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 About the purple or about our ghost?
Always pictured you as the 'royal' sort.  Princess made the guest bedroom purple once .  It always felt cold in there - perhaps the ghost liked that color.
She may be a black Australorp.
GREEN should be everyone's favorite color.  Never trust anyone whose favorite color is red.
 The 'frawgs' understand all too well.
FROGS are good.  Pond Scum is good too.  GREEN  is very good.
 All country girls like tractors.
 Indeed the translation is sludge level dependent.
VW/WV, I have always been very responsible and very much a trash collector.  "Glad to be able to help.  That was sad about the burned hotdogs.  I believe Chris was most responsible. 
The barbecue was exhausting, and the turn out was great.  Hope that everyone had a great time.  I just got done skimming the scum and emptying the trash barrels.
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