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Snakepaw flicks his tail "No problem, see you around Silverkit" he then lays his head in his paws and goes back to enjoying his peace and quiet(XD Yup, everyone buckle up lol )
Snakepaw takes a moment to recall what it was like when he was in the nursery, after all he was only two moons older than Silverkit and her siblings and recalled how Wolfkit behaved "Yes, I suppose he definitely can be at times, well if he's a jerk to you again just tell me. I can put him in his place in heartbeats" he offers swiftly, he was not the biggest fan of other cats so he definitely didn't care for Wolfkit that much
Snakepaw shrugs "Same difference, Lostpaw was a tiny kit but we still played with him all the same. It sounds like Wolfkit is trying to find ways to get out of playing with you" he replies very matter-of-factly
Snakepaw snorts "Well he's lying, no one can be too small to bat around a piece of moss, that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while" he states, obviously annoyed by what Wolfkit told Silverkit.
(That's fine, I figured you had to do something)Snakepaw narrowed his eyes a bit at Silverkit "I see, well why don't you go chase that in the nursery with your siblings?" he asks a bit boredly
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