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. Thanks Sally Back to the grind stone tomorrow.
Most common cause would be coccidia +/- not enough heat.
At a work meeting (self funded) in Hawaii (sad face) and just saw this from the bus - chickens in a school yard/loose in front of a school. Not sure what natural predators they have here
A version (maybe mix) version of blue laced red Wyandotte??They should not be that orange -more deep redThis what mine were like:
It is all good. Just growing up.
They are just testing to see how far they can push/manipulate you
Suspect I could get it cheaper but feel I should support the local store.There is a TSC about 60 minutes away and several other feed stores about 30 minutes away.
Hypothetically could you keep them in underground -as in dig a hole like 12x12 and put the cages against the walls to keep cool. Sunlight would still get in just not too much.I could see all sorts of nasty critters could also fall in though so that would need to be resolved/prevented.
I pay $22 for a 50lb purina
We must not forget and must learn from previous mistakes.The thing is we do not. And these atrocities continue to occur across the globe today with persecution of people because they have different beliefs.If we ignore it we condone it.
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