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Yes I have Dark, Blue and Jubilee in my pen so will get all colours.The advised way to breed them is use a Dark Rooster over all colours to improve or keep the desired lacing.The blue is supposed to be darker then mine (which mine would be if I used a Dark Rooster) but I'm breeding for a lighter slate blue, which I like better.Just another little project.
Few pics of my Blue Cornish breeding pen in the sunshine.
Well I set 33 eggs and only 3 are clear tonight when I candled them.I'll take that 👍
Wow those are some steep prices you guys have to pay. Good for you pal making it easier for folk to gain access to quality stock.
Very nice pal 👍 You would get a bit more for your quality in the UK as utility Cornish is quite hard to come by. I get £5 a day old chick and have orders for 3 batches of 20 chicks each. So not complaining 😬
Yes a Pullet, she's not the biggest just one I randomly picked up.Having problems with my heat lamp today, so they are all back in my little brooder overnight.They are 2 weeks today and quite well feathered so it won't kill them for one night.Hopefully 🙄
Ha you might be right JR, the chick in the pic is a hybrid x hybrid which I'm calling Bishop Ranger.The Marans cross are about the same size but without the meat on them.Will be interesting to see if any look like your beauty 😄
My mistake, there only just over a week old.
And man have they grown I tell you I could put a stick through the Bishop Rangers, put them on the BBQ and they would feed 2 people at only 2 weeks old. The Marans crosses are just as big but without as much Breast meat already.
Put my first batch of Cornish eggs In today, so fingers crossed. They are laying very well this year and good sized eggs as well. Probably 6 eggs each a week on average.
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