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Here's two more --
Serama will be smaller..
What was the feed medicated with?     Amprolium - which goes by the trade names Corid and Amprovine, Amprolium, Amprol, Anticoccid and is a thiamine analog, competitively inhibits the active transport of thiamine (B1). Amprolium is used in the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis. (No withdrawal time)  Bacitracin -  Bacitracin can also go by the names Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate and BMD. Bacitracin in Broiler and Replacement Chickens is an aid in prevention...
Make a bucket trap. For mice and small rats you can use a 5 gallon bucket but for bigger rats you may want to you a 35 gallon trash can. Just fill bucket/trash can half way with water, have a ramp from the ground to the rim of the bucket/trash can then have a can with a wire running through it and attached to each side of the bucket/trash can and the can must spin. You can bate the top of the can with peanut butter.    Not my picture.  
Sorry, I just now saw this.I feed Mazuri game bird feed.
The pictures are fuzzy but she looks like a bantam wheaten ameraucana.
No Picture
He look close to the guy of mine.  
Not even close.
Check your breeds, Rhode Island Reds also have Black tails. 
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