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When I know that I won't be getting my egg cartons back, I put my eggs in brown paper bags.  I decorate them with stamps, (and or) stickers, put shredded paper inside so the eggs won't break, and punch 2 holes at the top and tie a ribbon to hold it together.   I have had more complaments on my bags.  For easter, I use spring-time stamps with different color inks, for example. I even put a "suprise" like a piece of home-aid candy if I have any available.
thanks everyone!!!!! i won't worry as much anymore, or think that i am a horrible chicken keeper!!! i have gotten wrinkled eggs also. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One day this week, I went to the chicken  coop to gather all of my eggs. I found one that did not have a shell??? It was the feel of jelly-fish (kind of). I have never had this happen before. What causes this, and is this serious?  Will this keep happening?
Monique Gerald, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana23+10=33
Greenwell Springs, Louisiana$2.00/ dozen, $3.00/ 18 count
All 23 of my chickens are loosing their feathers on their butts, and they have started pecking each other until they are all bleeding.  This weekend, I sprayed all of them with blue coat to see if that will help them.  they are eating 16% laying pelets. Could that be doing it??? thry also get some table scraps about only twice a week. has anyone ever heard of this???
thank you everyone!!! i think i understand now. I am having good luck with my 23 chickens, laying about 11 eggs a day ( in louisiana). I got them in the spring last year. i really enjoy them!!!  thanks again for answering my silly question!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to know if you can put a capon instead of a rooster with a flock of chickens ( i have 23 chickens)? I don't want any fertilized eggs, but I want all of my chickens to lay. Is this even possible? Or am I just crazy thinking?  I am actually scard to ask this!!
It was 53 degrees this morning in Baton Rouge, La. It feels wonderful today!!! My chickens will love the weather!!  I have 24 chickens, and yesterday I got 16 eggs, which is the most I've gotten so far. I wish we can have this kind of weather all the time!!!
This is Monique Gerald form Greenwell Springs, La again. (Just north of Baton Rouge) I just wanted to tell everyone hello again. I also enjoy reading and learning about my chickens. I work in a dentist office, and the people I work with think I'm crazy for having chickens. I tell them they are crazy for living in the city!! It's nice to have positive people at BYC I can relate to!!!
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