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"And I do share" - guess that was aimed at me. 
I'm concerned.  It's been almost 48 hours since Rachel has been on line.  Calling for redoubled prayers from all.
Crushed corn is not a complete diet and does not provide adequate nutrition for optimal egg production.  I would recommend going back to a layer ration.
   That's a lot of comb development on a young chick - I'm guessing cockerel.
entire gastro enteral
Hi, Shannon, welcome to BYC, and good luck with your new flock.
long causing great
I think that your Dad is correct, but for peace of mind go out and check on them before you go to bed.
He's like a teenager in a room of cougars.  When he matures, he'll find his mojo.  There will be fertile eggs in your future.
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