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 How about keeping , ... I dunno.... say 12 to MAKE SURE you get some hens 
 They look reasonably like they should for the breeds. Welsummer eggs are often a bit darker.That does not mean that they will hatch.Did you candle them to see if they were fresh and not "pre incubated"?
 Thought I would repost this here for the people who missed it........ :)
 So important Oz.  As a parent I have made MANY mistakes, as may children often remind me, but the one thing I made sure of is that  they can think for themselves and I believe make sound decisions.  My DD is going to the UK to university next year. I will be very sad, but not afraid for her, as I am confident that she will be able to tackle any situation as well as I could.
 No apologies needed!!! We love that you are offering Rees legbar eggs! Thank you! Just want to keep things moving and easy to navigate.
  She is totally adorable!!       Pretty sure parenthood rots the brain though, and we all think that our own children are the most beautiful and most talented. Guess it is natures way to make us stay dedicated to them (well until they hit 15 and reality chimes in).       Strange though the rich ALL seem to have the smartest kids!! Schools for "Gifted and talented" toddlers is booming business in affluent areas!!!
 Thanks for the clarification!
@XxMingirlxX  I agree - I have never heard "yokel" used either. Pleb, or plebian yes - but usually by politicians when referring to the voting public,  when they don't realize that the microphone is still on..........
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