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Well, I got more chicks.  Picked up 12 Silver Laced Wyandottes from the local feed store for my sister. (1st Pic)   At the same time, my BBS Orpington chicks hatched (17 of them, last picture).   Middle picture are 13 RIR's that hatched out with the BBS's.  Those are my sisters that she had me throw in the bator to fill it up.   A lot of cheaping going on around here right now...            
$1.50 an egg for blrw hatching eggs seems to be a good price compared to others I've seen. Seem to run $3 or better on average .
Sure. You just need to monitor the temp and adjust the height of the heat lamp for the proper temp.
$4 on LooseyGooseys eggs.😀
Out of the nine chicks I got, I'll probably only have 4 or so pullets, so I won't have enough..  Yet. Once they start laying (which I am very anxious for), I'll start hatching those.  So, yes, eventually I'll have some to sell..  Unfortunately it will be near the end of the year, at least fall probably.
9 Chocolate Orpington chicks that hatched Saturday!
Had to move the thermometer because one hid behind it and I freaked out for a bit.. All 9 doing well
  1st four Chocolate Orpingtons in the brooder.  4 more still in the bator.  At least one more egg with a pip..
Just got back home and now I have 8.  
7 hatched, and one egg still rocking..  :D
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