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It appears as if one or more birds in your flock is feather plucking/eating.
Today we saw "The Choice" - a chick flick based on  a Nicholas Sparks book.  1.5 stars at best.  Perhaps the smart 'choice' would be to avoid this movie.
like flipped hotcakes
We went to a movie and stopped at IHOP afterwards - 'kids eat free' night.    One group consisted of 7 adults and 11 out of control children.  Finally adult number 8 arrived and tried to exert some control.  He managed to get his 2 to act like humans the others- parents evidently did not care.  Lesson learned - "Do not go to IHOP on Friday night."
Type 'Illinois' in the search bar at the top of the page.  Perhaps someone there can help you find some local bantam hens.
Welcome to BYC.
Hi, Sherri, welcome to BYC.  Start by clicking on 'The Learning Center' located at the top of the page.  Then go to the forums - read and question away.  Plan and you will be set to establish your flock.  Good luck.
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