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The Wyandotte and Buff Cochin are cockerels for sure.  Fairly certain the others are pullets, but crested birds can be tricky until they develop secondary male feathering characteristics.
My sister was 5 days - he is on medicare and I am not certain what he has in the way of supplemental insurance - that may be a factor.    He's going to be doing rehab on an out patient basis.  He was not certain how long that would go on.  He expects to find out more tomorrow.
My friend who had the knee replacement surgery yesterday just called me on the way home from the hospital.  Talked to him earlier and he had just gotten back from rehab.  He says it hurts pretty bad but not as bad as he had expected.  Rehab had him break out in a cold sweat, but he says he can handle it.  Everything is pretty positive on his part.
Males have been jumping fences in the name of 'love' for a long, long time.
Once again, those are some impressive hackle feathers.  He'd put some hackle feather birds to shame.  The boy is well endowed.   Just clicked on the third picture - saddle feathers are not to be sneezed at either.  Over all condition and shine of that bird is top class.  Whoever you got him from does a great job with their stock.
  Only put them together while closely monitored.  Big birds pick on smaller birds.  Poultry social structure can be cruel.
  That's a lot of comb for an apparently young bird, but it's impossible to make a solid gender guess from that picture.
Oh, yeah, and then there was the 'safe sex' talk. 
When I tried to have the 'talk' with my kids, they replied, "Dad, we already figured that out."    Country kids ---------------------
The very few 'bright' feathers in the wing coverlets are a bit concerning, but the salmon breast and overall coloring seem to indicate pullet.  The next couple of weeks will tell the tale for sure.
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