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Thanks for sharing your story, and congratulations on your new home.
  I believe that the chick is a Cornish X meat bird.  They are slow to feather, messy over eating little poop machines.  The pictures you have posted do not appear to be of a sick bird - just a 'normal' meat bird.
Hello, Leon, welcome to BYC.
 When I was a kid I spent a lot of time reading National Geographic.
 Did you inow that my neighbor's horse would back up to the fence and gas you if you were leaning against said fence ? 
 Did you know that I think smart assertive women are very sexy, but many men are intimidated by such women ?
Got a second with one of my males and second  in the other class with a friend's male.  I hate second.  Today was the final day of the trial.  We ran 15 " females, and a pup sired by one of my males won the class.
 Well, yes, yes that does now that you bring it to my attention. 
Did you know that my father was right ?   Did you know that the Princess calls me 'The "Boy Scout'.              I'm not certain it's meant as a compliment.
'Esteemed' - would that be me ?  Yesterday I was told that I was an A Whole. 
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