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That's why I did it too. I cannot elaborate, sorry.BTW. She is so lucky to have me, just ask me:gig
A trick I learn years ago was to put a huge wad of Vicks under and in your nostrils. You can't smell anything bad then, for days, or until Judy gets home to clean it.
Ahh. Washing should not affect the hatch, I wash and sterlize every egg before I put it in my incubators.I do know the cuckoo Marans hatch very hard,.
I have mine, but some here did not like Duane Urch's line. I happen to like them. But the cost to ship them is high, like 50 bucks as I recall, last time I mailed some.
Most likely both.
Life is starting to vacuum with the arrival of springish weather, I do not have time to hang out on BYC all day...
  I missed something, but I am assuming you bought eggs that were washed, Do you use an incubator or broody?
  Sidekick has a toenail ripped off, it happened when they were fighting I think.
  Good to know!  @memphis  Please turn in your key to the building.....
  Way to go, the world needs more toads,
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