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No, Alaskan, Queen Em     does not share her playthings.
Access to the kitchen and the Keurig has been guaranteed.   That's not quite how the story was recounted to me. 
Going to be off line for 2 or 3 days.  We are having the floors stained and refinished so the place will be in a shambles for several days.  We'll be able to access the kitchen and our bedroom (contains a master bath).  Who needs more? 
Sexy Sour?  Sort of Sweet 'n' Sour.      Just received the second certified letter from a debt collection agency about non payment on my Ford product debt.  We do not own a ford - have not owned one since the local dealership screwed me out of $500.    I called after the first letter gave them information (date of birth, middle initial, last 4 digits of SS#) and they confirmed that they had the wrong guy.  The person with whom I spoke was very professional and...
 Homeschooled by Alaskan, no doubt.
Hi, Orps, hang in there!  We've missed you.
Welcome to BYC - your coop and run are very attractive.  You may want to consider covering the chicken wire with hardware cloth.  Many predators can readily shred their way through chicken wire.
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