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Guess it is OK to repost this as it is referenced??   from Via      
That is fabulous news!   Best of luck with your hatch!
 Indeed. I was just wondering what the OP considered a "normal" price to be. Norrnal price for a layer may be $10 but for a super rare breed/color it could be more. I was not going to go to the trouble of looking up someone who may have some if the OP only wanted to pay $10 for such a hen
What is a "normal" price for a hen?
I have a black Ameraucana that is near to laying.(Also an ameraucana x legbar, some blue laced red Wyandotte pullets and some basque that are friendly).
Will you be there for the birth of the piglets?
Maybe like Ging he will value the opportunity more second time round.
Great packaging and super fresh eggs.14 eggs developing!!Woo whoo!Not too bad for shipping across the nation In summer.
What deal did you strike with Bernie? He is very lucky to get a second chance, but he did prove himself a great assett when he was with you before, and only left for family reasons.
Everything is crossed for Mrs P, the baby (and you Piglett!)  Let us know how it goes and tell Mrs P to take some rest!!!! My first was born on October 19th
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