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Hi, there.  I'm in Highland Co., OH.  An hour from Cincy, Dayton, Columbus and Portsmouth.  I'm in the process of acquiring my first flock, so no experience or pictures to share - yet!Cheers!
Hi, usbr.  The lady we hired did pet-sitting full time.  If you add 4-5 visits at $13/day, it's anywhere from $50-$65 a day plus a tip.  So, I'd gleefully pay $20 to go to someone's house or $30 for a pet hotel.  We just don't have those in my area. :-(  Thanks for the info.
Hi, V Chic Chick!I live in the States and had an awesome pet sitter look after my two huge dogs (Great Dane and Lab).  (We didn't have any other animals then.)  She charged $13 a visit for the both of them and we would have her come 4-5 times a day.  It's more expensive than kenneling, but the peace of mind of keeping my dogs in their own world was worth it.  Of course, we'd only do this 6-8 times a year for a day or two.I don't think you could get as much for sitting...
Hi, BigMama.  That's actually called Bottom Rot, ironically enough.  It's one of the most common tomato problems.  The Today show did a gardening segment a week or so ago and the expert addressed this problem.  I'm sorry I don't recall what he said, but it sounded like it was easily treatable.  You could Google Bottom Rot or go on the Today show's Web site and search for it.And domromer, water those tomato plants and snip off those leaves.  I pull a small few off my four...
Hi, Dwightm.  My husband and I won't have a home ready for a couple weeks, but we'd be interested in the RIR/Buff Orp mix of pullets.  Have any of those hatched yet or will they be hatching soon?  And, just to be clear, you don't have any non-mixed, regular ol' RIR pullets, correct?(I apologize if I keep making you repeat yourself.  I'm a newbie at this, and I appreciate your patience.)
I am very interested in your hens.  How old are they and how many do you have?
I live in so. OH and might be interested in the hens.  What type exactly are your hens?  Are they RIR mixed with either Gold. Com or Buff Orp. or are they just RIR?
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