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I'm no help, but curious to see what you come up with. I have a chick with no wing feathers. This is a photo from about a week and a half ago. It's hard to get an updated pic because she is not super social like her sisters. They are about 2 1/2 weeks old now and she seems to be doing fine... just still no feathers. I've had a few people tell me she may be a HE! Anyway, just curious to see responses to your post since it's only on one side! Good Luck!
So, just an update: The chicks were 2 weeks old on Monday. She still has no wing/tale feathers. She seems to eat and drink like normal. She will eat out of my hand , but is not as social as my other girls, they will hop up on my arm and hang out. If I try to pick her up she throws a fit, Flapping all around and chirping really loud. She'll run around and play, and then go sleep in the corner when she gets tired. I can't get a decent updated picture because she won't...
Fingers Crossed! So, it sounds like to me i need to just spend the extra money, i worry about all my babies too much as it is... definitely dont need anymore anxiety!!
I live in eastern North Carolina. Two days ago the high was 32 degrees and we had freezing rain, Today its 70 degrees and rainy, Tomorrow the high is 38 degrees.... Our weather is all over the place. Not sure how all that translates to humidity levels? But i can tell you the weather channel app says its 91% humidity today!
May I ask a quick question here? (Never know if I'm suppose to start my own thread or ask in one that's already started) Anyway-- I see y'all are talking about the Brinsea incubators. I have been looking at them, but am trying to decide between the Mini II Advance ,and the Mini II EX. from what I can tell the difference is humidity control. I'm new to this, and wondering if the humidity control is worth the extra $130?? Side note: I do work, so I am not able to be at...
So grateful for everyone's help. Thank you so much!
OK, I'll order it tonight. One more question: Is it safe to give all of them or should I only give it to the weak one?
It was just a stock photo of the Sav-a-Chick probiotic powder packet. I have that in their water right now. I didn't know if that was similar to the nutri-drench you were referring to...
This is what they have right now, is that the same thing? Or is the other stronger?
Buff Orpington, hatched 12/5. She seems to be eating and drinking normal. She hangs out under the heat lamp and sleeps a little more than the others. Sometimes she seems a little off balance when she stands up. She chirps like everyone else, except when I single her out and hold her she is really calm and falls asleep, whereas if I pick up one of the others by itself they Chrip really loud (calling out to their siblings I assume) I don't think she is soft or mushy though?
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