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Good luck on your eggs!! I can't believe you buy that much food!! LOL
Ylol  I am excited to have new babies! My youngest are 7 weeks old and will be ready to hang with the babies outside soon! I brood in my house (in the master bathroom). I like to have them close. For me they do better inside.
You can add me. bantam polish and bantam cochins.
Sorry to butt in on your thread but are birchen Marans an APA recoginzed breed? I just got some hatching eggs from Greenfire and I was wondering if I might be able to show them someday? I have a APA Standard book but it's only for Bantams.I mostly have Bantam Polishes and Bantam Cochins so I don't know much about this breed. Thanks for your imput.
Ok the watering system is not done since it has not came yet but I had to put the birds in last night. Top floor are Cochins and the bottom and middle are Polishes.
I like Bantams since the birds are mostly for my daughters. They are easy for them to handle. I like how they don't take much room, they don't eat as much and the clean up is not as bad as my standard birds. I do have a pair of buff polish that are standard and then some rocks and other misc layers. I am so in love with my bantams. I really hope that the Olandsk dwarfs eggs I got from greenfire make it. I would love to add those little guys to my banty flock.Oh and taking...
I couldn't wait for the watering system to be installed so I moved some birds in tonight. Cochins on the 3rd floor. Polishes on 2 and 1.
My husband has been busy building some cages for our bantam SQ Polishes and bantam SQ Cochins. We wanted to build our show birds nice predator proof cages. The area they are in are regular chicken wire on the sides and wood on the bottom. The mice go right through the wire. We have an issue with mice at times (even tho we pay pest control to come out and help with this). It feels like we will go months without seeing any then I will go and check on the birds at night and...
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