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Your windchime is hanging on my front porch, I've used the dishcloth and feel sure Iwill have to hide the hot chocolate mix from my daughter, lol!!!  Thank you again Jen!!!!!! I hope Okie likes my gifts half as much!!
Absolutely, hands down, stunning!!!!!!!!!!!
Okie, yours is in the mail, priority so you should have it no later than tuesday I figure, hope you like it!  JEN!!!!!  I got the nicest present of hand made things I have ever gotten in my life!!!!  I love the hot chocolate, the hat and scarf are darling, fit perfectly and I love them, the dishcloth is great, very nicely made, really like the yarn and the mug and absolutely ADORE!!! the spoon windchime!!! OMG that is the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to hang it on my...
Lucky me to have you for a secret santa!! I'll be looking for it!!  mine will be mailed on friday to ....... Okiemommy!!!! Merry Christmas!!
Gorgeous work!!! That will be an incredible gift
OMG!!! I LOVE that!!!!  Cedar you could easliy do that pattern and I especially like the hexs around it!!! Very, very pretty!!!  That could sure go on my to do list after about a hundred other things, lol!  good luck!!
Me too, busy with work and holiday crafts and not wanting any flu germs for the holidays.
I know that feeling, I have a co-worker that told someone last week "you don't mess with her children or her chickens!"..guess that makes my children proud to be in the same category but hey, when you got it that bad what can you do?!  hahaha!
Jacie, you are still the Queen!!! Those are so beautiful!! Hope you get another magazine feature, your work deserves it
I do pre-wash but I think you have a good point about it not always being necessary. I've never had any fabric bleed in the wash.  There does seem to be some shrinkage though as can be seen by the edges, fold the piece and it is a bit tighter/smaller than the original unwashed piece, at least some fabrics are.  I buy from Hancocks and Joann's normally so most of those are absolute/100% quilting cottons.  It would seem that the top stitching would keep anything in place...
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