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Hi everybody (raises hand hello sheepishly), my name is Tracy and I'm a hatchaholic....  At one point I had 3 incubators going.  I've scaled down to just two, making progress towards a cure.  I've got one fired up at the moment and also using a broody silkie.  My family keeps telling me that I don't need anymore chickens, but I've only got 27 chickens and 3 coops at the moment.  That's nothing!  Does anybody see a building, dog house, etc. and 1st thing that comes to mind...
Adorable! I especially like the one where the little black and white one is peeking out from under mom!
Awesome news!
Mine too.  She'll be a 1st time mom.
I'm super interested in knowing how this goes.  I plan on doing the same thing.  Good luck!
Thanks Niss, I feel better.
What a good mom! Well, my broody was on the move again yesterday.  She must have got off the nest to do her business, then went back to the coop and stole somebody elses eggs that were laid that day!  I found her sitting on 3 eggs, one nest over.  The two that I had her sitting on weren't warm at all! I took the 3 she stole and put her own eggs in their place. (luckily the other 3 eggs were in the bator, I haven't trusted her with my good ones since she moved the last time...
Love the baby pics everybody!   Oh, the waiting is always the hardest.
So far she is still on her 2ndary nest.   Hopefully she will sit tight until next Monday when the one little guy is due.
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