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I have witnessed the same activity.
I think that chickengeorge has nailed it.  Be aware that the predator will most likely return.
If we open our eyes and hearts, our blessings become evident.
Hi, Lisa, welcome to our community.
 Or my son when he came back from Europe. 
 This year I purchased several heirloom tomato plants.  Most were true to the ID labels, but one which was supposed to be 'Mr Stripey' produced fruit that was correct in shape, but was a solid yellow - a sport, hybrid, incorrect ID?  Plant grew well over 6' tall and produced right up to solid freezing.  I saved seeds and will give them a try next year.
Went and put 'grave blankets' on the Princess's parents and Grandmothers' graves.  Last year we were up to our knees in snow in doing so - this year no problem.  Stopped at European Provisions on the way back and bought some kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, chicken/barley soup and cruschikkis (sp).  Good stuff for sure. 
I'm somewhat uncertain, but MissippiFarmBoy says that he has had encounters with a 'Bigfoot' like creature.  I have no reason to doubt his veracity.
'Miss Lydia', thanks for sharing.  Patti is a supporter and cheer leader.  She will try to help anyone with a duck problem, and stays subscribed to their thread until the problem is resolved.  For sure she is one of the 'BYC Good Guys'.
  Sorry for the circumstances.  Is there any possibility that a predator is attempting to get at them?
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