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Drakes tend to be very sexually aggressive.  It is very possible that the dominant drake may inadvertently drown the lame drake while trying to breed him.  Sometimes all drake flocks work - sometimes they do not.  It all depends upon the temperament of the drakes involved.  I would be concerned about the safety of the lame drake.
Give him a mirror for company.  Sadly bigger chickens pick on smaller chickens.  Wait until he is bigger to try to integrate him.  Sadly also non crested birds tend to rip out the crests of crested birds so keep an eye on things once you do integrate.
Congratulations on your first eggs.  Unless the eggs are incubated they will not develop.  In this sort of heat I like to put the eggs in the refrigerator as they are laid.  Under more moderate temperatures they can be stored on the counter.
Welcome to BYC, and good luck in establishing a 'working' flock.
 That's all normal rooster behavior - someone has to be the boss in chicken society.  The pecking order can be rough - sort of like 'mean girls in high school'.
Hi, Desiree, welcome to BYC.
The speckled Sussex are all cockerels.  Not a definitive picture of the barred rock, but the light coloration leads me to think that he is also a cockerel.  As far as the crowing, some just mature more rapidly than others.
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