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What kind(s) are you getting, and how many?
Welcome to BYC!   Be sure to check out the learning center, forums on all those breeds, and you'll surely find an AL state thread as well.   Good luck with your poultry adventures!
Welcome to the MO thread lutherpug....sounds like a .nice colorful flock you have!
I wondered the same thing, I was giving them kale until it died off for the winter.  Now I find there are weeds growing in profusion that are very you have henbit?  (named because chickens like it.)photo 1)...or purple dead-nettle? (named because it's a nettle but doesn't sting photo 2. ) These are easy to pull up by the handful.    Here I was weeding my garden detesting these plants, and decided to google them, and discovered I had a wealth of free...
Hi, welcome to for integrating chickens, the 'see but don't touch' method is the best way to start.  If you can temporarily divide the coop/run, maybe with inexpensive plastic mesh fence, that's a quick fix.  There are many forums on integrating newcomers to the flock with all kinds of suggestions.  Good luck!
A friend of mine has been using the Premier fence for years, and her 2 dozen hens stay put.  She clipped the wings once, and they became convinced they couldn't fly over, and she hasn't had to do it again. She said the new additions even stay in without clipping the wings.   (Except for one hen, who comes and goes as she pleases. )  They are production reds .  They have a moveable coop, and she utilizes the portability of the fence to provide pasture. They move the coop by...
Welcome to BYC!   Well, it sounds like they are used to walking on rocks.  Good luck with your chicken adventures!
I also scramble the cracked eggs and feed them back to the hens.
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