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Just wondering what a good meat bird would be, just starting for meat birds, been raising egg hens
My hens , I have 11' average ages 6 to 9months, and am getting only about 2eggs a day, maybe 3 sometimes. Brand is cherry eggers, and rhode island reds., and mostly small eggs. Any idea. Getting 11 fo12 day light hours, we are rigging light soon. Any ideas or suggestions, or is this the norm for now. Live in upstate new york
I have some cherry eggers hens. Bought them as chicks said to be great brown egg layers. So far, they are almostn7 months, started laying a few weeks ago, but the brown eggs are small, will,they become larger and all,not laying everyday or so, 2or 3eggs a day butm6hens , is that good
Yes me, awaiting eggs from 6 hens , mine are 5 and a half months. Have found baby eggs now and then so ,Abe they are starting, I,have to watch 'ore closely. Glad luck to both of us
what is acv
I have 9 hens that but only get about 4 eggs a day, does that mean some of them are not laying, also. I have 6 hens. I am waiting for them to lay, big deep red waffles and combs, I have found tiny egg today and l the other day, I guess some cll them wind eggs, old my new hens lay those or oes new layers lay big ones
Why did I find a vey small,egg today. Is it one of my new hens starting to lay
I found a vey very small egg today in the laying nest. About the size of a ping pong ball. Does that mean it is one of our new hens, only 4 months old it is a. Cherry edger hen. Replies please
Hi. I am from Corning new York. Have 9 hens but think a few are not laying since I average 7eggsva day. And 6 chicks 3 months old. Predictor ate 9. Sad to say
I. Have 11 hens ages between 1 and 2 years. Of the 11 hens. I receive 8. Eggs or so a day, no more than 8. So some are not laying correct? How do you tell which hens are laying, all the same kind rr and new hamphsherebreds
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