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Woo whoo!!And you are post 10,000 on this thread!
Originally Posted by jan12  Bantam Silver Double Laced Barnevelders This auction if for 6+ bantam silver barnevelder eggs from my flock from GFF. I've had 100% fertility from these eggs, and hatch rate at my farm has been great. I bubble wrap each egg and double box them. Bidding starts at $20. Shipping is $18 additional. This auction ends Friday 4/24 6:00pm Eastern time. Thanks, and happy bidding! $32
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How long are you out there this time Oz?
I agree. I hope your new eggs are from a different seller.
He is fabulous!
 Congratulations!!!Sending PM Thanks for bidding people - it was fun.
Just under an hour now: Cream legbars 10+ eggs Half will be Jill Rees pullet eggs, and half "A" line eggs. Start at $1 $15 shipping. Auction ends Sunday at 6.00pm PST The Jill Rees pullets have been laying for about a month so the eggs are still smallish. Just now I get 3-4 Rees eggs a day. The Rees eggs are less blue than the 'A' line eggs. The "A' line hens are great layers of nice blue eggs. May carry white. Eggs laid Saturday & Sunday. Freshest eggs will be...
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