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Saw this on another thread. Too funny:
Coulda said nothing... ūüėõ
Just met Mrs OZ.   She is SUPER nice
As the blue color in the shell is derived from bile it would seem reasonable that it could be changed with diet.
 Why so many different types of feed? Is it available to her 24/7? She seems to have access to food, though I would not give then the cracked corn. It is low in protein, and the will eat it is preference to a balanced diet. How many chooks do you have? 
If she is eating the feathers it could well be protein deficiency, and I would start by supplementing her.What do you feed her? Also make sure they have space. 
Has anyone found that the Rees eggs get bluer as the birds get older?
 Sadly unless it is your full time job I do not think you can make any $$ out of chickens. I do not know personally of anyone who has.
  Can the winner choose what eegs they want?
 They both have such awesome breeds you could quite quickly rack up a few 100 $$
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