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Yes frizzled wc blue bantam polish
When you are in the index part of the forum she is on the top of the page.
My sweet girl is picture of the week. What an honor!
One of my pullets is picture of the week here!
My pullet is picture of the week!
Ok I looked on craigslist and didn't find anything. I found our county 4-H page and when it comes to uniforms it directs you to that one website I found. I guess the green 4-H hat is a California thing! Go figure!
Oh that's a good idea girls! Thanks!
Kim, Karen or anyone else, Do you know where I can get a 4-H hat and scarf? Both girls need them and I went to JS West and they are $15 each ($60 total!). I found ONE place online that sells them but after you pay shipping it was the same price. That's just so much money for 2 hats and 2 scarfs! Do you guys happen to know of anywhere that sells them?
That's great you can process yourself! I can't even eat poultry anymore! lolThose little banties are VERY cute!
Good luck on your eggs!! I can't believe you buy that much food!! LOL
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