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I think we should have smoked, fried and roasted chicken and none of that fancy macaroni crap....
Any latent desires to smoke a robin?
I think we should have chicken at the wedding.
Nope bad, real measurements. (F) are way better than that C degrees stuff
Thanks. I think I am going to try that too.   I have done them in halves before but if I keep the temp low and the smoke wet hopefully they will smoke through.
That looks like way too much work for me, turning all those eggs.
  Did you smoke him whole or cut him in half?  I have a toad in the freezer to smoke soon, Trying to decide how.
 They said that when I was in school back in the 50's.
  This demonstrates a complete lack of touch with reality.  You really need to get some stronger meds and consider locking up all guns and knifes for your own safety.  We all need a nice + or - 5 degrees C to be happy.Snow does not make one means work, plowing, shovelling trudging through it....Bad bad bad
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