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CH - They are still all super early, and as you know chickens usually take 21 days to develop and hatch. The eggs that pip super early still need to absorb their yolk and mature, so will likley take a good while (like the whole 24 hours and maybe more) to actually hatch.Best thing you can do is keep busy with other things and away from staring at the bator. The temptation to intervene/"help" too early may be strong and will likley lead to disaster.
Good luck!!!!
 Hi Jholmes702 - not sure where you live, but you could post on a tread run by people who are local to your area. Also you could post a wanted add in the BST section of BYC:  State what you would like to find, how much you are prepared to pay, where you are, how far you are prepared to travel to pick up a bird, and if you are willing to have a bird shipped to you.  If you are unsure of what to write have a look...
We used to be allowed to auction chicken related things and homemade goods on here, but this year the site is restricting this thread to eggs as we are technically in the eggs section. Other items can be auctioned in other sections though :) 
 Thank you KYTpusher! 
With time the humidity works less and less well with the rcoms. I added a wet sponge and put humidity up to max. I think hatching in them is not good for them (like in any bator really).I finally killed mine by trying to clean out the dander with tweezers. When it says don't put anything metal into them the mean it. It killed the electronics. I still can't see how though
Better pics of her would be nice , but either way probably not a breeder. Sigh
They have pink skin and look like a Legbar crossed with something.
If she came from a tan egg then mother was a trader Joe hen (leghorn base) and father Rees Legbar. You said that the Legbar chicks had got mixed In with others at some point. Guess there may be no way of confirming that she came from a tan egg or a blue one.
Hmm it does not look quite right.The Legbar parents of the eggs were Jill Rees or "A" line. All good type. I had 14 Legbar hens and one Rees rooster. Also a couple of other random hens that laid tan eggs.I can't remember if I also gave you a box of tan mixed breed tan eggs that time. I think I did. (Wish I hadn't). May be this is from one of thoses??These are some of the 8 Rees birds when youngerThe last picture is an A line hen.I hope you have some more hens
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