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  Hi Kate! I'm sweating it worrying about completing set #2. I think I have time this weekend to make some progress....I hope! Have a great weekend!
Yea... no takers yet from Craig's List. Doesn't surprise me. I still need to post them in the feed stores.  WOW!!!  You are super busy!!! I forgot that it is the walk this weekend. That's fantastic that so many family members are coming in to support the cause. Good luck to your DH's speech and the walk. I hope there is a great turn out. Enjoy your family!
Rancher~ That is just gorgeous! I love it!!!
That's fantastic! Thanks for the info anyway. Not sure how big I will make mine yet, but I do like my blankets big & snuggly. 
Kassaundra~ Your new babies are very cute! Thanks for sharing! See ya on the crochet swap thread!  
Hi everyone!     I've been trying to pop on and read the thread every day, but haven't had time to post. Working hard to finish all the last min pesky details to get our new business open. I get things done at the house and then go work on the new business most nights. Plus we have DH's 80 yr old uncle visiting us, so making quality time for him as well.   I've just been busy busy busy. I picked DD up from college on Sat evening for us to meet some friends for a...
Oh this book is cool!!!!
Just checking in. My, my.... how time is just zipping right by so quickly. I really need to get back to hookin'. I've been reading at night instead of crocheting.   I've been sooooo busy cleaning my house for the last 3 days and still not finished. Dh's uncle arrived this morning from New York and will stay with us until Oct 1st.   Dh's best friend will get in from Atlanta sometime this evening to stay over night before he heads to Springfield to visit a friend...
Here's a link for any looking for inexpensive pattern books. I received the offer through e-mail from the "ALLFREECROCHET" site.
Sunny~ How exciting to get new crocheting books!Please share what you got.    
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