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Why does she want them?
CJ does the worlds most awesome packing job on eggs. I got a box last week that had been badly crushed on one side, but the inner box was pristine, and the eggs looked great. Unbelievable to think they could have survived given the appearance of the outer box.Also have 4 juvenile chicks (purchased locally) hatched from CJs eggs and they are look fabulous. A+++++ seller in every way.
Thanks to everyone who puts up games.   It must take a fair amount of time and effort to prep, and then there are the prizes!
 Awesome! Thanks for sharing them!! Thread just bumped
  The world needs to be filled with more people like you!
Probably way too high but will go with 360. (Just playing for fun not to win the eggs).
Have to agree with the others that the mail still moves on Sunday.
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