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I am with you on that CH.Pretty sure you would be a very dedicated care giver if it hatched.Thing is, got to get it to hatch first - so I would try to leave it alone as much as possible while incubating.Good luck
Saw this add on Craig's list and I am thinking these must be ex battery leghorns hens because They are "mature" and only "good" egg layers And they apparently share a yard ??? ummm look at the length of those toe nails - that hen has not been sharing anything but wire And she has been debeaked. Not to mention the condition of her feathers. Wish people were honest. Many people would like to give an ex battery hen a home and bit of the good life. Why not call it what...
Please indicate which auction you are bidding on.
 That was unprofessional. Did you get a second opinion from someone neutral (as in not involved in the workers comp) to make a fresh assessment of the whole case? Also did you tell this guy that you have retained an attorney?
    You did the right thing but It may not be worth quitting your job over unless you have a better offer. Suspect if you had been one of the "guys" it would not have been an issue. What is good will prevail in the end.   
They are growing well!
I know selling chicks as soon as they hatch is REALLY important but that seems to be way cheap for EEs. Even 50c more each makes them a great deal.
Yes I am totally totally paranoid as well so only hatch for one person at a time. I don't do it often, actually only for 3 people that I know well.Never mix chicks (they don't leave the bator) and chicks must leave on hatch day.Also the brinsea is easy to clean- being metal and plastic - This is the main reason I went for the brinsea.
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