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Looks like it may be a double yolker
I may keep a couple of hens but the boys need more space than I have and the neighbours were unimpressed the last time I kept a male during breeding season.
It is eggciting!!!The air cells suffered quite a bit in The mail despite them only traveling about 50 miles but they are still intact so fingers crossed
India blue peafowl with some color variations most likely
. Hi Banti!
Hi SALLY and friends. Missed you tons. Work has been a killer. Still hatching about 50 chicks a week. But today is different - I am setting some eggs just for ME!!! Thank you TJchickens for the wonderful peafowl eggs
Seth, they wouldn't be viable if they have been unattended for 2 days. Also they would be very near to hatch. Are you sure the mother duck had finished hatching and left with chicks or was she just scared away?Makes no sense at all to me. Also not sure if that would be even legal to take wild bird eggs (at least in California).Either way it will be impossible to safley reintroduce them back into the wild after you have raised them and they are imprinted on you and rely on...
So you take viable eggs from the wood ducks' nest?
@Kathy - you think????
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