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That is what usually happens.()
Hmm.I don't know, I've never flushed a chicken. Maybe try adding apple cider vinegar to their water? Perhaps she doesn't have enough gut bacteria?
Me too. and with 34 more coming (asumming we don't lose too many ) I think we should be seeing around 4 or 5 maybe 6 dozen eggs a day. I am not a master, this only really my second year.... What are you currently doing for it?
And around 58 layers and hopefully the other 34 come in safely tomorrow morning
Thus is what's up. Finally got a head count on the rangers, there are 109 currently, we had two due for no real reason this morning, one was having trouble breathing and the other drowned in the waterer That a first ever on drowning. Don't know what happened, they were fine and then an hour later they were died. Still we only paid for a hundred so I guess we're doing alright.Big Mama is doing alright, the eggs all seem to be good. She was off a lot today though (then...
, I could have but I was being lazy.
Aww.! Where'd you get them?
I have the books.
I know what language, I Have an adopted uncle who's Spanish......... Just don't know it.
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