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[/quote]Waspfang stood defensively "I don't have a problem, I think you're the one with the problem" he snapped~Wildpaw turned towards the Thornclan cats and charged right for the nearest one with out hesitation~Goldenstripes gathered the kits into the back of the nursery to make sure none of them tried get out of the nursery~Ashkit stood in front of Iciclekit in a protective manner, he watched through Goldenstripes legs~Iciclekit shivered behind Ashkit
Mudstrike walked to Sparkpaw "Today we're going to practice your hunting to see if you been paying attention" he said with a slight demanding tone~"Do you think I could come, I don't really have anything else to done" Wildpaw asks, her head was tilted slightly as she waited for an answer~Waspfang rolls his eyes and picks up his pace to walk next to her
Stormshade watched what's happening in the camp boredly, she was grooming her bloodied paws from a recent messy prey catch~(Mudstrike can be Sparkpaw's mentor if you like) Mudstrike stretches in the warriors den, he had just woken up~(I'm okay with Dovepaw being Wildpaw's sister but I would like to keep Goldenstripes Wildpaw's mother and if Goldenstripes is Dovepaw's mother she most likely treated her a lot better than Wildpaw) Wildpaw turned to Dovepaw and smiled "Hey...
(Thanks, I thought it was about time i joined a rp and I glad you made this one because I was feeling like doing a warriors)
Name: Wildpaw Age: 8 moons Gender: Female Personality: Spunky, outgoing, loud, sassy, energetic, but feels lonely most the time Clan: Dawnclan Rank: Apprentice Description: Wildly colored calico she-cat with one deep blue eye and one forest green eye Sisters: none Brothers: Rabbitkit (Deceased) Mother: Goldenstripes Father: Patchface (Deceased) Kits: None Mate: None Other Famliy Members: None History: She was born in Dawnclan, her brother died when they were young and she...
Also so far i hate Rowanstar, especially in the new arch but I won't go into why to spare Cluck from spoilers
Well as one of the Erins stated that they aren't really hesitant to kill off their characters because they have Starclan and they live on there. I guess this makes me feel a little better as a reader about characters dying.
Well since warriors is such a big book series there are more then one author but they all go under the code name Erin Hunter so that they didn't have to put 5 to 8 names on the cover, there just isn't enough room
That's how I felt when I found out, the Erins can be so cruel
Cluck did you know that the Erins actually stated in an interview that the cats that stayed in the forest when the clans were moving actually ended up dying from starvation. So I don't think Frostfur and Speckletail should have stayed
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