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through the acrid
distant drums resounding
constantly waving to
flabby drooping jowls
You can not candle non incubated eggs and determine fertility.  Hopefully your eggs are developing.
 Not only do I not post pics, I am also lousy at taking them.    The ones I took last night are actually pretty good.  She was really beautiful; although with her heels she towered over me.    This morning I did a pantomime of how much taller she was than me - said it made me feel inadequate.  She actually asked if I was serious.  55 years together, 53 years married and she still doesn't know that I am full of crap?  There's no hope for the girl.
 And acting as if she likes me to boot.    Love is, indeed, blind. 
Temperature dropped from mid 70's to low 30's in one fell swoop.  My first 'spring' flowers (snowdrops) are blooming and spring peepers were singing yesterday.  Their tiny butts are shivering right now.
Good morning, Pond Scum.   What did all of you do last night ?  I went to a theatrical awards ceremony.  Yeah, me.    The Princess was nominated for the 2016 'Best Actress' award for her portrayal of 'Vi' in "August, Osage County."  She won.    I was very happy for her.  She worked really hard at this role.  Me, I had to wear a suit and tie - no blue jeans and flannel. 
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