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Hello and Welcome to BYC!If you want to bid on these eggs you will need to post 20 posts, and then rebid on the eggs.The full list of rules about how to join in on this thread are in the first post of this thread.
Can't believe no-one bid on the Ayam Cemani. I would but an going out of town for a while.
Makes sense that at higher incubation temps the incubation is further along, but does that actually change the number of muscle fibers in the chicken at slaughter time, which is after all the key objective to raising meat birds.The fact that they don't report this makes me suspicious.
We need pictures!!
I think it is from someone who has not previously given you an ovation.
Wow! Congrats!! So adorable!!
Woo whoo!!!!!
Oh no
Adorable!!Just love them at that age.
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