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Sorry, I went back and saw that you said "Orphingtons", not "Buff Orphintons".  I don't know if there is a difference in temperament with the other colors in Orphingtons as I've only had the Buffs.
I have Buff Orphington hens that I raised from chicks.  Two of the sweetest birds ever.   I notice that the chicks in your picture appear to have some brown on them - if so, those are NOT BO chicks.  BO chicks are solid yellow.  I don't know about other colors of Orphingtons, but the BO's are yellow.
I love the shirt too!  My husband gave me one that said, "I have OCD - Obsessive Chicken Disorder"  and it had pictures of chickens all over it.  I literally wore it out!  It finally fell apart after a washing and I had to retire it to the dust bin.
Well,  We call our farm Lazy Acres, and my co-worker who buys eggs from me says we should call the business "Shari's Cackle Berries".   Whatever!
I have had an experience with an aggressive rooster before, but my last three have not been human aggressive, and my brother in law's young children know to be calm around them, so they haven't attacked there either.  The first rooster was handled as a chick, the others were not.   My rule of thumb with raising cockerels is to keep my hands off of them so that they retain some of their natural fear of humans.  I handle my pullets as chicks, but as soon as I know I have...
Thank you dekel18042!
Yep!  You've been bitten!
I'm not picky about the EE's - just want the blue eggs to set off my white and brown eggs as I sell my extras.  I am looking forward to the BO's - I bought 3 from this same feed store four years ago and I still have two of them.  They still lay fairly often too, and have gone broody a few times, but I didn't have fertile eggs for them at the time, so no chicks. Probably a good thing as I will have too many when I get these chicks!
Well, let's see.....  I ordered:   4 RIR pullets 3 BO Pullets 4 Barred Rock Pullets   And,   10 Easter Egger pullets.   They will come in at 3 different times, but I should be able to move the first batch of 11 out to the chicken tractor by the time the Easter Eggers come in.  I live in NW Florida, so it should be warm enough by then, as long as i have a heat lamp for them.
I ordered 21 from the local feed store.  I was only going to get 10, but the list was just so enticing......
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