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I am having same trouble. My hens stopped laying entirely a few weeks ago, I know it is winter and cold here, and they Are molting, at least some are, I did receI've a few eggs a few weeks ago, but none now. Any suggestions? Is this normal to receive none at all. They are sex link and cherry edgers and Rhode Island reds, 2 years old and 1 years old and 18 months
I just purchased 7 new hens, to go with my other 7 hens. I added them to the roost at night, which when I received them, in morning let all out to play, all fine. Problem is only 2 came back in coop at night. In morning I seen some of the remaining not in coop, they were under the spruce trees. Question, will they ever come to the coop with the others? And ate they laying somewhere else and setting. They are red Stars 18 months old. Help, never encountered this...
What about flies in the coop? How to,rid them
I have much chicken poo on the roosting boards. Suggestions? I scoop and throw away, but still cannot get all
We are looking ways to keep,our coop from smelling. Ideas? Did someone say use PDA, never heard of it. How does it work.? Will straw, untreated mulch work, which is better of all. Looking for low maintenance and lot less smell
Ok sounds good. I will make the mix. What about the coop floor. It is dirt floor, with straw and we scoop the poo out, but still,there and smells. Is this scooping enough and can I just layer with fresh straw then scoop later date
Just wondering what a good meat bird would be, just starting for meat birds, been raising egg hens
My hens , I have 11' average ages 6 to 9months, and am getting only about 2eggs a day, maybe 3 sometimes. Brand is cherry eggers, and rhode island reds., and mostly small eggs. Any idea. Getting 11 fo12 day light hours, we are rigging light soon. Any ideas or suggestions, or is this the norm for now. Live in upstate new york
I have some cherry eggers hens. Bought them as chicks said to be great brown egg layers. So far, they are almostn7 months, started laying a few weeks ago, but the brown eggs are small, will,they become larger and all,not laying everyday or so, 2or 3eggs a day butm6hens , is that good
Yes me, awaiting eggs from 6 hens , mine are 5 and a half months. Have found baby eggs now and then so ,Abe they are starting, I,have to watch 'ore closely. Glad luck to both of us
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