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I have 8 hens. About 3 years old, I only receive about 4 eggs a day. Should be more right? Food layer mash and water on demand, plus free range daily, about 4 hours. Why? Or is that ok
Yesterday, I found a hen dead, about 3 years old. dead in nesting box, but few days ago in corner . Today found another Gwen limping and in corner but did come out to drink. Only thing new , is I bought new straw from central tractor, it was compressed and in plastic . I usually by fresh and not chopped or compressed, but usual place was out. What could it be? I am afraid I will lose my hens
I thank,you for your info. I would not keep them more then the 7-9 weeks suggested. My goal,is to raise,them, the 7-9 weeks, then butcher the, for the meat. I just want to make sure I do it properly. Since I raise laying hens, I was wondering what I do different for the meat, Cornish hens. I do,not have to,free range them, matter of fact , I would rather. It free range them, since so small, but wanted to make,sure I am not harming them by not free ranging. Shall I...
Thank you for info. Can we put the met hens in same coop as hens, but, except separate them with wire divider? And how much room would you say the meat hens need? Are the meat hens all female? Any meat males? Do,they leave their coop, to,free range, how do,you house yours? Thank you,
i would like to start raising meat birds. What are the best one to get, how to rise them, can I put them in same coop as my hens?
I have 9 hens, about 3 years old. Only getting about 2 or 3 eggs a dAy. I gave 3 hens away to a friend starting chickens, and they lay, the ones I gave away every day lol. Why
Almost everyday, I find in the nesting box, a egg that has been broken, so you think one of my hens are eating it, or broke it, sitting, etc. what, is hen is eating it, what do I do?
I am so mad. I just went out to collect eggs and feed and water my chickens and there is a animal in the hen house eating the eggs. It is secured hen house and they got in, so I ,etbout the chickens so,they would not be corned, but cannot get the animal. Do not know the kind. It has a long tail,that has ridges on it, and pointed face and squat body. Mi thought muskrat, but looked up,picture and not that, looks like huge tat but is not and has furry fur, not raccoon. ...
We will be out of town, so cannot purchase our chicks, until,we return, since we do not have anyone to take of them for us, while we are gone, hence, the reason for buying chicks around May 20. So do Imhave this correct, they have to stay in house until,fully feathered which is about 4 months, we live in upstate New York, so it will be warm then, so,they can not go,out until end of summer? And they will, not lay eggs inter time? So,that means no eggs until spring,...
I am having same trouble. My hens stopped laying entirely a few weeks ago, I know it is winter and cold here, and they Are molting, at least some are, I did receI've a few eggs a few weeks ago, but none now. Any suggestions? Is this normal to receive none at all. They are sex link and cherry edgers and Rhode Island reds, 2 years old and 1 years old and 18 months
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