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I think this is the spot, I have a ton of pdf's on animal nutrition on this laptop. It was a article on feeding corn to beef cattle but all the nutritional information is the same. The pdf link is at the bottom and saysView Full Publication
 Not all Red Sex-Links are bred from the same parent stock breeds, nor do all Red Sex-Links look the same.
Corn will not raise a animals temperature or even do any good at keeping them warm in the winter.  The energy that is in corn is quickly burned off with little work.  If corn remotely raised the temperature or even made them warm there would be a lot of hot, overheated chicken in this world just from eating there normal poultry feed since most feeds contain a good bit of corn.    As far as corn not being nutritious, I have to disagree.  In fact Corn has more total...
There could a number of reasons why your birds stopped eating corn, the main reason could be that there getting all there caloric needs without having to eat the corn. The coarseness of the corn could be another reason.
Not really a breed, he's a Sex-Link Rooster.
The brand is Mazuri. I get it through a local dealer and it's a little expensive but it's not near as bad as the sight price. The chick starter I use (first 4 week of life) then I switch to a similar 20% feed. Exotic Gamebird Starter- Guaranteed AnalysisCrude protein not less than Lysine not less than Methionine not less than Crude fat not less than Crude fiber not more than Ash not more than Calcium (Ca) not less than Calcium (Ca) not more than Phosphorous...
When I worm I do Safeguard for goats mixed 9 parts water to 1 part safegaurd then give 1cc of that mix orally to large fowl breeds then 10 days later I hit them with Valbazen mixed 1/2 valbazen and 1/2 water and give 3cc to each large fowl bird. 
I been feeding a Extruded Pellet to everything. I like it better than mash, crumble or a regular pellet.  
What all are you feeding him (feed, treats, grains everything) and what protein and brand is the feed that your feeding?Also have you wormed and or dusted for mites?
As said already that link is only a guideline. I myself would never feed chicks a 18% protein feed, just not enough proteins there. What I like to tell people that just starting out is this. Feed a 20% protein non-medicated chick starter from Hatch to Death and at 5 months of age you can mix in treats like scratch grain and table scraps BUT it should be 10% or less of there diet. That like saying for every 100 lbs of feed that your bird takes 10 lbs can be scratch and...
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