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I will bid $10 (as Draye has withdrawn his offer). You can't go wrong with eggs from Jerryse
 It does not look good and usually bodes badly  BUT I did have a box that looked like that recently, and the hatch was truly excellent. The eggs were super super fresh, which is probably why they survived.  
Technically you need 20 posts to bid so please go posting to get bid number up to 20 ASAP.Thanks :-)
No, I simply wanted to clarify so as to increase interest in your auction.For the non PayPal auctions it is encouraging for potential bidders to see this stated up front when you offer your auction. If there is any doubt people move on to other offerings as just now there are a lot of eggs available as everyones hens are at "max output". :-)
I think you have to be NPIP to ship eggs or chicks across state lines, and to ship chicks even in state. Certainly most eggs seem to be shipped without a NPIP certificate, with little issue. Chicks may be a different matter.
 Shame, as you never know when a zombie apocalypse may strike...... 
Awesome. It is a concern when paypal is not used due to inevitable delays 
 How old will the eggs be when they are sent out? Will they be collected before or after the auction ends?
Kudos Piglett for recycling. So much is thrown out in this country that can be used by others.  On the radio there was a report that 30% of food produced in the US gets thrown out. That is too bad.
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