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, I never knew.
Good morning, Café.  Just going to sit quietly here on my stool and rest up from three days of 'beating the bush' for rabbits.
Good morning, Pond Scum -  a good and productive day to all.
 Mom always said , "Getting old isn't for sissies", another favorite was, "I'd like to find that guy who coined the phrase, 'the golden years', and kick the crap out of him" Hope things are better today, Phil.  Just completed 3 days of field trial at my club and my butt is dragging. 
Any coffee left?  I need a caffeine boost. 
Alive, well, and tired - 3 day field trial is finally over.  My classes ran today.  Got 3rd and 5th in the 13" males and won the 15 " males.  The boys performed well.  Now I'm going to drag my tired old butt up on my lily pad.  FROGS
The warm glow is from TOG.  He is radioactive.
 TOG.  I have missed you.  I'd like to throw a 'Welcome Back TOG' party down by the moats.  You can even help feed the moat denizens.
 Be careful what you wish for.  I've been known to do a little dance and incantation with astounding results ----------------  hence the moniker, 'Broody Magician'.
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