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That was a very nice bonus!!! He should be happy
 Dodong is not just "doing his job" and checking off a list - he is managing the profits. There is a HUGE difference there.Sounds like he is pretty much holding the place together and his success may make or break the place.Hopefully he is due a decent bonus that will be an incentive to stay and get promoted.
yAwesome try -go Dodong!!But if price is too low then why did it not sell?
I had some blue Eggers hatch yesterday
 Aussies were bred as Australian working dogs so should be ideal for a hot climate
Awesome! Where are you going to med school?
We just ploughed through. No unnecessary pandering, and we have been lucky to have truly superb public schools that have been amazing.
  You could ask Kev
To those with autistic children.... there is hope!!   Our son is autistic, and the first 8 or so years were very very hard for all -primarily due to his lack of comprehension and language. By 12 I did not believe he would ever be independent.    At 15 he is planning to go to college and wants to learn to drive. He has challenges, but will go to college.   Most important he is also the most delightful young man to have around. 
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