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cleanin '
iawood - people need good company in  addition to good food -   Went easy tonight - stuffed cabbage and sweet corn cut off of the cob and served with LOTS of butter. 
Nope, she couldn't keep her eyes and hands off of me. 
rancher, trust me that I am absolutely inept when it comes to technology.    In the interview that Sumi did with me there is a picture of Rattler - as a matter of fact it was taken just after we arrived home from a field trial where he had gotten a 3rd.  We had to e mail the pictures to Sumi and she posted them for me.    One day I will take pictures of the others and have one of the grandkids help me post them.
  Tired old fella here - even the coffee is not working.  Left at 5 AM yesterday to attend a field trial - stayed overnight and competed today also.  The dogs did well - 4 entries in three classes and Rattler got a lst, Speakeasy got a 2nd and a 4th, and Baby Jayne got a 4th.  Had opportunities to win all 3 classes, but it just did not happen.  Tomorrow down to Annapolis to see a GD play soccer. 
Somehow I missed the 'hot' part , but he played a great role.
Thanks for sharing your world with us.
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