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I've been wanting to give it a try, but I'd be a first timer so I'm a bit nervous! I just bought my first house last year, so I don't even have a really well stocked pantry, I'm a bit ashamed to admit it!but my b/f and I both work 50-60 hours a week and I would LOVE to try and do something like this to get us eating healthier and still fit into our busy schedules.I was actually getting online today to search for some crock pot recipes- but had to check out this thread!...
this is so awesome- I love this thread and the pic with her and the babies is SO adorable! I can't wait to see what happens next- congrats!!!
mine usually lay by the watering hole...but I think it's because that's where they spend most of their time in this heat! always nice to see another AZ peep!
they are crafty little ones, aren't they? I had one sneak right past me while I had the pen open for refilling the water...dogs got to it before I could in my experience, it's been best to find the pick-er, not the pick-ee and cull 'em...once I culled the meanies I now have a happy pen full of calm and sweet quail best of luck with yours!
I second birdmaniac-there is more feather loss to the hens when they don't "cooperate" with the roo...
my quail are doing great with just shade and water and we hit 115 the other day...sometimes I throw half a frozen watermelon into the pen for a fun treat, but my quail can handle the heat better than my chickens pen is hardware cloth on all sides so that the heat can escape.not sure what heat you're facing in NY...but in AZ my quail are doing fine in 110+ temps. I'm sure they'd like whatever you provide
spikennipper pretty much covered it- I'd add that I bought one of the tiny mag-lite flashlights that takes one AAA battery- they were 6 bucks at the hardware store- when you can get the entire end of the flashlight on the fat end of the egg it should be quite clear...since you store them fat side up, that's where the air sac should only the fat end of the egg should glow, and the rest should be in of luck!
I am super lazy, so I've just thrown the boiled and peeled quail eggs into a jar of claussen pickle juice after all of the pickles have been eaten. Sometimes for fun I add a few jalapenos to the jar as well. Let them steep in the pickle juice for two weeks and they're pretty darn tasty!
all I can say isWOW that is amazing
I got my first all white egg this week too!the craziest color I've seen was an olive green egg that was just beautiful. I should gather all my colored eggs together for some photos. Looking forward to seeing your picture!
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