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If I were spending $150-200 I would get a Brinsea rather than a styrofoam bator.
If you are desperate for eggs or just want to try Incubating (first time can be hard) try with store purchased trader joes or whole foods fertile eggs. These have been washed and chilled but I always get some to hatch. Also at $2.50 a dozen it is inexpensive learning/fun!!
I meant from summer 2013. Before the lot that were taken by the cats.Guess they are long gone.Anywho ... Good to hear you got some eggs.
The white cream Legbar sports are recessive white. Not sure if that would work for you though.I believe the very first batch of eggs from me (long long time ago) produced a white bird that you thought may be a leghorn (you had a mystery white chick in your hatch I seem to remember and the eggs had not been separated ideally for hatching).There were also one or 2 other legbar chicks that hatched. Both had a white father so carry white.Those birds disappeaed from the posts...
Double post
Oz- Have you sold the other pigletts? How is the knee?
Hey piglett- CONGRATULATIONS on your daughter! Relieved to hear all is well.  -Sorry this is a bit late.   Oz- afraid I am only getting one egg a day from the lebars with molting and all that. I do have a few sacs of clothing though.....
I can't make it tomorrow :( , but I do have some REAL JILL REES   cream legbar boys available for sale that came from Greenfire as day old chicks.    PM for details..
How much is shipping (approx) to California?Thanks
 Isn't that a little suspect, someone giving your hens in exchange for cockerels? Did they say why they wanted them?
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