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Leopardmoon narrows her eyes back "I didn't start the fight but I did end it" she replies coolly
Leopardmoon turned to face her leader "I was waiting to tell I got into a fight with the Cloudclan deputy at the border not that long ago" she informs her coldly
"Now I just have to wait to tell Rainstar what happened" Leopardmoon says annoyed by her leaders absence at the camp(Alright bye)
Leopardmoon flicked her tail "They're just small flesh wounds, nothing to serious I believe" she states as she licked a scratch on her shoulder
Leopardmoon looks back panicked for a moment before she realized they were to far back to recognize them. She quickly takes a sharp left turn and runs under a thorn bush, knowing their larger follower wouldn't be able to follow them. Leopardmoon glances a worried look towards Scarlet "We're almost there, I promise" she says in a low promising voice.
(I know, they are so fun) Leopardmoon nods "I guess, I still can't believe that worm attacked me but I chased her off so I guess I'll get over it" she grumbles
Sunstar sighs "If she did have a patrol you would have been in more trouble and I doubt they would full on attack us this soon" he states before carefully adding "Now let's get back to camp to take care of that jaw."Leopardmoon shook her head "No there's no invasion, I just got into a border patrol with the Cloudclan deputy" she replies bluntly, trying not to show how annoyed she was about the whole ordeal.
XD yeah sorry about that, I just really love her design and her personality. I didn't even realize it could be confusing.
Leopardmoon picked up speed once they sneaked out of camp "Just keep following me, I'll tell you more once we get to the border" she says still in a whisper, she didn't want to run into a patrol (Mk bye)
Sunstar sighs "I know but these are unsafe times and I don't think I could run the clan without your help, I know you were protecting Cloudclan territory which is great but try not to be to reckless" he says with deep concern in his voice
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