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(Hmmm I would say Melody because I feel like I worked on her the most, and I feel like she'd be the most interesting to rp)
Form to Join: Name: Aurora Gender: Female Age: 17 Species: Fallen, very recent History: Hidden Personality: TBR Appearance: 5'5 with warm caramel colored skin and brown hair with colorful streaks in it and cold grey/silver eyes. Her eagle wings have been turned to bat wings. Weapon(s): Whatever is around her Relationship?: None yet Username: Frost bite88 Other: I wanted her to be a blank slate so I can see where her character will take me. Form to...
XD and a wild Cluck appears and uses Let It Go, it's super effective.Lol anyyyyyywayyyyyyyy you're right this needs to be moved to the chat thread
XD yup and then everyone just needs to learn to let it go
XD yeah I guess it is.Also I have a strong resistance to the cold when we do have it for the winters, sometimes it gets in the forties but there I am walking out of the house in shorts and a tee shirt while everyone has jackets and pants on and ask me if I was cold but of course I answer in the best way by saying "I don't get cold"
Man it looks cold but so pretty, I live in Florida and I've never been in snow, I've only seen it from a when you put my user name in prospective, it's kinda weird XD
So did you figure out how the power went out and if something was damaged? Like a few weeks ago my power went out because of problems with the underground wiring through out my neighborhood.
Ohhhh nooo that's not good! At least nothing happened to the chicks and the power is back!
XD hi Peepers
I like how there was just this conversation about toilets that I'm just now seeing XD
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