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After being bred a hen can retain high fertility for two weeks, some fertility for three weeks, and occasional fertility up to four weeks.
Just another example of people being totally removed from the reality of where our food comes from and knowledge of totally acceptable husbandry practices.
Just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies - they needed no butter.
Wisher, you are a rare gem. 
Great interview of a great person.  Rachel is a class act!
Very possibly if they tried to swallow a peach pit, it might choke them.  If that was the case, you should be able to feel the pit in the dead bird's throat.
Go to the Warren Co fair.  They have a pen of red sex links for sale there -  it's a 4 H project.  They are mislabeled RIR, but are red sex links for sure.  They look to be approximately 12 weeks old.  I have no idea what the price is.  While there go to the Stewartsville Grange stand and have a piece of their incredible pie - 15 different kinds to choose from.
He's a teenaged cockerel feeling testosterone overload.  Almost all roosters are overly amorous in the morning upon release - he's normal.  Silky gender is as difficult for other birds to tell as it is for us.  His behavior does not indicate that the silkies are pullets - hopefully they are.
 Or someone old enough to say, "What the heck - that tastes good."    Anything hot out of the oven deserves butter - well, maybe not cookies.
  We men know the answer to that old adage.  Many ask how I have remained married for 50 + years.  It's easy:  "Yes dear, you're right dear, I'm sorry dear. "  A bit hen pecke3d?  50 years worth.
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