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Probably too far from San Diego
That is outrageous!Technically speaking I believe anyone (catholic) can baptize.My mother used to be a midwife student in Ireland, and when premmie babies were not going to make it the matron would do a "quickie" unofficial (and silent) baptism before the baby died.Of course that may not happen any more for a huge number of reasons...
PMed you :) 
Hey NATALIE!!!!!HELLOOOOooooooI would be all over this if we weren't at polar opposite ends of the country!!!!And still thinking about it.Awesome deal!!
Once the operation is running (birds, pigs, goats and vegetation) how many people will be needed to run things day-to-day?
How does that work Piglett?
@kassundra. LOVE the mottled and black FM girls!! The mottled is so beautiful - it looks to be mottled and barred all at the same time. Amazing!!!
What does the paperwork actually involve?
 If caught I think you could get in to very serious trouble with a huge fine or worse.  Bringing eggs in legally can cost $1,000s -  literally. esp when you add up all the vet fees and certificates. I don't think you can even hatch them yourself - that is done at a designated site and they are grown out for a month to make sure the chicks have no disease. If you are caught doing it illegally the penalty will be worse.  Asking for them to be manually inspected is asking for...
  That sounds like a good possibility. Tomaru are quite big aren't they?
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