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I'm with you on that mate πŸ‘
Had a busy day today !! Built yet another covered pen onto a spare chicken house I have and knocked up a quick nest pan out of a used sheep feed bucket. Caught up all the layers I have mixed in with the hybrid meat birds pen and the big blue Cornish cockerel which runs with them and settled them into there new home. This leaves only the 2 slow growth hybrid meat cockerels, there 4 hens and the 3 medium growth Sasso hens so in a few weeks the eggs from this pen will be...
We have snow here at the minute but will be starting to set some eggs in 3 or 4 weeks Are you guys starting yet ?
As you know I would love to join in but can't due to being in the U.K. But I will follow with interest and wish you the best of luck mate πŸ‘
Some of my pullets at 20 weeks
Is it a brown egg she is laying?Looks like a barnavelder !
Well the outbreak of bird flu in Europe is now here in the U.K. 😷 The birds have been on lockdown contained to there sheds since December 6th. Due to the lack of excercise one of my hybrid meat roosters has now developed leg problems, so looks to be my first victim 😀 Luckily he is only my backup.
Stunning πŸ‘
Nice to see Burt is still doing well and up to the job πŸ‘That is one big bird πŸ‘Think your onto a winner there pal
Very nice birds πŸ‘
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