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 @hosspak The first is a roo and as said above, great mahogany color. Maybe a bit too much white on the hackles but it would be cool to see how he grows up.  What did the lab say about your birds that died?
So is MSG a poison or is it just to attract them to a poisoned bait? It is used in lots of foods.
I am sure there are many families that would love to move into that.
Sorry to hear this. What is MSG?How many of the remaining Legbar chicks are female? I think I see one dead male.
They look fabulous!
Morale of story- don't let skum move into your home.....
The mix is from a different breeders. They are all Ameraucana.
Please post pictures of them as they grow!
Makes GFF price of 2K a pair seem a veritable bargain!I was wondering if there are other breeders who are planning on selling improved eggs and birds next year (or even this year), and what they are planning to get for their birds/eggs.
As things are slow just now having a BIN advertised on both threads is ok :-)
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