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I finally got some Silkies!!!  Suppose to be 4 black, 2 blue, 2 partridge, 2 buff, 1 splash, and 1 odd ball we have no idea what it is LOL.   So we shall see what they turn out to be!!!!   I am sooooo excited!!!!!
can this be use on fruit trees in chicken run where chickens are??? I know there is a chemical that doesnt bother chickens but cant remember which it is and the Japanese Beetles are tearing up my fruit trees and grape vines   HELP!!!
Unfortunately it CAN be chronic. I have had it 3 times now and am only 41. looking into ways to boost immune system to help prevent more reoccurances. 1st time armpit too late for antiviral pain meds to help 2cd on neck had to have a nerve block on my occipital nerve in my head and I missed 4 weeks of work 3rd RIGHT NOW on side by ribs started antiviral today
should have took pictures!!!!
67,064  +    52  67,116
I understand your hesitance BUT it is probably not the cashiers choice to ask all those questions. The companies are asking the employees to gather all this info and tracking what kind of numbers and percentage the individual cashiers gather and it can mean the difference between being written up or worse. So next time don't think of the person asking for the info as intrusive he/she may be trying to keep their job.
Not being mean but just thought I would give you the view of the YOUNGEST of 7. My parents were older, dad was 55 and mim 37 when I was born. My oldest sister (dads daughter) was already marries and had a son 2 yrs older and dad's son had a boy 2 yrd older.One of my other sisters, moms daughter was pregnant at the same time but three months further along, so my niece was 3 mo older. So in short I had a brother and sisters that had kids older than me. My closest and whole...
I am Looking for American Standard of Perfection Books for Poultry/Rabbits for DD13 for 4-h, reasonably priced.
Voted!!! Good luck
They are not so cute when they are running in your house and chewing on your things!!!!  eeeewwwwww
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