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all were missing is  Ok, we are done here., and for cynthia to press the majic button. 
My opinion for what it is worth(nothing) is no, the EXPERTS will tell you that ink will do damage, but before the hatching gods decided that you had to turn eggs 47.25 times a day you only turned them to X or O in morning and at night, and the O's and X's were put on with the wide permenant black marker, and we had good hatches so.... modern technology ya gotta love it.
ONE I want a purple one, and a green one, is that orange or red ? If limited to one I want a...No I want a green one, yeah green.
I could hook ya up with a couple of her brothers if you want, I felt bad because not one of those babies are hers, she lays a blue egg, and had layed the last one couple days before I gave up on trying to break her, and just gave her all the eggs for that day.AS WIMPY would say "I would gladly trade you two roos today for a HEN tommorrow. 
When I was a kid they had live ducks that you threw the ring around, we (I think my dad rung them both) brought them home at the end of the night, and they lived for a little while on the farm then one day them and a bunch of chickens got dressed, but didnt go to town.  At least they had a good time, till thier time was up.
Now I can sleep at night, but the hope that was pencil has to be posted anytime you see writing on an egg. or it wouldnt be a proper egg post, now fire up the bator, and start the countdown.  Possibly a silly question:(I know me silly??) Does serayama (-1sp) take same amount of time as regular chicken to incubate??  I am assuming yes, but not sure anything I read says they are harder to bate, is it just hardyness of egg, or is there more to it
Just got oil delivered 3.229 per gallon, couple of years ago locked in at 79.9. wish I could get it for that today.
this is Pancakeshe has been looking like a pancake for a couple of weeks now (3 to be exact)NOW this:why are the messing with her??I asked, but this one isnt talking(not even a peep)I was surprised, being a REAL chicken she got NO propane heater(you know who), or lightbulb for warmth(notice her feathers are not scortched) temps as low as 0 and 13 of 13 hatched, however 2 were either crushed, or died at birth, so 11 out of 13 is not too bad.  Who want a chickie??          ...
I want to be the first to say I hope you wrote with a pencil, pen can ruin a egg.   BLAH BLAH BLAH...
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