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PMed you :) 
Hey NATALIE!!!!!HELLOOOOooooooI would be all over this if we weren't at polar opposite ends of the country!!!!And still thinking about it.Awesome deal!!
Once the operation is running (birds, pigs, goats and vegetation) how many people will be needed to run things day-to-day?
How does that work Piglett?
@kassundra. LOVE the mottled and black FM girls!! The mottled is so beautiful - it looks to be mottled and barred all at the same time. Amazing!!!
What does the paperwork actually involve?
 If caught I think you could get in to very serious trouble with a huge fine or worse.  Bringing eggs in legally can cost $1,000s -  literally. esp when you add up all the vet fees and certificates. I don't think you can even hatch them yourself - that is done at a designated site and they are grown out for a month to make sure the chicks have no disease. If you are caught doing it illegally the penalty will be worse.  Asking for them to be manually inspected is asking for...
  That sounds like a good possibility. Tomaru are quite big aren't they?
Trying to clear out one chicken coop of NICE girls that have been growing out. There are all pure bred and approaching laying age. The Blrw are a bit younger. The Swedish flower hen is older. Also have some nice basque pairs that are about 10+ weeks and some cream legbars. All are $30 each or each or m/f pair . So: One black Ameraucana One white Breese One Swedish flower hen. Several blue laced red Wyandottes male and female 3 pairs of basque - easy to sex Several pairs of...
Ask them to give you a list of reasons why the park cannot be used, AND why it is so different in San Diego. Just because the 4H use a different site does not mean you need to. 4H is very different to this.
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