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  And most of them still vote.
I am so happy today!     I have finally made my error of the decade. I am glad to get it out of the way relatively early in the decade.   I candled my eggs last night.  When I was candling them I set some eggs on the shelf below the top tray in the hatchers.  I use metal trays to stop the poop from the top tray from landing on the bottom tray birds.     This picture I posted last night shows it..       When I went down to check on them and refresh their...
  Yeah, keep it up and you can be  just like me, and post a puking kid once a day, because BC likes it so much.......and hit deer while going to pick shrooms with her....
Holms No biggie in the overall picture but I know it vacuums.     I have to confess. I got a farm kid drivers license when I was 15,  I had already had a "scooter" license. That have done away with those about 50 years ago.  Back then there were 302 people in town and 198 of them were over 70. I think we had a stop sign  in town but I am not sure.   I had to go to the big city for my drivers test at 15.  The guy said.  "I  hate these farm permits" then gave me the...
  I am confused as to why anyone would want to drink out of a duck's butt... Give her a way better cup than that!
I so understand that.
  One guinea would be terrible.  If you cannot have 10 have none. They will torment the other birds in smaller numbers.  They are pack animals and not a flock.
  Those will be iffy, I think.  I cannot get them to grow here. BUT my Grandpa had a couple of really old ones 20 miles north of me. He was on heavy soil, I have my sand that may make the difference.
We can take care of that when we do the toad stuff..
I would look at the EE's first. I have 40 ish legbars and have had more and never had a brown egg from one. I have some EE that lay a brown egg. But I mess with their genetics all the time to see the shades I can get.
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