might be picking, or maybe a parasite infestation.  Are any of the others showing any signs of this?   You can try spraying Blue Kote on their necks.  That will help to heal them and to cover the bald, picked spots.  If they are being picked at and the Blu-Kote doesn't help, you may have to separate them until they heal up.  Good luck!
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