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    (my granddaughter goes to U of O and is on the  rugby team)
Yeah, the ducks are running away with it...ditto for the cutest baby contest as well!
Joplin area peeps....anyone selling at Turkey Creek Swap this Sat.?  If so, what are you bringing?  Forecast is for nice weather.....
The Harry J Epstein Tool Co. of Kansas City, offers free "box art" with your order, they will draw (or write) whatever you request on the outside of your package..: My husband requested a chicken drawn on ours:
Welcome to BYC! You'll want to check out the Learning Center for sure.   It is helpful to check out the breed reviews as well.  So many to choose from!  There is likely a forum of people from your state with advice on where to find the breeds you may want.   Good luck!
My chickens eat tomatoes all summer.   They used to be free range and helped themselves to lots of cherry tomatoes.  We had so many, we didn't mind sharing.  They then inadvertently planted tomatoes in their run, and the next summer, one survived to become a large plant full of cherry tomatoes, which they were happy to harvest.
No, an SL Wyandotte....
double post sorry
Wow! that's a big rat!   And brave you are to set one of those old fashioned snap traps!   
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