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 Remind us again, what phase are we in at present????
 A mistake was made and you "owned it".That shows character. Lets move on
I had not realized that you had also kept naked necks. Did they get sunburn?  My friend who lives in Sun City where is get up to 110-120 degrees  in summer, has more than 50 naked necks and says that contary to public assumption they do not get sunburn Here is a thread on it:
 And your eggs always look so nice!
Naked necks are meant to be great birds for regions that can get hot. As well as less neck coverage, they have much fewer feathers overall.    Also I have never heard of anyone who has had them not like them. They are meant to be sweet birds that lay a ton of large eggs. Of course that can vary with underlying breed,    I am not sure if debating whether an ameraucana or an EE is better suited for heat is useful, as they share 99%+ of their  genes,  and at that point...
 I would suggest contacting the buyer and asking if slightly dirty eggs (due to the rain) are acceptable, and if they would prefer a delayed shipment of clean eggs. Most I suspect would be fine with them, but they know what to expect.  I  would not send out really dirty eggs or any that have got in any way wet, even cleaning. They can go bad in the incubator and so require careful monitoring.  I find that LOTS of dry bedding and frequent retrieval keeps eggs cleaner when...
Depressing how people spread untrue gossip, though in this case it seemed they would have been happy for it to be true .Good job GFF saw this and put the record straight.
 Did you call her "Ginger" (as in the hen in the "Chicken Run" movie who wanted to fly)
 What is a "no kill" hatchery?
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