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Great deal! I would be all over these if I was not leaving town for a bit
 Depends on price, especially this far into the year. You could do a buy it now if you are worried about getting a minimum bid :) . Nothing to loose that way.
Gee (blush) Thanks guys. On the subject of stuff, I will be passing through Anaheim on Sunday if you are available to meet. Will PM you.
Hopefully the chart will help with staff retention. Oz, Did you ever get your knee surgery?
Any updates on the Legbars?
Do you have a rooster too?
That was a very nice bonus!!! He should be happy
 Dodong is not just "doing his job" and checking off a list - he is managing the profits. There is a HUGE difference there.Sounds like he is pretty much holding the place together and his success may make or break the place.Hopefully he is due a decent bonus that will be an incentive to stay and get promoted.
yAwesome try -go Dodong!!But if price is too low then why did it not sell?
I had some blue Eggers hatch yesterday
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