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So today, I went up to the hen house to gather the eggs and found this.  I believe it was laid by my Wyandotte, because she is the only one who lays eggs that are this color...Has anyone else had older hens lay tiny eggs?
Thank you! I started a treatment for him yesterday, his feet aren't as red as they were. :)
This is very helpful! Thank you!
Hey guys! You've really helped me with my flock problems in the past, so I was hoping you could maybe help me with this.  The afternoon I was doing some work with my little bantam flock when I noticed my little cochin roosters feet, around where the feathers are, have become swollen and red.  He is eating, drinking, and hasn't lost weight, so I'm hoping this isn't too serious...Any help is appreciated, here is a photo.  Thanks in advance!!  
Name: Misha Age: 33 Gender: Female Species: Human Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): C.M.I Personality: Cold, Will do anything to get what she wants, not afraid to speak her mind, cruel. History: Secret Picture/Description:   Prisoner/Captor/Neither: Bad guy... Motives: Destroying all aliens!! Weapon: Gun Username: Silverlaced44 Other: Checked with owner of thread, said they needed a bad guy, so here she is.
I have only had trouble with teenage roosters, if you can get through those and teach them who's boss, they are really nice.  My big 10 - 15 pound boy has never so much as pecked.
I've tried that.
Hi there~ I have a serama hen who has grass in her intestines, I've been giving her enemas, but she isn't any better, in fact, shes worse.  She has lost weight and has sunken eyes, and she can't hardly poop.  The thing is, my serama rooster is very attached to her and will be sad if I put her down.  What would you do?   Thanks
    My little boy.
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