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Awesome!!! SET IT!! Actually hold on, if she's laying she'll probably everyday. Just make sure you leave a fake egg, ducks are worse than chickens.
*goes finds calendar.*Big Mama started setting on March 8th, that's almost two months.
Yeah!!I did, I haven't set eggs in nearly two months.
I only need 4 eggs tomorrow to get 30 going into the bator.
I didn't paint, my little brother did but that was two afternoons for that much on both sides.It's a nice color. It looked good when we got it, barely any rust.
We finally got around to painting our livestock trailer. Not that it looked bad before, it was in incredible shape when we got it last year. I love that blue.
They are, I was not expecting those from the parents.They were just in that pen for pictures, we keep them down in the garden most the time. Rabbits are funny creatures, they go through a phase when they hit about eight weeks to 12 or 14 weeks where they will dig out if you don't move them onto fresh grass everyday. Keeps you on your toes. Once they hit about 12 to 14 weeks though they usually settle down.
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