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I have used the cookie tin with light bulb for 4 years and have not had one problem. I use the wood chips on my coop floor. I have left them on continually for a good 3 months without turning them off. I have used both plastic waterers and galvanized waterers.
I haven't had a chance to get them out yet. Right now there brooder is a large wire dog cage. I have an actual brooder, but hubby built it outside and couldn't get it in the spare room it needs to be in. I was hoping he would get the run built for it so they could enjoy outside more. I can easily hook up the light for them in it if they need some heat. Too much to do and not enough time some weeks.
I don't know anything about bran. Would I buy wheat bran or oat bran? Is this the bran I would need?
I hate the thought of going to buy a 50 lb bag of feed for $18.54 that is medicated. I still have a 20 lb unopened bag of the starter/grower that cost me $8.47. I won't have to open it until tonight or Tuesday night. I had a few sample bags that I got in TS kits of the starter/grower that I have been using. I'll probably go buy the medicated though.   I already bought chick grit. Should I just scatter that on the ground for them? Or should I put it in a feeder I have...
Having a hen hatch a baby is a miracle here. We love going out checking to see if there are babies. We only let a broody have 2 or 3 eggs at a time. So precious when we find the new babies.
Congrats! Aren't they so cute? I have gotten new chicks at least once a year for 4 years now. It never gets old getting and caring for new babies.
  I would be sitting out with them. I got a 5' cardboard corral in a kit from TS. I haven't been able to find anything to put over the top to keep them safe out there on their own. I also have a Chick-N-Hutch for them, but the run hasn't been built for it yet.
  No, they aren't. That's another thing I did differently this time. I have always had them on medicated chick starter. This time I started them out on starter/grower.
It's about 85* out. I was wondering if I could take my 4 chicks that are 2-1/2-3 weeks old outside to play in the grass. I have always kept them inside in the brooder until 8-9 weeks old. Thought maybe I would do things different this time and allow some play time outside whenever I can.
I use a small waterer that came in a kit from Tractor Supply that measures in ml's. I give my 4, they are 2-1/2 to 3 weeks old, 300 ml once a day of water with electrolytes. There is always some water left when I wash and refill.
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