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Well the outbreak of bird flu in Europe is now here in the U.K. 😷 The birds have been on lockdown contained to there sheds since December 6th. Due to the lack of excercise one of my hybrid meat roosters has now developed leg problems, so looks to be my first victim 😀 Luckily he is only my backup.
Stunning πŸ‘
Nice to see Burt is still doing well and up to the job πŸ‘That is one big bird πŸ‘Think your onto a winner there pal
Very nice birds πŸ‘
That's really crap FDSometimes it's too tempting to have to many breeds so in one way it will let you concentrate on the 2 remaining.
Well the UK has been on lock down since last Tuesday because of a Bird Flu outbreak in Germany and France. So they have to be penned for 30 days. The birds are not happy at all and there runs are a mud bath already 😀 I'm getting a bit worried about my hybrid meat cockerels which were nice and fit chasing hens around the field but now there confined , may put to much weight on πŸ€”
Thanks FD, I've followed your impressive White Cornish this season but how are your Dark Cornish doing pal ?
From a mixed pen so it could be either but my money would be on Jubilee. As it was pure white for a long time then very slowly the lacing developed and is still developing at 13 weeks old. And I find that the splash have some very pale blue feathers and develop lacing much earlier.
Some of this years keepers at 13 weeks old. Nice Blue Pullet, just loosing the last of her chick fluff and her lacing should tighten up over the next month or so. The Jubilee finally has her lacing coming through. Can't leave out Blue Boy a cockerel I have kept from an earlier batch. This this guy could be my Dark Laced cockerel keeper Showing his size next to a Wyndotte bantam. Another Blue Pullet
I too am a fan of the shotgun πŸ”«
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