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Thank you folks and I think you have all got it sorted as per the time stamp rules. We had this debate last year and due to popular demand back then, the rule was fixed the way it is. Let's keep it like that for now at least. Awesome auctions!! Just wish my bator was not already double stacked.
Are the marans purebred for color or mixed color/all running together?Thanks
What is the nightmare part?
Sadly bad temper is frequently inherited
 Awesome!! Just number them 1,2 and 3.It helps if they all start and end at the same time.
@ mickmeek
Are local chickens immune to Newcastles?    Yikes - I hope your buyers who plan to breed the birds know to vaccinate
 Yup - that's called double stackin  and "the beast" takes 150 eggs single stacked.... 
Does that now mean you will not be taking eggs from California ????Also will Californian flocks all get culled?
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