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Thank you.Now to start processing! Nasty roo first!
Thank you for your replies.Yes, the new birds are from my flock. I hatched them from my current flock. As for watching them when I add them in, I do that anytime I add a new bird(s) to my flock no matter how long they have been in the separation pen.
I'm going to be processing some of my older hens and the roo. I have replacements in the chick coop. I do have a small pen in the chicken run that I normally would put the pullets & roo into to introduce them in. But, with processing over half of my flock I'm really going to be upsetting the pecking order and I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and put the pullets and roo in with the rest right away before they re-establish pecking order?
Yeah, our babies growup to fast.
Here are the anniversaries I have for August:9th-sundance19th-SarahBeth939423rd-ibpboo29th-Hangin Wit My Peeps & mom'sfollyHAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
It's time for the August birthdays again!
Congratulations! I know one book I'm going to request my local library carries!
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